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2005-05-24 Current-sense amplifier boasts six-gain settings
Linear Technology's current- sense amplifier is said to provide a complete precision part with a lot of flexibility
2007-02-12 Current sense amps promise high precision
Linear Technology's LTC6103 contains two independent, high side current sense amplifiers with high precision and response time
2007-02-15 Current sense amp touts 'exceptional' flexibility
Linear Technology's LTC6104 current sense amplifier is suitable for bidirectional operation and promises exceptional flexibility via gain programmability for each current sense direction
2007-12-12 Current sense amp operates as high- or low-side monitor
Linear Tech's LT6105 current sense amp is independent of the positive supply voltage, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and enabling it to operate as a high-side or a low-side current sense monitor.
2011-07-11 Current sense amp offers 350?V offset voltage
Linear Technology has announced the release of its LT6109 high side current sense amplifier that incorporates a current sense amplifier, dual comparators and a precision 400mV voltage reference
2005-05-04 Current sense amp mixes high voltage, fast response time
Linear Tech rolled out a high side current sense amplifier that combines very quick response times with an input voltage range of 4V to 60V
2007-07-26 Current sense amp has 10V offset, zero drift
Linear has begun full production of a zero-drift high-side current sense amplifier that provides a maximum input offset voltage of 10?V
2007-10-01 Extend current-sense amplifier's input range down to 0V
Adding a charge pump provides 5V supply rails to the operational amplifier internal to a high-side current-sense amplifier
2011-04-15 Dynamic siphon steals current from USB port
Here' a circuit that exploits all the power available from a USB port by dynamically adjusting the amount of current delivered to the load
2008-05-08 Current-sensing power MOSFETs
Vishay Siliconix current-sensing power MOSFETs offer a simple means of incorporating a protection feature into an electronic control circuit and avoiding catastrophic failures resulting from overcurrent (overload) and/or short-circuit conditions
2007-05-16 Current-sense amps handle small differential signals
Linear Technology released the LT6106, a high-side current-sense amplifier that can resolve small differential signals from common mode voltages up to 36V
2011-06-01 Current-sense amplifier operates at 2.8C30V
STMicroelectronics has release the TSC1021, a high-side, current-sensing IC that offers a common-mode operating range of 2.8C30V
2010-09-28 High-bandwidth op amp calibrates Vos on power-up
Maxim introduced the MAX9622, a precision operational amplifier with high gain bandwidth.
2013-05-08 Choosing the right audio amp topology
Here's an examination of the most important characteristics of each class of audio amplifier available today.
2008-06-27 Three-phase gate driver integrates op amp, bootstrap
International Rectifier has introduced the IRS233x(D) family of three-phase gate driver ICs for low-, mid- and high-voltage motor drive applications including permanent magnet (PM) motor drives for air conditioners, washing machines, pumps and fans, and micro, mini and general purpose inverter drives.
2009-01-26 Amp provides precision monitoring for portables
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAX9610, a high-side, current-sense amplifier that provides precision monitoring for portable applications
2015-02-03 Simplify compensation with LED buck regulator
Find out how to compensate the control loop in a peak current-mode controller to ensure stability when you are regulating current rather than the output voltage
2011-02-04 CSAs tip direct MCU interfaces
Maxim Integrated Products' MAX9611/MAX9612 current sense amplifiers integrate a 12bit ADC and a gain block that can be configured as either an op amp or a comparator.
2014-04-04 Optimisation of photodiode sensor circuit design
Know the important steps in obtaining the best possible system performance.
2016-04-08 MOSFETs balance supercaps with zero power burn
Find out how MOSFETs deployed in circuits that balance voltage and leakage current in supercapacitor series-connected stacks of two or more can be configured to burn zero power
2005-10-13 ADI's latest product families tailored for high-voltage apps
Analog Devices is rolling out four new product families (A/D converters, intelligent sensors, JFET op amps and voltage references
2011-09-15 Integrated pre-driver saves 60% space
TI has launched DRV8301, a three-phase brushless motor pre-driver, which integrates step-down voltage regulator and dual current-sense amplifiers, resulting to a 60 percent reduction in board space
2010-12-22 Guide to using LMP8640/LMP8645 evaluation board
Here's an illustration of a bidirectional high side current sense made using LMP8640 (LMP8645) and optional differential amplifier for having a single output
2015-12-23 Capacitive energy storage for powering pulse loads
Here is a look at a converter that provides a cost-effective method to provide a smooth shutdown during an input power loss or a high-current energy pulse
2005-08-08 Electric power steering: one good turn deserves another
Current power steering systems are heavy and sap horsepower. All-electrical alternatives are lighter and more adaptable, as this expert demonstrates
2006-05-16 Audio amplifiers detect headphone input
Maxim's audio amplifiers combine a stereo 3W bridge-tied load audio amplifier, stereo headphone amp, headphone sensing, and a 2:1 input multiplexer in a thin TQFN package
2007-02-13 Serdes cuts number of interconnect leads
Fairchild's Serdes devices support 12bit and 24bit operation, and reduce the 12 or 24 LVCMOS signals in most cellphones to high-speed, differential signals, cutting the number of interconnect leads by as much as 6:1.
2005-08-25 Protecting the HDMI interface
HDMI combines a high-speed unidirectional TMDS data link with low speed, bi-directional control and status links and configuration protocols in a single user-friendly high-performance connector.
2013-10-21 Power tip: Compensating for cable drop
Find out how to compensate for cable drop without the need for remote sensing.
2007-02-19 IBM to put 48Mbytes on next-gen microprocessor
By combining techniques in process and circuit design, IBM believes it can put as much as 48Mbytes of fast DRAM on a reasonably sized CPU when its 45nm technology becomes available in 2008.
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