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2004-10-05 TKD crystal resonators function to 27MHz
The JU3O9 quartz crystal resonators from TKD operate within the 3.579MHz to 27MHz frequency range
2003-12-30 Taizhou Abel crystal resonator eyes portable equipment
The SM-26FB SMD type tuning fork crystal resonator from Taizhou Abel Electronic Co. Ltd are designed to suit portable equipment and low-cost SMD apps.
2002-06-21 Suncrystal crystal resonator offers 150ppm tolerance
The HC-49/S crystal resonator from Shenzhen Suncrystal Electronics Co. Ltd offers a frequency range of 3.2MHz to 26MHz at fundamental vibration mode, with frequency tolerance of 110, 120, 130, or 150ppm.
2002-07-30 Strong Ind. crystal resonator ages 15ppm/year
Designed for use in communication devices, the AT-38 crystal resonator from Shanghai Strong Ind Co. Ltd ages 15ppm/year.
2002-07-08 Shenyi crystal resonators age 3ppm/year
The HC-49/US crystal resonators from Shenyi Piezoelectricity Technology Co. Ltd operate in fundamental or 3rd overtone frequency modes, and feature compact size and low profile
2003-07-24 SevenStar crystal resonators feature 3ppm/year aging rate
Beijing Sevenstar Huachuang Electronic Co. Ltd has announced the availability of their SMD RN series of crystal resonators that feature frequency stability of 5ppm, 10ppm, 30ppm, 50ppm, and 100ppm
2002-04-25 Seiko Epson SAW resonator has lower temperature coefficient
Seiko Epson Announces the Successful Development and Mass Production of the World's First (1) High-Precision SAW Resonator for the High-Speed Network Market Seiko Epson Corp. has announced the development of a SAW resonator that features a quadratic temperature coefficient of -1.7x10-8/C?claimed by the company to be 50 percent better than conventional SAW resonators
2007-10-03 Samples of mini crystal oscillator ship in two days
Vectron International uses a proprietary testing and programming technology that allows samples of its VCS3 crystal oscillators to be shipped in as little as 48hrs and production volumes in two weeks
2004-03-08 Luguang crystal resonators function to 50MHz
Luguang Electronic's HC-49US series of crystal resonators feature an operating frequency range of 3.5MHz to 90MHz 20ppm and drive level of 1mW maximum
2002-12-27 Interquip crystal resonator measures <2mm?
The AQ-SMX series of miniature crystal resonators from Interquip Ltd measures <2mm<sup3; with a profile <0.4mm, bolstering its claim to be smallest crystal resonator in the market.
2010-02-23 Crystal resonator offers 20ppm frequency tolerance
AVX has developed a highly-reliable surface mount crystal resonator that provides a nominal frequency of 32.768kHz in a small ceramic package of 3.2mm x1.5mm and a profile of only 0.8mm.
2009-11-04 Crystal oscillator offers dual-output-frequency
Maxim's new compact crystal oscillator solves the heat dissipation problems typical in small ceramic packages
2007-06-05 Tiny SAW resonator serves in comms apps
Epson Toyocom Corp. claims to have released the smallest SAW resonator, the NS-21R model designed for use as reference clock in communications applications such as short-range wireless equipment
2004-07-26 Technical Crystal SAW resonators operate to 434MHz
The new single-port SAW resonators from Technical Crystal operate within the 433.845MHz to 433.995MHz frequency range with a tolerance of 75kHz
2004-07-23 Technical Crystal ceramic resonators operate to 1MHz
The new TIC ceramic resonators from Technical Crystal are designed for use in telecommunications apps
2002-07-17 Taiwan quartz crystal companies form industry association
Quartz crystal companies in Taiwan have cooperated and formed an industry group named Quartz Ind. Association in Taiwan
2009-02-16 Silicon resonator consumes 1,000x less power
By adding a piezoelectric thin-film atop its silicon resonator and using a switched capacitor method for performing temperature compensation, the Swiss Center for Electronics (CSEM) is claiming a 1,000-fold decrease in power consumption in a paper presented during the ISSCC
2004-07-27 Shenzhen Crystal ceramic resonators function to 12MHz
Shenzhen Crystal's latest surface-mount ceramic resonators have rated operating frequencies ranging from 1MHz to 12MHz 0.5 percent
2004-06-21 Microcontroller clock - RC oscillator, crystal or resonator?
This app note discusses various factors associated with microcontroller clock selection and compares these oscillator types.
2010-12-02 MEMS resonator eliminates need for quartz
MEMS resonators from SiTime can be integrated inside a semiconductor device's plastic package, cutting the need for an external quartz crystal for real-time clocks
2008-04-28 HFF crystal oscillators come in compact sizes
Epson Toyocom's new HFF crystal oscillators were made a compact 7mm x 5mm x 1.6mm by adopting a single-sealed structure instead of the conventional double-sealed structure
2006-09-01 Single-chip phone heads for handset market
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has developed a single-chip GSM phone that combines the power-management unit, ARM controller, battery interface and charging circuitry, digital baseband, analog baseband and RF transceiver functionality into a monolithic IC.
2000-09-07 On-chip oscillator design
This application note covers common theory of oscillators, and requirements of the circuitry that come from the theory for crystal and ceramic resonator-based circuits.
2005-08-31 Mini crystals target TPMS
Nihon Dempa Kogyo offers two crystal resonator options to provide frequency control for transmitters or receivers in tire pressure monitor systems
2007-02-01 CMOS MEMS oscillator enters realm of reality
In the future, the natural progression of MEMS oscillator is from digital to mixed signal to RF.
2004-03-25 ChuangLian Electronic resonators operate to 125MHz
The HC-51U series of quartz crystal resonators from ChuangLian Electronic features a frequency range of 8kHz to 70kHz or 850kHz to 125MHz
2006-09-27 Ceramic resonators tout 'tightest' tolerance
Murata Electronics North America said its new ceramic resonators aimed at USB 2.0 high-speed applications offers the industry's tightest tolerance at 500ppm.
2002-10-18 C-MAC TCXO withstands 20,000g of acceleration
The CFPT-9025 TCXO from C-MAC MicroTech withstands up to 20,000g of acceleration and is suitable for use in military apps.
2009-04-29 'Smallest' VCXOs fit tuner modules
MSC Vertriebs GmbH has introduced the DSV211AR voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) from KDS Daishinku Corp
2004-12-02 TKD SAW resonators operate to 925MHz
TKD announced the availability of its latest single-port SAW resonators that operate within the 303.825MHz to 925MHz frequency range.
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