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2007-11-22 TFFC LED shines 200 lumens in cool-white
Philips Lumileds announced its cool-white Luxeon K2 LED with thin-film flip-chip technology.
2011-05-31 LED modules touted as fluorescent replacements
Vishay has released its three cool white LED modules assembled with 6 or 12 high-bright LEDs for commercial, industrial, automotive and residential lightning applications.
2009-01-29 LED arrays enter solid-state lighting market
Bridgelux Inc. has rolled out an LED array product line for use in solid-state lighting and other applications. The LED arrays consist of three basic lines, which are offered in warm, neutral and cool wide color temperatures
2006-12-11 Optek 1W LED package can be mounted flat on PCB
TT electronics Optek Technology has developed a 1W surface-mount LED package that can be mounted flat on a PCB
2011-07-27 Luminous flux to push LED bulb adoption
Many LED light bulbs introduced as replacement for 40W incandescent bulbs are unable reach the minimum luminous flux of 450lm
2011-10-25 LED sol'n reduces lighting system cost, complexity
Bridgelux has announced the release of its newest LED solution, the Bridgelux Micro SM4, which aims to address the demands for 20C40 watt replacement lamp market
2008-06-05 LED modules earmark exceptional thermal performance, color options
Optek Technology offers a complete series of 1W single-LED assemblies on metal-core PCBs
2011-05-09 LED lighting control with powerline comms
Find out how the standard powerline can be adapted to control the attributes of many independent LED-based lighting fixtures
2009-04-21 Highly-efficient LED modules rated for 50,000 hrs
OptoElectronix has introduced a new series of small, highly efficient, 180 LED modules designed for retail display lighting, appliances and task lights
2006-02-14 High power white LED reaches 150 lumens
Plus Opto's new high power LED can achieve 150 lumens at 350mA drive current and is constructed in a robust 8-pin package with integral heatsink for efficient thermal management
2010-04-21 3W LED achieves high flux output
Avago Technologies is offering small, energy-efficient 3W high-power LEDs with high color rendering index for use in a wide range of solid-state lighting applications.
2003-05-09 Lumileds white LEDs mimic fluorescent bulbs
The company's warm white version of its high-brightness Luxeon LEDs is capable of replicating the glow of an incandescent bulb.
2010-03-19 LEDs come in warm-, neutral-white color temps
Cree Inc. has released the XLamp XP-G LED in warm- and neutral-white color temperatures (2600K to 5000K CCT
2012-02-10 White LEDs offer up to 148lm/W at 85C
Cree's XLamp XT-E white LED comes in a 3.45 x 3.45mm footprint and claims push LED adoption and lower cost
2011-08-23 Vishay expands color binning for VLMW41XX series
Vishay has expanded the color binning and ordering options for its VLMW41XX series of sapphire-based, cool white SMD LEDs in the PLCC-2 package
2007-07-26 Low-profile, warm-white LEDs are easy to install
Available in one of the industry's thinnest packages, the ASMT-MY00 LEDs from Avago offer designers of solid-state lighting applications with a robust and reliable package that provides high brightness illumination and easy installation.
2010-07-08 LEDs promise improved heat dissipation, ESD protection
Lumex is rolling out new devices from its TitanBrite line of high-power LED technology in 2-, 3- and 5W capacities
2009-04-23 LEDs come in 'smallest' white bins
Cree Inc. is sub-binning its entire warm/neutral white color space into what it claims to be the smallest offerings while also standardizing two cool white bins
2009-10-05 Highly-efficient LEDs offer up to 367lm
The performance provided by Cree's new LEDs reduce the required number of LEDs, size and cost of LED fixtures
2006-10-18 High-brightness LEDs in tiny package offer 18 lumens
American Bright Optoelectronics has introduced the BL-PPW series of high brightness LEDs in PLCC-6 package capable of producing up to 18 lumens of cool white light though a combination of three individually addressable LED die.
2008-05-16 Design lighting systems with tunable WLEDs
Tunable lighting is a feature offered by solid-state lighting that is beyond the tactical economic benefits of energy reduction and extended service life that are already driving LED adoption in the lighting market. Discover how tunable white LEDs could enhance your lighting designs
2012-07-16 Cree LEDs deliver 20% efficiency increase in XP footprint
New Cree LEDs leverages SC³ technology platform to drive performance up and system cost down.
2008-06-26 Compact LEDs offer high illumination, easy installation
Avago has added half-watt cool white and warm white devices to its series of Moonstone power LEDs, which provides solid-state lighting application designers with a package that provides high brightness illumination and easy installation
2010-04-15 Compact LEDs deliver 100 lumens at 350mA
Avago Technologies has launched a compact and energy-efficient 3W miniature high-power LEDs for use in a wide range of solid-state lighting applications.
2009-07-03 3W LEDs light up solid-state apps
Miniature high-brightness LEDs can be driven to 700mA for high flux output performance.
2011-08-15 GaN LEDs set record for highest luminous efficacy
A breakthrough for GaN-on-Si solid-state lighting shows cool white LEDs demonstrating as high as 160Lm/W at a CCT of 4350K and warm white LEDs with 125Lm/W at a CCT of 2940K
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