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2008-12-10 Solution extends DisplayPort cable to 30m
Gennum Corp. has launched a new connectivity solution that when used in a standard copper cable assembly, allows displays to be driven at distances up to 30mmore than 15 times the reach of passive DisplayPort cables
2001-04-24 Equalizing gigabit copper cable links with the MAX3800
This application note presents a brief survey of the MAX3800 adaptive cable equalizer's performance with a few different cables and a sample of common FR4 board material
2009-08-18 Equalizer suits copper cable assemblies
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX3986, a 1Gbit/s to 10.3Gbit/s, quad linear equalizer for copper interconnects
2008-09-17 Equalizer IC enables error-free transmission in copper cables
Phyworks has successfully completed system level interoperability testing of its 10Gbit/s active equalizer in an SFP+ active copper cable assembly.
2004-09-21 Chinese startup claims 25Gbps over copper wire
Analogix's new transceiver IC lets system designers design in 6.25Gbps and 25Gbps.
2010-02-05 Cable transceiver supports up to 10.5Gbit/s
Phyworks has introduced the PHY2210 equalizing cable transceiver that enables manufacturers to extend the reach supporting all standard data rates up to 10.5Gbit/s
2011-02-11 Aluminum replaces copper for automotive power
Scientists from the Technische Universitaet Muenchen and engineers from BMW have worked together to find out how to replace copper with aluminum in vehicle electric power and electronics systems
2004-03-08 Agilent transceiver delivers Gigabit Ethernet over copper cable
The pluggable transceiver from Agilent Technologies delivers Gigabit Ethernet data transmissions over commonly installed copper cable.
2008-02-08 Active copper cables operate at 10Gbit/s over 10m
Gore's next-generation extended reach cable assemblies operate at 10Gbit/s per channel over a 10m span of AWG 28 copper cable.
2008-06-04 10G copper interconnects roll from Phyworks
Communications chip specialist Phyworks has demonstrated 10Gbit/s rack-to-rack copper interconnects of up to 30m using technology it originally developed for the optical module market
2003-02-27 Tyco releases RG 316 coaxial cable substitute
Tyco Electronics has announced the availability of a Raychem coaxial cable that is aimed at replacing RG 316 cables
2005-11-21 Transceiver allows stackable switches with common cable
The new family of copper media transceivers from KeyEye is targeted at stackable Ethernet switch and other intra-system link applications
2004-05-05 Superior Essex, Leviton partner in NextLAN cable system
Superior Essex Inc. and Leviton Voice & Data Division have jointly formed a national marketing and engineering alliance built around the NextLAN cabling system.
2002-09-30 Superior Essex rolls out reduced-diameter cable
Superior Essex's DataGain 450 Cat.6 data cable is constructed without a cross-web filler, which reduces cable diameter to 5.08mm
2010-09-08 SDI equalizer breaks cable length barriers
3Gb/s data can now travel 40 percent farther using National Semiconductor's power-saving SDI cable equalizer
2003-02-18 Nice Fountain coaxial cable passes USB 2.0 spec
The company's coaxial cable offering complies with the USB 2.0 specification, enabling it to support transmission speeds of up to 480Mbps
2002-10-02 Mysticom sets watermark for 10GbE over copper
Mysticom Inc. demonstrated a transceiver that set a new watermark for high-end Ethernet signaling over copper wires at the Communications Design Conference, sending 10Gbps signals over 25m copper using Infiniband cables
2006-10-03 MDKs ease deployment of copper-to-POF converters
Firecomms said its two new MDKs will enable the rapid deployment of copper-to-POF converters and repeaters for 1394b and Fast Ethernet
2003-03-18 KEL coax cable connector fits portable devices
The SSL series of miniature coaxial cable connector features a pitch of 0.5mm and has profile of 1.4mm, making it suitable for use in portable systems
2009-10-02 How to achieve cost-effective gigabit serial links over cable
This article scratches the surface of what can be achieved with modern signal conditioning semiconductor technologies.
2003-10-16 Fulgent cable features reduced outside sheath (&oslash
Fulgent Electrical Wire & Cable Co. Ltd has released a flat 1.27mm cable with round PVC jacket for external wiring
2003-05-13 Evernew offers Cat.6 UTP cable
Evernew Wire & Cable Co. Ltd has released a Cat.6 UTP networking cable that uses a 24AWG solid bare copper conductor and PVC jacket.
2006-08-25 Copper prices rise amid BHP labor dispute
The ongoing labor strike at BHP Billiton Ltd's copper mine in Chile has made the electronics industry start worrying about copper supply and pricing
2006-07-31 Copper cabling systems meet 10Gbps standards
Siemon offers Category 7 TERA and 10G 6A F/UTP end-to-end 10Gbps copper cabling systems with integrated grounding features to meet the new TIA standards for 10Gbps copper network cabling
2009-01-22 Connector packs Ethernet, MVB cable lines
ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a connector that combines Ethernet and MVB cable lines in a single interconnect package
2003-07-21 Coaxial cable has 5.97mm insulation diameter
Yantai Xinmu Cable Co. Ltd has released its RG7000 series of coaxial cables that features a capacitance of 53pf/km and weighs 65.6kg/km
2003-04-22 Coaxial cable assembly fits mobile devices
The CW-33 miniature coaxial cable assembly features an RG-8/U coaxial cable and its appropriate connector, which is suited for mobile apps
2005-03-31 Chip pushes twisted-pair copper to 10Gbps
Vativ Technologies disclosed that it is now sampling its new transceiver to key prospects.
2002-03-12 Cathay to expand monthly cable connector output
Hong Kong cable connector maker Cathay Tat Ming Metal Mfy Ltd says it will expand monthly production capacity by 20 to 30 percent
2003-06-04 Cableplus control cable offers uniform thickness
Cableplus (Changshu) Special Wire & Cable Co. Ltd's UL2835 control cable is made up of stranded tinned or bare copper conductor.
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