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2015-08-21 Using behavioural analytics tools to counter IP theft
The process of securing IP and confidential product data is increasingly becoming very difficult for many organisations, especially for electronics manufacturing companies that use open source software.
2006-07-12 USB module has 15 independent 16bit counter/timers
The new USB module from ACCES I/O Products features 15 independent 16bit counter/timers.
2011-02-21 Timer A operation in event counter mode using free-running count operation
Learn about timer A operation in event counter mode using free-running count operation in the R32C/100 Series.
2013-12-04 Researchers find way to counter electromagnetic attacks
A team from Fraunhofer INT demonstrated how to defend against electromagnetic attacks, developing a measurement instrument that can detect where the attacks originate.
2000-09-08 Practical counter examples using the Z893XX
This application note presents two practical demonstrations of how to implement a general-purpose counter using the on-chip resources of the Z893XX 16-bit fixed-point DSP.
2004-08-02 Pendulum counter, analyzer unit uses USB, GPIB
Pendulum Instruments' new CNT-90 timer/counter/analyzer unit can measure frequency, time interval and phase.
2004-06-22 Panel urges U.S. strategy to counter China's tech rise
A panel tracking Chinese technology developments and its implications for U.S. national security said the government needs a coordinated national strategy to meet China's challenge to U.S. scientific and technology leadership.
2011-03-25 One-bit digital counter integrates GaPN LEDs, silicon FETs
Toyohashi Tech researchers have successfully made a one-bit counter circuit optoelectronic IC with an optical output consisting of silicon FETs integrated with gallium phosphide nitride LEDs on a single chip.
2007-06-13 Nokia files another counter suit vs. Qualcomm
Finnish handset maker Nokia announced June 11 it has filed another patent counter suit against rival Qualcomm Inc. before the Eastern District of Texas Court, adding further to the latter's legal entanglements after losing in its long-drawn-out war with archrival Broadcom Corp.
2007-08-13 Low-power RTC with binary counter cuts component count
Maxim Integrated Products has unveiled the DS1372 real-time clock (RTC) with a binary counter and unique 64bit serial number for digital data applications.
2003-10-09 Linear Tech Coulomb counter suits portable systems
The LTC4150 bi-directional Coulomb counter from Linear Technology is designed for handheld PCs and other portable product apps.
2002-12-06 ispLSI 5384VE application: High speed binary counter
This application note discusses how to implement a high-speed binary counter using the ispLSI 5384VE CPLD.
2000-09-01 High-speed, loadable 16-bit binary counter
This application note demonstrates how to implement the AT6000 Series FPGA as a fast synchronous, loadable 16-bit binary counter that operates at 70MHz on and off chip under the worst commercial operating conditions.
2000-05-30 Frequency Counter Using PIC16C5X
A frequency counter that can read frequencies from 50Hz to 50MHz was implemented in this application note in order to demonstrate this method of measuring the 16-bit counter value from the prescaler and TMR0.
2010-10-19 Frequency counter series is LXI Class C-compliant
Agilent releases series of RF and universal frequency counter/timer series compliant with LXI Class C
2002-08-19 Electrodynamics event counter holds 99,999 events
The DDS101 solid state event counter has a nonvolatile memory that holds up to 99,999 events and outputs them into serial, binary-coded decimal format.
2003-09-19 DS1371/DS1374 32-bit Binary Counter Time Conversion
This application note describes how to convert the 32-bit time value of the DS1371/DS1374 into a date and time value that can be put in MM/DD/YYYY form.
2009-12-22 Docomo, Fujitsu unite on counter-failure tech
NTT Docomo Inc. and Fujitsu Ltd are developing two technologies to detect and locate "silent failures" in IP networks much faster and more accurately than currently possible.
2002-05-06 Dallas elapsed time counter eliminates crystal
The DS1682 elapsed time counter from Dallas Semiconductor Corp. contains a factory-calibrated, temperature-compensated RC time base, eliminating the need for a quartz crystal.
2002-11-12 Dallas binary counter fits portable systems
Dallas Semiconductor's DS1371 2-wire binary timekeeper combines a 32-bit binary counter and programmable square-wave output in an 8-pin microSOP casing.
2007-01-25 CW counter covers up to 60GHz
Pendulum Instruments has announced a family of microwave frequency counter/analyzers with integrated power meters, covering up to 60GHz of frequency range.
2014-05-21 Counter/timer DAQ devices support multiple input modes
Available in four-channel and eight-channel models, the devices include support for the following modes: totalise (event counter), period measurement, pulse-width measurement, and timing measurement.
2000-12-12 Battery-powered 5MHz frequency counter
This application note describes a battery-powered 5MHz frequency counter using the McMOS logic family for low-power operation.
2015-12-17 Atmel, Dialog deal on standby as counter offer surfaces
Atmel received an unsolicited bid to buy the company that its board is obliged to consider but it has been previously reported that Cypress Semiconductor could try to outdo an agreed bid from Dialog.
2000-12-12 An MSI 500MHz frequency counter using MECL and MTTL
This application note presents a design of an MSI 8-digit LED readout 500MHz counter using MECL III, MECL 10,000 and TTL. It also describes two prescalers using MECL, along with the designs for two-input amplifiers.
2010-06-02 Advanced Metering: ecosystem, security threats and counter measures
The AMI (also known as smart grid) requires a combination of different technologies that rely on network connectivity, posing significant security issues that must be addressed from the beginning.
2000-09-01 16-bit up/down counter/shift register
This application note demonstrates how to implement the AT6000 Series FPGA as a synchronous, 16-bit up/down counter/shift register that operates at 22MHz under the worst commercial operating conditions.
2000-06-01 Using the Capture Module
This application report provides examples, which illustrate the uses of input capture using the PIC17C42 Timer3 module.
2014-12-29 Ultra-low-power FRAM targets industrial automation apps
The MB85RDP16LX from Fujitsu features multiple optimisations that promise to reduce energy consumption to less than 10 per cent of what is required by standard FRAM solutions.
2000-06-22 Ultra-fast synchronous counters
This application note discusses the implementation of a fully synchronous, non-loadable, binary counter by using the XC4000 and XC3000 FPGA designs.
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