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2004-11-05 Infineon touts chip-card density increase
Infineon developed a chip-card controller based on a face-to-face interconnection technology the company says can deliver a 100X improvement in memory over today's chip cards.
2006-05-16 Industry trailblazer casts eye on China
As a graduate in chemical engineering in 1960, Wilf Corrigan had three job offersone in a gunpowder factory in Australia, another in Germany and the third from Transitron in Boston. The latter job paid twice as much as the other two, so the Liverpudlian packed for New England to embark on what would be a trailblazing career in the semiconductor industry.
2005-02-07 India's HCL to work with Agere Systems
India's HCL Technologies Ltd will work with Agere Systems Inc. to promote Agere's network processors, the companies said.
2007-07-04 India consumer A/V market to hit $6.6B by 2011
iSuppli predicts the Indian audio/video CE industry will grow to $6.59 billion by 2011, rising at a CAGR of 10 percent from $4.5 billion in 2007.
2008-08-25 Improved clock driver responds to DDR3 server needs
Inphi offers a JEDEC-compliant DDR3 registered clock driver to support DDR3-1600 data rates at 1.35V, 5 percent. This new registering clock driver enables quad-rank support for enhanced capacity in server memory.
2012-09-07 Implement digital power control using LLC resonant converters
Read about a digital power control implementation using line level control resonant converters based on a flexible 32bit microcontroller.
2008-06-12 IDT updates HD audio codec portfolio
IDT has started to sample the latest member of its HD PC audio codec family, the 92HD75B, which is the first audio codec designed and developed by the IDT Shanghai design center.
2005-09-14 IC gear vendors urged to lower costs
As the semiconductor industry transitions to cost-sensitive, finicky consumers as a new growth driver, semiconductor equipment and materials suppliers must do a better job of lowering costs and increasing flexibility, cautioned the chief executive of foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. (TSMC).
2008-12-12 IBM Research, Samsung create software reuse solution
IBM's Research Department and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd have teamed up to develop a solution that facilitates the reuse of embedded software using a component-based development approach.
2005-07-26 I/O connector suits portable apps
AVX released its new standard 9257 series I/O connector system that is designed specifically to meet the space constraints of portable electronic equipment.
2015-12-24 How to prep your company for connected space
With the IoT market reaching $1.7 trillion by 2020, enterprises from all sectors are embracing the opportunity to cash in on connecting their products, services and devices of all kinds to the Internet.
2009-09-02 How to develop I/O drivers for MQX
This application note aims to guide developers through the process of creating and testing I/O drivers under MQX.
2011-03-30 Honeycomb's limited release irks OEMs
Google has opted not to release Honeycomb to open source, admitting it has more work to do before it can deliver Android features to other devices such as phones.
2009-06-04 High-speed SSDs tout enhanced netbook performance
SanDisk Corp. has begun shipping its next-generation flash memory-based solid state drives (SSD) for netbooks, offering high-performance components at a competitive price.
2005-07-28 Heatsinks designed for BGAs
Vette has announced the availability of its thermal solutions for ICs in ball grid array (BGA) packaging. The new BGA heatsinks target traditional high-volume motherboard, video card and networking board apps.
2012-02-06 Hardware/software co-dev't with emphasis on software
Read about the problems of hardware/software co-development from the point of view of the software designer.
2008-02-18 Handset front-end modules support all global standards
TriQuint Semiconductor has launched a new multimode system solution using highly integrated modules to support all global standards from 2G GSM/GPRS to the latest multimedia-centric 3G standards, including HSUPA.
2007-02-16 Guidelines when selecting an embedded mobile/consumer SoC
Here are five things to consider when selecting SoC processors for your embedded systems.
2010-06-10 GPS solution features automotive dead-reckoning
From u-blox comes Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR), which input from GPS satellites with vehicle sensors to determine position even where GPS signals are blocked or weak.
2011-02-28 GNSS technology solution for vector signal generator
The R&S SMBV100A, a multipurpose vector signal generator from Rohde and Schwarz, has added a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology solution.
2009-10-23 Getting started with the KXTE9
This application note will help developers quickly implement proof-of-concept designs using the KXTE9 tri-axis accelerometer.
2012-02-23 GbE controller, IP cores boost Ethernet SoC deployment
Cadence rolled its 40/100 GbE media access controller and physical coding sub-layer IP cores that support the IEEE 802.3ba-2010 Ethernet specification and sub-specifications including Energy Efficient Ethernet.
2006-08-17 Gartner: Chip IP market to rise 25% in 2006
Global revenue associated with semiconductor intellectual property is projected to reach $1.8 billion in 2006, a 24.9 percent increase from the previous year's revenue of $1.4 billion.
2007-08-16 Fundamentals of the Bluetooth protocol
Larry Mittag of Mittag Enterprises discusses how to use Bluetooth protocol stacks to their fullest potential, including some dos and don'ts about tweaking protocols.
2005-03-11 Freescale joins TimeSys OnBoard program
Freescale Semiconductor's Networking and Computing Systems Group (NCSG) has joined the TimeSys Corp.'s OnBoard program.
2006-10-18 Freescale intros advanced PowerQUICC III processors
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced an advanced PowerQUICC III processor family that enables broadband access OEMs to integrate control and data path functions onto a single semiconductor device.
2010-06-11 Freescale boosts Chengdu design center ops
Offering a rare peek inside an IC design and R&D center in China, Freescale Semiconductor Inc. revealed plans to expand its efforts amid booming demand in the nation.
2010-03-05 FPGAs cut system costs in car infotainment apps
Xilinx Inc. has unveiled the Xilinx Automotive (XA) family of Spartan-6 FPGAs optimized for applications requiring high-speed connectivity and high-resolution video performance.
2007-11-09 FPGA simulators produce CameraLink images
GiDEL has announced their new PROC_CamSim product that can automatically generate CameraLink images during image and vision system development without the use of real cameras.
2009-06-10 Four-channel LED driver ensures uniform brightness
From Exar Corp. comes the XRP7620, a 4-channel, I?C-controlled LED driver with independent software adjustable channel current control.
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