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2007-12-13 PMC-Sierra licenses ARM processors for ASIC, PON
ARM has announced that PMC-Sierra has licensed the ARM Cortex-A8 processor and ARM11 MPCore multicore processor for a broad range of designs, including devices for PON and ASIC devices.
2003-10-23 Via Telecom licenses ParthusCeva DSP core
VIA Telecom Inc. has licensed ParthusCeva Inc.'s TeakLite DSP Core for its new product lines targeting the CDMA/CDMA2000 market
2002-01-04 Tower licenses DSP Group's DSP core for Fab 2
Semiconductor foundry Tower Semiconductor Ltd has licensed DSP Group's Teak DSP core, which is expected to expand Tower's semiconductor IP (SIP) offering in Fab 2
2003-09-04 Toshiba licenses ARM core for SoC business
Toshiba Corp. and ARM Ltd have extended their strategic partnership with a new licensing agreement.
2002-02-05 Toshiba licenses ARM core for mobile products
Toshiba Corp. has licensed the ARM926EJ-S core processor to allow Toshiba to offer a processor for wireless applications such as mobile phones and PDAs
2005-07-21 STMicroelectronics licenses ARM's Sandcat core
European chip maker STMicroelectronics NV has become the second licensee for the Cortex-M3, a low-cost 32bit microcontroller otherwise known as "Sandcat" from ARM Holdings plc.
2002-09-11 Stepmind licenses ARM core for encryption project
Stepmind has licensed ARM's ARM946E microprocessor core to be used on a custom networking encryption project
2003-07-21 Silicon Image licenses DVI Core to Taiwan IC makers
Silicon Image Inc. has licensed its DVI core to Taiwan IC manufacturers Novatek Microelectronics Corp., Sunplus Technology Co. Ltd, and Weltrend
2011-04-12 Shanghai electronics firm licenses ARM CPUs, GPUs
ARM has licensed a series of CPU and GPU IP cores to Shanghai InfoTM, which will in turn use these licenses to provide 3D graphics in its line of mobile computing devices
2006-07-28 Sarnoff licenses ARM's MPCore multi-core processor
ARM announced that Sarnoff has licensed its ARM11 MPCore multi-core processor. Sarnoff will be using the processor to develop high-performance, low-power mobile vision SoC
2004-08-12 SanDisk licenses ARC 600 processor core
SanDisk Corp. has licensed the ARC Int.'s 600 RISC processor core and MetaWare development tools for use in their next-generation of flash storage products
2003-10-06 Samsung licenses Mysticom Ethernet technology
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has entered into a license agreement with Mysticom Inc.
2004-04-20 Samsung licenses Ceva's DSP core for 3G handsets
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd will license Ceva Inc.'s X1620 DSP core to power its next-generation 3G multimedia handsets
2009-10-08 Samsung licenses Apical imaging IP core
Samsung Electrics Co. Ltd has licensed Apical Ltd's iridix image processing IP core for its imaging products
2008-10-10 Samsung extends Imagination graphics core license deal
Imagination Technologies Group plc announced that Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has signed a multiuse license agreement for Imagination's POWERVR SGX graphics acceleration core family
2002-10-18 Qualcomm licenses latest ARM core
Qualcomm Inc. has licensed ARM's latest ARM1136J-S microprocessor core to be used on its advanced wireless voice and data devices
2005-07-27 Philips licenses MIPS 4KE core for TV applications
MIPS Technologies Inc., a licensor of microprocessor architectures and cores, has licensed the MIPS32 4KEc core to its long-time partner Philips Semiconductors
2006-11-22 Open-Silicon licenses MIPS' processor core for ASIC devt
MIPS Technologies Inc. announced that Open-Silicon Inc. has selected the MIPS32 24KEc Pro processor core to power advanced custom ASIC solutions for complex SoCs
2002-08-13 Oki licenses AIEC microprocessor core
Oki Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has licensed Automotive Integrated Electronics Corp.'s AIEC9 SoC platform microprocessor core
2004-09-24 NJR licenses CEVA-Teak DSP core
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd, a manufacturer of electronic professional communication equipment, has licensed the CEVA-Teak DSP core to power their baseband radio communication solutions
2005-04-22 National licenses GbE PHY core to Alliance Semi
National Semiconductor Corp. announced that Alliance Semiconductor Corp. has licensed National's Gigabit Ethernet physical layer (PHY) core for use in Alliance's next-generation of networking devices
2002-07-17 MIPS Technologies licenses 64-bit processor core to Marvell
MIPS Technologies Inc. has licensed the MIPS64 5Kf processor core to Marvell
2004-07-02 MIPS Tech licenses MIPS32 24K core to KME
Kawasaki Microelectronics Inc. (KME) has taken a license for MIPS Technologies Inc.'s MIPS32 24Kcore family.
2002-10-24 MIPS licenses Micronas IP processor core
Micronas GmbH has licensed MIPS Technologies Inc.'s 32-bit processor IP core for its development of next-gen digital consumer electronics products
2004-11-17 MIPS licenses 32bit core to TZero
MIPS Technologies Inc. announced that TZero Technologies Inc., a developer of ultra wideband (UWB) chipsets and solutions, took a license for the MIPS32 24Kc processor core, the embedded industry's highest-performance 32bit synthesizable core, delivering 400-625MHz and 567-900 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS in TSMC 0.13?m processes
2010-11-03 Microchip licenses MIPS32 M14K core family
Microchip Technology licenses MIPS32 M14K core for 32-bit microcontroller family
2002-11-07 Micrel licenses ARM core for gateway solutions
Micrel Semiconductor has licensed ARM's ARM922T core
2002-06-14 Magis licenses ARM core for networking ICs
Magis Networks Inc. has licensed ARM's processor core from for its first-generation chipsets used in 5GHz wireless networking
2004-03-10 LeapFrog licenses ARC processor core
LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. has licensed ARC Int.'s ARCtangent A5.1 processor core for its Leapster multimedia learning system
2003-09-05 Infineon licenses ParthusCeva's Teaklite core
Infineon Technologies has licensed the Teaklite DSP core from ParthusCeva for use in its S-GOLDlite offering
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