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2014-02-19 Tips for cost-effective 3D IC production
Know how to distribute the cost-of-ownership across the supply chain
2011-06-28 ST-Ericsson's cost savings affect 500 jobs
Aimed at improving its financial position, ST-Ericsson's cost savings plan involves cutting annualized costs by $120 million by end-2012 and a workforce review affecting some 500 employees worldwide.
2009-01-29 ST cost-cutting scheme affects 4,500 jobs
STMicroelectronics Inc. has outlined a major cost-cutting effort in 2009, which includes plans to shed 4,500 jobs amid loss and poor outlook.
2007-04-20 Spansion to implement massive cost-cutting measures
In response to losses and poor market conditions in the NOR flash sector, Spansion Inc. said that it will undertake large-scale, cost-cutting measures.
2011-11-10 Solar panel firm details cost-cutting plan
SunPower's planned restructuring in 4Q11 is hoped to reduce operating expenses by as much as 10 percent next year.
2004-07-02 Renesas outlines product, cost-cutting strategies
Fifteen months after its formation, Japan's Renesas Technology Corp. has put the finishing touches on a corporate reorganization to sustain its future growth and prepare for the next semiconductor cycle.
2014-01-07 Remove 'layoffs' in the cost-cutting picture
When you lay off talent, you lose people who are familiar with your company's culture and have been an integral part of past success.
2012-04-25 PV mfg strategy focused on cost cutting
Capacity expansions by PV manufacturers in the past two years have caused manufacturing capacity to significantly exceed demand, but the industry is adopting ways to adapt to these changes.
2007-07-03 Micron posts $225M loss, drives cost-saving schemes
Even with its cost-cutting efforts, Micron Technology posted a Q3 loss of $225 million, or minus 29 cents per diluted share, on net sales of $1.3 million.
2011-07-20 Cisco's cost cutting slashes 6,500 jobs
Cisco is planning to lessen its operational expenses by cutting 9 percent of its employee workforce. The company is also its selling set-top box facility in Juarez, Mexico
2014-02-06 3D TSV Summit underscores cost-effective production
From a maker's perspective, 3D IC production will only ramp up if the added costs for implementing TSVs and all the ensuing steps can be largely compensated by the IC performance benefits.
2006-09-07 10,500 heads will roll as Intel implements cost-cutting measures
Intel Corp. announced early this week cost-cutting measures it will soon implement, including plans to cut 10,500 jobs through layoffs and attrition.
2014-12-12 Why you should care about Design-to-Cost
Your design process should include Design-to-Cost. With a committed team and the right tools, you can reduce product costs and improve your competitive position
2005-09-01 The basics of implementing DSP functions on low-cost FPGAs
For cutting-edge designs where cycles are tight, requirements are fluid, and expected volumes are uncertain, system companies implement most core functionality and DSP in low-cost FPGAs.
2013-11-21 Sony PS4 teardown shows near breakeven point on hardware cost
With the PlayStation 4, Sony produced a design whose costs are starting out lower than its price tag—paving the way for the company to quickly attain profitability on hardware sales, said IHS.
2011-06-15 Rugged assembly reduces RF test apps cost
Gore has added a rugged 18GHZ cable assembly to its PHASEFLEX Microwave/RF Test Assemblies line cutting the cost of high throughput production test applications in the wireless infrastructure market.
2006-09-16 Reducing the cost of cellphone testing
As phones increase in complexity, requiring more tests, manufacturers must find strategies that will keep rising test costs down.
2010-10-14 Pseudo SRAMs join SRAM ease, DRAM density, cost
The memory products cut the need for an external refresh controller, and offer partial array refresh, low standby current and deep power down modes that cut power use.
2008-07-16 Nanoelectrodes could cut hydrogen fuel cost
QuantumSphere Inc. claims that its nanoparticle-coated electrodes can make hydrogen an economical alternative to natural gas and gasoline.
2007-08-23 More vendors dip in ultralow-cost handset market
ABI Research predicts that more than a dozen handset vendors will ship sub-$50 models by 2008 and almost one out of every four handsets shipping globally by 2011 will be an ultralow-cost handset
2005-05-12 Modem module reduces cost
The XE2422H, a low-cost full-featured modem module from Xecom, establishes dial-up communications at rates from 300bps to 2,400bps and is intended for use in embedded systems that transmit small amounts of data
2007-07-12 Microfluidic chip detects diseases at less cost, time
An electrical engineer at Canada's University of Alberta has designed a microfluidic chip that detects diseases faster and at less cost
2004-05-17 Low-cost, low-power wireless gathers steam
This section looks at how low-power wireless technologies arrive amid a burst of innovation--from ad hoc Bluetooth printer connectivity, to cutting-edge distributed wireless networks and sensors
2013-05-30 Low OGS cost key to higher touch notebook sales
WitsView said lowering prices will be the strategy to promote touch NBs this year and cutting the one glass solution (OGS) touch module cost will be the key to reach that goal.
2013-09-09 Labour cost as impetus in PV prod'n no longer holds water
A study from MIT and NREL shows that other factors aside from low labour costs are becoming more significant in solar panel production, opening the door for U.S. to become competitive once more.
2014-10-23 IoT promises to cut healthcare cost
With connectivity, care can be delivered anywhere, including at home, thereby lowering costs while improving the patient experience. Networking will also mean patching in other assets.
2011-06-08 Epson rolls high-end, low-cost IMU-G1
Epson's IMU-G1 combines the ultra-small size of MEMS with the ultra-low power of piezoelectrics and can be compared to the expensive IMUs.
2004-03-04 EDA CEOs predict growth, cite cost concerns
As the semiconductor business continues a slow recovery, the cost of keeping up with Moore's Law is a foremost issue on the minds of EDA customers, said EDA CEOs attending the EDA Consortium forecast panel in February 26, 2004
2004-08-04 ADI triple differential drives down cost
Fully integrated into a single, 4-by-4mm package, Analog Devices' AD8133 is the industry's smallest triple differential line driver.
2007-06-18 The intricate dance of cutting power consumption
Key players in the industry are collaborating to deliver low-power solutions that bring more automated EDA tools, smarter IP, standard formats and more power-stingy processes together into true end-to-end solutions. EDA and IP companies have worked within the Accellera standards organization to develop the Unified Power Format (UPF).
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