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2005-05-25 WiMax upheaval on course
Read an update on WiMax broadband access technology.
2005-05-16 Superconductors set course for wireless
Technological maturity and potentially lucrative applications suggest that low-temperature superconducting is turning a corner.
2008-11-17 Sun changes course, burning thousands
From the first sentence of the press release, you almost thought they were announcing good news. But then came "As part of this effort, Sun is announcing a global workforce reduction" and the picture became both darker and clearer.
2011-05-17 STMicro's iNemo platform enables new undergrad course
Based on STMicro's iNemo design platform for measurement gear, the new undergraduate course will train students in the integration of various cutting-edge sensors into embedded computer systems.
2008-07-18 Solar cars course throughout North America
Continuum has successfully defended its title after the first leg of the North American Solar Challenge, a 10-day photovoltaic-powered automobile race from Dallas to Calgary, Alberta from July 13-22.
2007-08-16 MEMS pioneer draws up technology's course
MEMS pioneer Kurt Petersen of SiTime shares MEMS' development since the 1980s as well as his thoughts on where it is headed in the future.
2008-03-19 HP Labs on course to carving own space
Squeezed between Intel and AMD on hardware and Microsoft and Google on software, HP needs to carve out its own space to innovate. And by all accounts, it's off to a good start.
2005-08-05 Hardware, software design on collision course, panel finds
Hardware and software design are on a collision course, and time-to-market pressures and other factors are forcing the electronics industry to search for the "holy grail" of concurrent hardware-software co-design, concluded a panel of executives from across the EDA spectrum at the RBC Capital Markets' North American Technology Conference here Wednesday (Aug. 3).
2014-05-07 Global chip market continues upward course
The 11.4 per cent three-month average sales jump involves increases across the region16.1 per cent in the Americas, 12.9 per cent in the Asia-Pacific, 8 per cent in Europe, and .4 per cent in Japan.
2007-05-16 Foundries face obstacle course in 45nm race
The starting gun sounded on the 45nm foundry race when the world's largest foundry service provider announced in April it is accelerating ramp of its 45nm process.
2003-09-08 Doulos, ARM team on platform verification course
Doulos and ARM Ltd have announced a new training course for licensees of the ARM PrimeXsys Platform.
2002-03-07 Doulos reveals training course for SystemC compiler users
Doulos, an independent methodology training company, has revealed a SystemC training course for users of Synopsys CoCentric SystemC compiler at the Design Automation & Test conference in Europe.
2014-03-31 Bluetooth Smart charts course to widespread IoT adoption
Bluetooth Smart's adoption rate in mobile devices saw an acceleration over the period of 2010 through 2013. This year, TechInsights expects a full adoption as uses in wellness and wearable expand.
2008-01-18 Analysts see 'collision course' in IC supply
The semiconductor supply chain head towards a "collision course," with leading-edge foundries falling behind Moore's Law and finding themselves stretched too thin, according to analysts.
2010-09-08 UNH offers PSoC class for next-gen, networked embedded systems
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced that the University of New Hampshire is offering a new course on PSoC. It is part of the Far View Distance Learning Program at UNH, allowing students to take the course remotely.
2005-10-26 Wireless data's future? 3G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX combo
With wireless service providers and equipment manufacturers attempting to sort out the future course of mobile broadband data, some say the 'right combination of 3G, WiMAX and Wi-Fi' will be needed to achieve the most success.
2013-11-12 Windows XP expiration pushes rethinking of industrial op'n
The extended support and availability of security updates for Windows XP will end in April 2014, driving asset owners needing to continue secure operation to think about their course of action.
2008-06-30 Using CFI to read and debug systems
In the course of board development, being able to correctly read the CFI table from a flash is an important milestone. The objective of this application note is to help development engineers achieve this.
2012-07-04 The CMOS-mobile apps connection
The two biggest markets for logic chips are, of course, mobile (smartphone and tablet) and PC devices. These markets are now steering the technology direction and defining the winners and losers.
2011-05-20 Switcher ICs offer 6.5W power output
Power Integrations adds new devices to its LinkZero-AX product family, as well as an introductory video course that explains how designers can achieve 0.00 watts of standby energy consumption.
2006-01-11 SemIndia to set up India's first ATMP facility
SemIndia announced that it will establish India's first semiconductor assembly-test-mark-pack (ATMP) plant, which will be set up during the course of 2006.
2013-10-24 Semikron, PCS team up for high efficiency converter system
During the course of the research project, Semikron was tasked with designing an inverter system with new modular phase components, which would then be integrated into a power converter by PCS.
2008-02-01 Saving Moore's Law and reinventing transistors
Intel CEO Paul Otellini talks about surprising performance-per-watt gains from its hafnium transistors, the future of mobile and ultra-mobile devices and of course, all the big issues that affect Intel's channel.
2014-07-29 Samsung sets up Silicon Valley base
The Korean company aims to tap into the top-drawer pool of component, system and semiconductor talent in Silicon Valley, and, of course, a lot of angel and VC investors.
2007-11-01 Obtaining best differential signaling results
Perfect symmetry isof courseunattainable. But designers can come close to that ideal to obtain the best differential-signaling results by following a few fundamental rules.
2007-03-14 MPEG LA confronts China's STB makers over patent fees
China's makers of digital STBs are on a collision course with MPEG-2 patent owners over unpaid royalties, setting the stage for what will likely be intense haggling in coming months.
2004-05-04 Motorola shifts gears in China to auto electronics
After selling its loss-making CMOS fab in China last year, Motorola Inc. is steering a new course with plans to build an auto electronics plant near Beijing that will open by the end of the year.
2004-03-08 Mitsubishi Electric to supply Alcatel Space with solar panels
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and Alcatel Space have agreed a supply contract for solar array panels. Over the course of a four-year contract, Mitsubishi Electric will supply the solar array panels for Alcatel Space's Spacebus.
2009-03-06 Litho woes: R&D gap, downturn
It was a triple-whammy for lithographers at the SPIE Advanced Lithography conference as the industry continues to be plagued by an R&D gap, technology delays, and, of course, the lousy economy.
2007-05-01 iSLI uses Xilinx boards for FPGA module
The Institute for System Level Integration announced that its 'FPGAs for DSP & Communication' module is using the Xilinx XUP Virtexll Pro, ISE software and SystemGenerator, which runs on Mathworks Simulink for its practical part of the course.
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