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2001-04-17 Precision temperature measurement using RTDs (resistance temperature detectors) with the CS5516 and CS5520 bridge transducer A/D converters
This application note discusses how the CS5516/CS5520 bridge-measurement A/D converters can be configured for precise measurement of resistance using a ratiometric resistance measurement technique.
2001-04-17 CS5516 and CS5520: Overcoming errors in bridge transducer measurement
This application note presents some of the errors encountered in bridge transducer digitizers, and indicates how the CS5516 and CS5520 A/D converters can overcome these errors.
2001-04-17 CS5516 and CS5520: Answers to application questions
This application note discusses the answers to a number of application questions about Crystal Semiconductor's CS5516 and CS5520 A/D converters.
2001-04-17 Switched-capacitor A/D converter input structures
This application note discusses the input drive requirements of different CMOS A/D converter structures.
2001-04-17 A collection of bridge transducer digitizer circuits
This application note illustrates some bridge transducer digitizer circuits that use Crystal Semiconductor's CS5504/5/6/7/8/9 and CS5516/20 A/D converters.
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