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2007-05-17 Tools feature embedded cryptographic security
Atmel Corp. is offering a development kit for a nonvolatile memory surrounded by a 64bit embedded cryptographic processor.
2007-07-16 Secure MCUs boast 'impressive' cryptographic features
Atmel has released three new devices in its secure MCU family integrating an impressive set of cryptographic features.
2000-09-27 Integrating passive RF technology with cryptographic communications protocols
This paper discusses the new "state-of-art" semiconductor RF "crypto-chip" combining passive RF and encryption/decryption technology.
2010-09-15 FPGAs with cryptographic cores offer DPA resistance
Actel Corp. just announced that several of its FPGAs are now usable with cryptographic cores offering differential power analysis (DPA) resistance.
2006-06-02 Elliptic licenses cryptographic processor engine to Wavesat
Wavesat has selected Elliptic's cryptographic processor engine for use in the Shark chipset.
2007-05-21 Development tool features cryptographic algorithms
Atmel's AT88SC-DK1 development kit for their CryptoMemory simplifies the application development process by providing a library which implements host cryptographic operations required for secure communication with CryptoMemory devices.
2009-07-10 Battery authentication IC uses cryptographic engine
Atmel Corp. has announced its AT88SA100S, an ultralow-cost, cryptographic battery authentication IC for mobile phones, cameras, portable power tools and other battery-powered applications.
2002-07-10 ARM makes deal for cryptographic core
ARM has licensed a security accelerator core from SafeNet Inc.
2013-11-29 Why medical devices should be secured
The medical electronics industry has to attend to the security issues on portable medical devices.
2013-09-04 Static vs dynamic analysis for code devt (Part 1)
Consider the strengths and weaknesses of static and dynamic code analysis in the development of secure C or C++ code.
2002-11-20 Small Encryption using SHA Devices
This application note describes the how 1-Wire memory devices that contain cryptographic engines can perform the SHA-1 hash encryption.
2004-05-20 Sharp to use M-Systems coprocessors
M-Systems Ltd has entered into a collaboration arrangement with the Integrated Circuits Group of Sharp Corp.
2009-07-06 RSA key generation using the MAXQ1103 microcontroller
This application note demonstrates the generation of RSA key-pair sets using the MAXQ1103 secure RISC microcontroller.
2007-12-07 RFID devices with crypto engine prevent counterfeiting
Atmel has unveiled the CryptoRF 13.56MHz RFID devices with 64bit embedded cryptographic engine, mutual authentication capability and up to 16 individually configurable zones.
2013-03-26 Protect data with hardware AES engines
Know how the MAX36025 DeepCover tamper-reactive cryptographic-node controller enables physical tamper protection.
2003-01-24 M-Systems technology to support Emosyn security processors
Emosyn LLC and M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd have signed a cooperation agreement to optimize the latter's SuperMAP cryptographic co-processors for use within Emosyn's security microprocessor products.
2002-11-26 M-Systems encryption technology to be optimized for ARM cores
ARM Ltd and M-Systems Inc. have signed a technology agreement in which both companies will optimize M-Systems' SuperMAP cryptographic coprocessors for use with the ARM SecurCore family of cores.
2008-04-09 Kit develops secure contactless RFID apps
A development kit for contactless, highly secure RFID transactions has been released by Melexis Microelectronic Integrated Systems N.V. and Atmel Corp.
2013-10-23 Introduction to MIFARE SAM
Here's an application note that introduces MIFARE SAM AV2 as well as all documentation and samples.
2004-05-03 Improving RFID chip security
It is important to incorporate measures against attacks in IC card design and implementation, to protect crucial data from illegal use.
2002-12-16 High integration makes IPSec fly
Integrating encryption circuitry into the same silicon as the network processor adds security functionality into the network processor while maintaining wire rate and minimizing new silicon area.
2012-10-12 Guarding against side-channel attacks (Part 2)
Here's a discussion on a differential power analysis attack against AES using EM emissions from the devices.
2006-11-23 Experts call for ECC-improved data security
Securing applications with elliptic curve cryptography was the focal point of discussion at the third annual Certicom ECC Conference held last week in Ontario, Canada.
2012-09-25 Enhance MCU performance, security with hardware accelerated crypto
Discover how to accelerate compute-intensive cryptographic algorithms and off load those tasks from the ARM core.
2002-01-25 Danish startup unveils crypto accelerator chip
A chip unveiled last week by a Danish startup targets the cryptographic bottleneck associated with secure communications.
2007-11-23 Chip design complexity raises risks, warns cryptographer
Respected cryptographer Adi Shamir warned that increasing sophistication of computer chip design raises the risk that undetected bugs could be used to crack public key encryption systems.
2009-04-29 Authentication IC offers low-cost data protection
Atmel Corp.'s has developed the AT88SA family of low cost, ultralow power, secure cryptographic authentication ICs.
2015-11-06 ARM64 vs ARM32: A guide for Linux programmers
These differences between ARM64 vs ARM32 are a good sample of the sorts of problems one should expect. There are nuances that go beyond the well understood differences in the instruction set.
2011-11-09 Application development with MIFARE SAM
Here's an application note that provides information on the support items for application development using MIFARE SAM AV2.
2002-12-16 Advanced ICs allow security integration
Merchant-market ICs are letting designers integrate SSL and IPSec into their system and still maintain throughput.
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