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what is laser bias current?
A bias current is the direct and/or alternating current required to operate a bolometer at a specified resistance under specified ambient conditions.
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2009-08-28 Supervisor ICs consume 125nA supply current
Maxim's ultralow-power microprocessor supervisory circuits extend battery life in power-sensitive apps.
2005-08-05 Supertex LED driver IC delivers 30mA regulated output current
The new 3-pin switch-mode LED driver IC with a regulated output current of 30mA from Supertex can be operated from either a rectified universal AC line range of 85Vac to 264Vac or 20Vdc to 400Vdc.
2004-06-24 SunnyView SMPS withstands up to 100A surge current
SunnyView Technology has released SMPSes with acrylic panels and two 80mm cooling fans.
2014-09-24 Subatomic spins control current in plastic LEDs
Physicists at the University of Utah read the subatomic "spins" in the centres or nuclei of hydrogen isotopes, and used the data to control current that powered light in a cheap, plastic LED.
2003-10-27 STMicro MOSFETs suit high-current dc-dc converters
STMicroelectronics has introduced an n-channel MOSFET with low RDS(on), reduced gate charge, and low thermal resistance.
2003-04-30 STMicro MOSFET driver sources 2A of current
The company's STSR3 MOSFET driver provides the high current output necessary for MOSFETs to be used as synchronous rectifiers in flyback converters.
2002-06-19 STMicro linear audio amplifier has <10nA standby current
The TS4871, TS4872, and TS4860 audio power amplifiers from STMicroelectronics deliver 1W of continuous rms output power into an 8W load at 5V.
2002-08-09 STMicro bipolar transistors have >90 current gain
STMicroelectronics' STSA851 and STN851 NPN power transistors have a collector-emitter saturation voltage of <0.45V and a current gain >90.
2005-06-29 Stereo amplifier's low standby current reduces battery drain
STMicroelectronics' 2 x 1W stereo audio power amplifier with active low standby mode is said to deliver high-end audio capability to portable applications
2007-07-12 Step-up DC/DC has ultralow quiescent current
austriamicrosystems has released a step-up DC/DC converter with an ultralow quiescent current in a small 5-pin TSOT package for battery-powered devices.
2009-08-17 Step-down regulators deliver 1.5A current
Linear Technology's new 4MHz synchronous buck regulator touts a controlled frequency, current mode architecture.
2007-03-16 Step-down DC/DC offers 70?A quiescent current
The 2A, 38V step-down switching regulator from Linear Tech features Burst Mode operation that promises to keep quiescent current under 70?A in no load standby conditions.
2007-08-23 Step-down converter keeps quiescent current under 75?A
Linear Technology has announced the LT3680, a 3.5A, 36V step-down switching regulator with Burst Mode operation to keep quiescent current under 75?A.
2004-12-01 Startup current transient of the leading edge triggered PFC controllers
This app note describes the PFC converter controllers.
2005-02-10 ST Schottky diodes provide low VF, leakage current
ST rolled out a series of 150V Schottky diodes engineered for use in the secondary rectification of fly-back power supplies in DVD players, STBs, TVs and Hi-Fi's.
2008-08-18 SSRs deliver increased load current capacity
Clare Inc., an IXYS company, has released LCB716, a 1-Form-B solid-state relay, and the dual-pole combination LBA716, integrating independent 1-Form-A and 1-Form-B relays into a compact package. Both are 60V devices with 0.5A and 1A of load current, respectively.
2011-12-01 Spring pins tout 3A max current rating
Mill-Max spring pins feature 2A continuous current rating and target board-to-board or device-to-board connections.
2000-11-28 Solutions to current high-speed board design
This application note will help a designer ensure proper termination, placement, routing and stacking of a high-speed board to ensure proper data transfers between the microprocessor, cache, main memory and expansion busses.
2008-05-16 Solid-state relays minimize current, noise surges
Optek Technology's OSSR series of solid-state relays incorporate a zero crossing circuit that minimizes current and noise surges due to resistive and inductive loads.
2005-05-23 Solid-state relay integrates current-limiting circuitry
Designed to replace electromechanical devices, a new current limiting, normally open, 1 Form A optically isolated solid-state relay (SSR) from Clare Inc., an IXYS company, saves board space while enhancing the performance of wireline-interface applications
2005-09-05 SMD fuses offer high current ratings in 1206 package
Raychem Circuit Protection, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, has expanded its line of overcurrent protection devices with its RoHS-compliant slow blow surface-mount fuses.
2010-10-29 SMD fuse gets extended current ratings
Schurter's UMZ 250 now rated for 80mA to 4A currents
2010-10-21 SMD fuse expands current ratings
Schurter has expanded the current rating of its 250VAC, IEC time-lag sub miniature SMD fuse UMZ 250.
2004-10-12 Small-sized power inductors with high current
Taiyo Yuden expanded its NR series to include two types of 3mm? low-profile power inductors.
2004-03-16 Sipex LDO consumes 28?A quiescent current
Sipex has introduced two new low voltage options for its SP6201 LDO that provides output voltages down to 1.5V fixed and adjustable output from 1.25V to 5V.
2003-12-29 Sipex device with up to 20mA current capability
The SPX385-5 from Sipex Corp. is a 1 percent accurate 2-terminal 5V bandgap voltage reference that has a current capability of 20?A to 20mA.
2003-01-13 SIP converters deliver full output current at 85C
The DV/DH series of non-isolated SIP dc/dc converters is designed to provide full output current when operating up to 85C.
2009-07-13 Sink/source current DAC eases testing
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the DS4432 low-cost, dual-channel, sink/source current DAC. This I?C-controlled, 7bit current DAC features two output channels designed for power-supply margin testing and adjustment.
2004-10-19 SII serial EEPROM features low current consumption
The S-93L76A from Seiko Instruments is a low voltage operating, 8Kb CMOS serial EEPROM with a wide operating voltage range.
2008-07-29 Signal relay imparts high switching current
Panasonic Electric Works has developed a high current version TX relay for thermostat applications.
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