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What is a crystal oscillator?
A crystal oscillator is a device in which the principal frequency-determining factor is the mechanical resonance of a piezoelectric crystal.
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2003-08-18 Xtal Oscillator Circuits
This application note discusses the Xtal oscillator circuit applicable to most individual CML microcircuits
2002-12-09 Xtal oscillator circuits
This application note discusses a general crystal oscillator circuit applicable to most individual CML microcircuits.
2002-09-18 Weifurui crystal oscillator suits satcom equipment
Weifurui Telecom's VFR-420 crystal oscillator requires a 12V supply and operates over a frequency range of 100kHz to 50MHz, making the device suitable for satellite communications equipment.
2004-08-05 Waysun crystal oscillators have 1?W drive level
Waysun released Its TMX-206 surface-mount quartz crystal oscillators that operate up to frequencies of 32.768kHz and have a load capacitance of 12.5pF
2002-06-12 Voltage controlled crystal oscillators, voltage controlled oscillators
This application note discusses the different characteristics and specifications, as well as design considerations, that are unique to voltage controlled crystal and non-crystal oscillators
2003-09-01 TLSI crystal oscillators exhibit low-jitter
TLSI has introduced the T73227 and T83027 high-precision VCXO clock generator ICs that are designed to exhibit low-jitter and low phase noise performance.
2003-07-28 TKD oscillator exhibits to 100ppm stability
The SMD-VCXO crystal oscillator from Shenzhen Taikeda Electronic Co. Ltd operates over the 1MHz to 75MHz and 1MHz to 50MHz.
2004-08-02 Technical Crystal oscillators offer 0.3mW drive level
The latest series of surface-mount crystal oscillators from Technical Crystal operates within the 1MHz to 80MHz frequency range
2004-07-29 Technical Crystal oscillators feature 0.3W drive level
The latest surface-mount crystal oscillators from Technical Crystal feature an operating frequency range from 6MHz to 80MHz
2002-06-12 TCXOs: Temperature compensated crystal oscillators
This application note offers a brief discussion on temperature compensated crystal oscillators
2002-07-17 Taiwan quartz crystal companies form industry association
Quartz crystal companies in Taiwan have cooperated and formed an industry group named Quartz Ind. Association in Taiwan
2002-11-25 Surface-mount oscillator boasts low offset jitter
MF Electronics' surface-mount R2950 clock oscillator is designed for advanced portable, wireless, and SONET systems
2002-06-17 Statek oscillator tops high-shock test
Developed using quartz micromachining and hermetically sealed ceramic package technologies, Statek Corp.'s high-performance HGXO high-shock crystal oscillator has survived the U.S. Army's shock testing up to 100,000G.
2000-11-30 Startup time, profile measurement of PLL VCOs and crystal oscillators
This application note intends to alleviate the anxiety and pain that have been associated with startup time and profile measurements of PLL VCOs and crystal oscillators by introducing a test setup that is user-friendly and convenient to build
2008-09-25 Slim MEMS oscillator targets memory modules
Claimed as the world's thinnest MEMS oscillator at 0.25mm, this new device is targeted at applications such as smartcards, ultrathin cellphones, system-in-package modules, flash storage units and other multichip modules
2011-03-21 SiTime oscillator cuts power use 66 percent
SiTime's SiT8004 MEMS-based programmable oscillator features 6.7mA of typical current consumption at 125MHz and supports any frequency between 125MHz and 150MHz
2008-05-07 Single, dual frequency crystal oscillators roll
ON Semi has expanded its high-performance clock and data management portfolio with the introduction nine new PureEdge PLL-based clock modules for crystal oscillator replacement.
2002-12-11 Seiko Epson crystal oscillator measures 5-by-7-by-1.4mm
Seiko Epson Corp. has announced that it has developed what it claims to be the world's smallest LVDS-output crystal oscillator operating at 2.5V.
2007-10-03 Samples of mini crystal oscillator ship in two days
Vectron International uses a proprietary testing and programming technology that allows samples of its VCS3 crystal oscillators to be shipped in as little as 48hrs and production volumes in two weeks
2002-06-21 Quartz Frequency shuts down crystal oscillator line
Quartz Frequency Technology Ltd has closed its crystal oscillator production lines at its plant in Taiwan.
2008-05-23 Quartz crystal oscillator implementation with PolarPro and Eclipse II
This application note provides relevant information for designers who want to compare the performance of quartz crystal oscillators to self-contained oscillators when implementing their designs on PolarPro and Eclipse II devices
2011-05-09 Quake crisis disrupts crystal component shipments
As expected, crystals are among the critical electronic components produced in Japan that have been affected by the March 11 Sendai quake and tsunami.
2002-06-12 OXCOs: Oven controlled crystal oscillators
This application note talks about the company's oven controlled crystal oscillators
2006-02-27 Oscillator touts low power, excellent stability
EM Microelectronic's 32kHz crystal oscillator combines excellent stability, high accuracy and a wide operating voltage range with low-power consumption in a small surface-mount ceramic package.
2009-03-09 Oscillator touts low BER at high-speed transfers
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the DS4266 266MHz clock oscillator specifically designed for DDR memory applications
2005-03-31 Oscillator targets mobile apps
AVX offers a new Pb-free, ultra-small crystal oscillator for mobile communications
2008-06-13 Oscillator in compact package promises improved function
Crystek expanded its line of ultralow phase noise, voltage-controlled oscillators with the introduction of a new coaxial resonator oscillator
2006-05-16 Oscillator aims MEMS at the mainstream
SiTime Corp. attempts to revolutionize the quartz-crystal industry with a silicon MEMS alternative that's completely compatible with standard CMOS processing
2005-08-04 ON Semi offers replacement to 'expensive' crystal oscillators
ON Semiconductor released the first in a series of fully-integrated phase lock loop ICs designed to replace expensive crystal oscillators for clock generation in a wide variety of consumer and networking apps
2003-04-15 NJR quartz crystal oscillators operate up to 5.5V
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has released a pair of quartz crystal oscillators that operate from a 2.7V to 5.5V supply
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