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2003-05-23 NEL SOCs integrate four Xtensa microprocessor cores
NTT Electronics Corp. has released the Versatile and Advanced Signal Processing Architecture, and SuperENCIII MPEG-2 codec devices that integrate four of Tensilica's Xtensa microprocessor cores.
2003-05-27 NEC TOE features Tensilica Xtensa cores
NEC Corp. has announced their first TCP Offload Engine which integrates 10 Xtensa processor cores on a single chip.
2005-10-10 Murata unveils new 'thin sandwich core' type ferrite cores
During last week's CEATEC JAPAN 2005, Murata Mfg Co. Ltd exhibited its new
2010-09-22 Multi-channel demodulator cores support FPGAs
RFEL designing multi-channel demodulator cores for FPGAs
2002-11-12 MorethanIP cores support Altera Stratix FPGAs
Altera Corp. and MorethanIP GmbH have signed an agreement which provides Altera customers access to MorethanIP's portfolio of 10Gb Ethernet IP cores.
2002-04-09 Mitsubishi Electric licenses ARM cores for Java acceleration
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has licensed ARM926EJ-S core processor, which incorporates ARM's Jazelle technology, for Java acceleration.
2002-06-06 MIPS, UMC sign licensing, co-marketing deal for MIPS cores
MIPS Technologies Inc. and United Microelectronics Corp. have signed a licensing and co-marketing agreement for MIPS' 64-bit processor cores, MIPS64 20Kc core and MIPS' next-generation core, Amethyst.
2003-10-17 MIPS unveils new line of synthesizable cores
MIPS Technologies Inc. has unveiled four members of its 32-bit synthesizable core family that are derivatives of the MIPS32 24K microarchitecture.
2006-07-26 MIPS licenses processor cores to Toshiba
MIPS Technologies announced that Toshiba has selected the MIPS32 24KEc Pro and 24KEf Pro cores as the for its latest microprocessor line-up for providing advanced solutions for next-generation digital consumer products.
2003-02-20 MIPS licenses processor cores to Taiwan IC firm
Sunplus Technology Co. Ltd has licensed a range of 32-bit cores from MIPS Technologies Inc.
2002-07-08 MIPS licenses processor cores to Centillium
MIPS Technologies Inc. has licensed two MIPS-based processor cores to Centillium Communications Inc.
2004-07-15 MIPS hard IP cores help reduce design time
MIPS Technologies announced that it now offers hard IP cores.
2005-04-29 MIPS family of cores earns real-time kernel for consumer apps
A scalable and royalty-free real-time kernel from Accelerated Tech and tailored for MIPS Technologies' MIPS32 24K family of processor cores aims to help developers of high-performance digital consumer devices.
2005-05-23 MIPS cores offer high performance with DSP functionality
MIPS Technologies Inc. introduced the MIPS32(R) 24KE(TM) family of cores, the first to integrate the MIPS(R) DSP Application-Specific Extension (ASE) announced last year.
2004-01-19 MIPS cores licensed by WIS Technologies
IP core provider MIPS Technologies Inc. and WIS Technologies Inc. have entered into a licensing agreement.
2010-11-12 MIMO pushing floating points into DSP cores
Texas Instruments has chosen to put both floating point and fixed point math in every core of its new DSP in order to achieve the high accuracy demanded by MIMO applications.
2004-12-09 Micronas to use MIPS32 24K cores in STBs, DTVs
Micronas has revealed plans to use MIPS Technologies Inc.'s MIPS32 24K family of processor cores.
2002-03-11 Micrel LDO regulator powers processor cores down to 0.9V
Capable of output voltages down to 0.9V, the MIC49150 is a 1.5A dual supply LDO regulator that responds to any abrupt change in load current.
2005-05-10 Mentor PSPs support LSI DSP cores
Mentor Graphics and LSI Logic announced new Seamless processor support packages (PSPs) for the LSI Logic ZSP400 and ZSP500 DSP cores.
2002-07-30 MediaTek licenses ARM cores
MediaTek Inc. has licensed ARM's ARM7TDMI microprocessor core for its latest products.
2002-09-13 Matsushita licenses ARM cores for wireless devices
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd. has licensed the ARM946E-S and ARM926EJ-S microprocessor cores.
2004-05-24 Marvell to roll out SoCs with custom ARM cores
Citing the rising costs of system-on-chip development and manufacturing, Marvell Semiconductor Inc. said it will only use custom versions of ARM's 32-bit processors as part of a far-reaching agreement with the Cambridge, U.K.-based processor vendor.
2002-11-26 M-Systems encryption technology to be optimized for ARM cores
ARM Ltd and M-Systems Inc. have signed a technology agreement in which both companies will optimize M-Systems' SuperMAP cryptographic coprocessors for use with the ARM SecurCore family of cores.
2005-07-21 LSI Logic, RTJ to offer Java support for ZSP cores
The DSP product division of LSI Logic Corp. and RTJ Computing disclosed that consumer product developers utilizing the ZSP G1 family of DSP cores will now be supported by RTJ Computing's simpleRTJ Java virtual machine (JVM).
2004-06-15 LSI Logic unveils two processor cores at 2004 DAC
LSI Logic announced two industry-standard ARM processor cores available for integration into its RapidChip Platform ASIC designs.
2002-05-06 LSI Logic licenses ARM cores
LSI Logic Corp. has licensed ARM's synthesizable ARM1026EJ-S microprocessor core and the Jazelle technology-enabled ARM7EJ-S core. LSI will apply these cores in its Gflx 0.11?m and G9090nm process technologies.
2004-08-06 LSI Logic broadens reach in South Korea with DSP cores
South Korea-based Pulsus Technologies Inc. has licensed LSI Logic Corp.'s ZSP400 DSP core with IC products ready for production in mobile digital audio applications.
2002-10-17 LSI licenses ARM's latest cores
LSI Logic Corp. has licensed the ARM's latest ARM1136J-S core and the ARM1136JF-S core for use on its SoC designs for the communications, consumer, and storage markets.
2006-09-08 Low-power LDO suits advanced CPUs and logic cores
Microchip's new LDO promises high output current and low output voltage in small, thermally capable packages, making it suitable for powering high-performance embedded processors and next-generation logic cores.
2002-11-27 Leopard Logic rolls embedded FPGA cores
Leopard Logic has released its HyperBlox FP embedded FPGA cores that enable the creation of configurable SoC platforms.
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