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2003-06-20 Using the Current Sensing IR212X Gate Drive ICs
This application note discusses the procedures and benefits in using the current sensing IR212X Gate Drive ICs
2010-06-04 Power management IC enables 'smart' solar panels
National Semiconductor's SM3320 analog-intensive power management chipset improves power output, reliability and cost-effectiveness of solar systems.
2009-12-08 Mini driver IC cuts space in stepper motor designs
Designed for use with two-phase stepper motors, the mixed-signal motor drivers eliminate external switches and sense resistors.
2010-08-10 LMU features ambient light sensing, dynamic luminance scaling
The AS3676 from Austriamicrosystems is a light management unit for flexible power management for LEDs. It targets portable devices and highlights ambient light sensing and dynamic luminance scaling
2004-07-16 Linear Tech controller IC with remote thermal monitoring
Linear Tech introduced an Intel VRM10 Pentium 4 power supply controller with precision current balancing and remote thermal monitoring
2004-03-16 High-side ICs simplify current measurements
This article discusses how much of today's equipment requires a current measurment capability that presents multiple and competing design options
2008-09-15 Driver IC upgrades LCD backlight for media player apps
ON Semiconductor has released the NCP5890, a lighting management device that integrates LCD backlighting, fun light controls and ambient light sensing in a 3mm x 3mm x 0.55mm uQFN-16 package
2011-07-21 40V LED driver IC operates at 98% efficiency
ZMDI has announced the release of ZLED7320, a 40V LED Driver IC which operates at up to 98 percent efficiency
2006-03-03 XPhase control ICs achieve 3% higher efficiency
IR's new XPhase control ICs are designed to be used with its existing IR3086A phase IC and companion DirectFET power MOSFETs to achieve as much as three percent higher efficiency in 130A apps with seven phases, compared to competing five-phase designs
2002-02-04 ST controller aimed at mobile battery chargers
The TSM105 controller IC from STMicroelectronics combines a voltage reference, two op amps with OR'ed outputs and common collectors, and a current sensing circuit for use in battery chargers and power adapters.
2005-10-17 Self-learning switching DC/DC converters meet smart power
A handful of lossless current-sensing techniques are available today but their accuracies still do not compete with the traditional series sense-resistor schemes
2014-02-12 Power tip: Boost discontinuous flyback efficiency
Implementation in a discontinuous flyback is a significant challenge compared with a continuous flyback.
2009-03-23 Power monitor packs digital I?C interface
International Rectifier has launched the IR3725 input power monitor IC with digital I?C interface for low-voltage DC/DC converters used in energy-efficient CPU, server and storage applications
2008-02-27 Power monitor delivers accurate dynamic measurement
IR offers the IR3721 output power monitor IC for low-voltage DC/DC converters used in notebook computers, desktop computers and energy-efficient server applications
2010-05-28 Phase ICs improve light load performance
International Rectifier's IR3521 and IR3529 XPhase chipset enables phase dropping to significantly improve the light load performance of the power supply.
2014-09-23 Online monitoring of resistive power load (Part 1)
This article series tackles the models and topologies for continuously monitoring the resistance of the power load without disturbing system's normal operation.
2003-06-27 IR21571: Dual Lamp Ballast: Parallel Configuration
This application note provides a guideline for setting up a parallel configuration for the IR21571 Dual Lamp Ballast.
2004-07-29 IR PWM chip supports AMD, Intel processors
International Rectifier introduced a two-phase interleaved PWM control IC that supports the AMD and Intel processors
2007-12-17 HVICs deliver improved performance
The latest high-voltage IC technologies are helping engineers address these demands by streamlining the design of the inverter-based variable speed motor drive solutions that are increasingly used in these applications
2004-12-24 All-in-one regulator cuts costs to the core
Intersil bills its ISL6568 two-phase PWM controller IC as the industry's smallest all-in-one VID multiphase CPU core regulator
2009-04-27 A battery charger using TSM101
This application note shows how to use the TSM101 IC with a switching mode power supply (SMPS) to realize a battery charger. A 12V Nickel-Cadmium battery charger is given as an example
2005-06-13 Semiconductor technologies for power management (Part 1)
Understand better why ICs and discrete transistors require very different methods of fabrication.
2013-10-21 Power tip: Compensating for cable drop
Find out how to compensate for cable drop without the need for remote sensing
2008-09-12 National Semi CEO joins 'green revolution'
In late 1990s, when General Motors launched its oversized off-road vehicle Hummer, Brian Halla, chairman and CEO of National Semiconductor, has snapped up one of the $50,000-plus gas-guzzlers.
2007-09-14 Multiphase DC/DC controller suits power audio amps
Linear Technology had unveiled the LTC3811 dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller with multiphase operation, differential output voltage sensing and integrated PLL synchronization
2009-07-22 Magnetic sensor ICs deliver open/close detection
Torex Semiconductor has developed the XC3202 series of low-power magnetic sensor ICs suitable for mechanical open/close detection with non-contact sensing
2011-03-15 Magnetic rotary encoder senses positions
austriamicrosystems' AS5050 10-bit magnetic rotary encoder IC is targeted for robotics, servo motor control and as an input device for low-cost, battery-operated appliances
2010-12-09 ICs seen to scale via 3D TSV
Chip scaling is becoming harder and costlier entering into the sub-20nm realm, thus, the industry is looking for new materials, structures and processes, says a technologist from Samsung.
2014-11-21 Grasping the significance of charge detectors
Learn about the role of charger detectors in the USB battery charging specification rev. 1.2, and understand how they keep the implementation clean and simple to use.
2011-12-08 Designing 3D-ICs (Part 2)
Here's the second instalment of this series that tackles the tools that can be used to handle a complete backend flow, and enable true 3D design partitioning, synthesis, placement, and routing.
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