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what is laser bias current?
A bias current is the direct and/or alternating current required to operate a bolometer at a specified resistance under specified ambient conditions.
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2005-06-23 Using the NUD4001 to drive high current LEDs
This app note demonstrates the UD4001 as a control IC to drive an external power transistor that carries most of the LED current.
2003-06-20 Using the Current Sensing IR212X Gate Drive ICs
This application note discusses the procedures and benefits in using the current sensing IR212X Gate Drive ICs
2000-12-01 Using the current sensing IR212X gate drive ICs
This application note discusses current sense operation and current sensing circuit configurations using International Rectifier's IR212X gate drivers.
2009-07-30 Using a linear regulator to produce a constant current source
This application note shows how to use linear voltage regulators to provide a constant current.
2007-07-02 Use current monitors for accurate measurement
Many modern electronic systems now require some form of current measurement to improve power dissipation, efficiency and reliability. They range from LED driving to portable equipment to power supplies of all sizes.
2006-02-01 USB transceivers reduce current consumption
Maxim introduced the MAX13481E, MAX13482E and MAX13483E 15kV ESD-protected, USB full-speed transceivers in a 3-by-3mm, 16-pin TQFN package.
2008-02-19 USB power switch has adjustable current limit
TI has introduced power distribution switches with an integrated FET that can be set to support a 100mA to 1.1 A current limit range for a standard USB port or other applications requiring a current limited switch.
2012-05-29 Universal charger chips tip 4A charging/system current
Summit Microelectronics' SMB349 and SMB359 Li-ion battery charger ICs are fully configurable and can deliver up to 4A charging/system current while accepting a wide +3.6 to +16V input voltage range.
2012-06-06 Understand precision current limiting with LMP8646 and LP38501
Here's a discussion on how to design the LMP8646 with the LP38501 voltage regulator and a resistive load application.
2002-05-14 UltraVolt high voltage power supply output current monitor
This application note describes the output current monitor feature of Ultravolt's HVPS.
2007-07-23 Ultralow-current DC/DC controller suits automotives
Linear Technology's LTC3826/-1 two-phase dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller draws only 30?A when one output is active and only 50?A when both outputs are active.
2011-04-25 Ultrafast avalanche rectifiers with capability current up to 4A
Vishay has released ultrafast avalanche rectifiers with the capability current up to 4A.
2009-05-11 Ultra-low quiescent-current linear regulator for automotive air bags
This application note presents a circuit using the MAX15006/MAX15007 linear regulators for reducing the quiescent current of automotive air-bag applications.
2016-05-11 Ultra-low ohmic current sense resistors promise low TCR
The Model CSS series from Bourns is aimed at industrial applications and power electronics including battery management systems, switch mode power supplies and motor drives.
2002-10-16 Tyco protection devices handle 100A fault current
Tyco Electronics has released two new Raychem Circuit Protection Polyswitch devices that are designed for a maximum fault current of 100A.
2003-01-14 Tyco connectors eye high-current apps
Tyco Electronics' AMP Power Series 75 connectors carry as much as 75A in a single-pole housing when connected to a 6AWG wire.
2009-11-16 TVS offers 200A forward surge current
The new transient voltage suppressor from Vishay Intertechnology offers a 27 percent smaller footprint than SMC devices.
2005-02-10 TRIAC series boasts extended current range up to 4A
Central Semiconductor announced a series of TRIACs with an extended current range.
2006-05-05 Transformers ensure <100A current leakage
Tripp Lite offers medical-grade isolation transformers with less than 100A of cumulative current leakage.
2006-05-09 Toroid chokes offer high current saturation
Total Frequency Control Ltd offers the TC/TB series of high current wound toroid chokes for a variety of power conversion and line filter applications.
2003-06-23 Tongrun power adapter features <0.25mA leakage current
Tongrun Electronic Co. Ltd has released the 12V SPS08-12060SPA switching power adapter that has a voltage rating of 100Vac to 240Vac.
2013-05-20 TO-leadless package ready for 300A high current apps
Infineon's new TO-Leadless package is designed for high currents up to 300A shows a substantial reduction in footprint of 30 per cent.
2011-06-23 TMBS rectifiers offer current ratings of 10C60A
Vishay Intertechnology unveils 12 45V Trench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers in three power package options.
2013-04-30 TLE496x Hall Sensors boast 1.6mA current consumption
Based on a new 35?m process technology, the TLE496x not only provide an extremely low current consumption of less than 1.6mA, they can also withstand a high operating voltage up to 32V.
2008-07-17 Tiny load switches control high current rails in UMPC
Micrel Inc. has launched the MIC94040/1/2/3, a new family of high side load switches featuring a breakthrough packaging technology.
2008-06-19 Tiny hall effect switches tout low standby current
Rohm Electronics has introduced its complete line of hall effect ICs for portable electronics applications.
2009-05-08 Tiny current-limit switches promise high-accuracy
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX4995A/MAX4995AL/MAX4995B/MAX4995C/MAX4995AF family of 1.4mm x 1.8mm, high-accuracy, programmable current-limit switches.
2007-07-25 Tiny boost converter offers high current, auto power save
austriamicrosystems now offers a synchronous step-up DC/DC converter that delivers high-output currents and high efficiency of 96 percent in a small TDFN 10-pin package.
2010-01-06 Tiny AC current sensor replaces big transformers
The family of current sensors provide a reliable, cost-effective alternative to transformers for today's power delivery systems.
2002-09-10 Tianbo electromechanical relays offer 8A switching current
The TRA3 series of electromechanical relays from Ningbo Tianbo Ganglian Electronics Co. Ltd has a maximum switching current of 8A and comes with 2A or 2C contact configuration.
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