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2004-01-28 Intel grants Cymer $20M funding for EUV litho development
Intel Corp. has agreed to provide Cymer Inc. funding of $20 million over the next three years to accelerate development of production-worthy EUV lithography light sources.
2005-07-21 Cymer, Carl Zeiss form LTPS process venture
Cymer Inc. and Carl Zeiss SMT AG announced the creation of TCZ GmbH (Team Cymer Zeiss), a joint venture focused on innovative production equipment for the emerging FPD market.
2002-03-13 Cymer unveils dual-discharge-chamber technology
The company has unveiled a dual-gas-discharge-chamber technology that is claimed to deliver higher power and tighter bandwidth for DUV lithography applications across the 248nm, 193nm, and 157nm wavelengths.
2004-03-02 Cymer light source operates at 4kHz PRR
Cymer has launched its ELS-7010 KrF excimer light source that is designed for volume-production lithography applications at the 248nm.
2003-03-13 Cymer expands presence to China
Cymer Inc. has established an office in Shanghai, China.
2002-07-29 Cymer DUV lithography light source offers <0.2pm bandwidth
Cymer Inc. has announced the availability of the XLA 100 ArF light source for DUV lithography that offers <2pm bandwidth at full-width half maximum and <0.65pm at 95 percent energy integral.
2004-07-16 Cymer debuts light source for immersion lithography
Cymer unveiled an excimer light source designed to support immersion lithography at the 45nm manufacturing process node.
2003-03-10 Cymer breaks ground in new Korea facility
Cymer Inc. has officially opened its new chamber refurbishment facility in South Korea's Eoyeon-Hansan Industrial Park.
2012-10-19 ASML pumps up EUV initiative with Cymer purchase
ASML is looking to enhance is extreme ultraviolet lithography system by buying longtime supplier Cymer.
2014-12-22 Immersion light source improves on-wafer performance
Cymer's XLR 700ix claims to offer improvements in bandwidth, wavelength and energy stability, increasing scanner throughput and process stability for advanced 14nm chip manufacturing and beyond.
2009-04-24 Fab tool vendors post poor Q1 results
Results from fab tool vendors including Cymer, Lam, MKS and Novellus separately posted horrible results for the quarter. And it could get worse before it gets better.
2012-07-11 Zplasma in talks with ASML to develop EUV
EUV startup Zplasma has been in talks with several companies in hopes making a collaboration to develop a prototype source module.
2010-06-14 Will EUV litho be ready for 22nm?
EUV is creeping closer to the technical specifications that would allow high volume manufacturing but it now looks unlikely to arrive in time to take much part in the 22nm node.
2009-07-09 Top 10 industry issues
Here are the top 10 looming issues that the semiconductor capital equipment industry is facing.
2012-10-08 Samsung plans Silicon Valley innovation centre
Samsung Electronics is planning to open several innovation centres outside South Korea as part of a project to reinvent the company and catch the next wave of business opportunities.
2014-06-10 Samsung joins medical, fitness wearables race
Samsung gave a preview of a multi-function bracelet that is meant to accommodate a wide array of fitness and medical sensors. The Simband platform integrates Imec's sensing technologies to measure ECGs, bio-impedance, skin temperature, acceleration, and more.
2005-04-20 No signs of 2H recovery for ICs, equipment, says analyst
Contrary to popular belief, there are no signs of a recovery for the semiconductor and chip-equipment industries in the second half of 2005, according to an analyst with Adams Harkness Inc.
2006-07-13 Lithography vendors unveil next-gen scanners
Top lithography vendors are coming to market with next-generation immersion scanners for the 45nm node and beyond. Many will enter the arena at this week's Semicon West trade show.
2009-03-06 Litho woes: R&D gap, downturn
It was a triple-whammy for lithographers at the SPIE Advanced Lithography conference as the industry continues to be plagued by an R&D gap, technology delays, and, of course, the lousy economy.
2008-07-16 Litho options falling behind process needs
Who killed high-index lithography, and was politics the cause? These questions remain for chipmakers looking for a route to next-gen manufacturing in a shifting lithography landscape.
2011-04-28 Japanese light source providers part ways
Dissolving their partnership, Komatsu Ltd will acquire Ushio Inc.'s shares in Gigaphoton, thus making the light source venture its wholly owned subsidiary.
2003-09-04 Japan plays catch-up on EUV lithography
A consortium of nine Japanese companies working on extreme-ultraviolet lithography says it is making steady progress toward a spring 2006 target for fielding an alpha tool that would provide 10W of EUV output power.
2011-11-22 Issues of EUV lithography
Chip makers need EUV to be ready well in advance of when they plan to use it in volume manufacturing so they can establish chip design rules and tweak their manufacturing processes.
2009-06-16 Intel, TSMC to tap ASML's EUV litho tool
Hynix Semiconductor, IMEC, Intel, Samsung, Toshiba and possibly Taiwan Semiconductor Manufaturing Co. are the initial customers for ASML Holding NV's "pre-production" extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography tool.
2004-07-19 Intel moves up debut of billion-transistor chip
Not only does Intel Corp., the world's largest chipmaker, believe Moore's Law is alive and well, it is aiming to deliver a billion-transistor chip in 2005, rather than the original target date of 2007.
2013-02-07 IC industry to contract in 2013
Market watcher Handel Jones sees a small contraction in chips in 2013 as foundries grow while long term perspective looking solid.
2011-02-07 First EUV tool ships amid power, tech concerns
ASML may have shipped the world's first EUV lithography tool, but experts insist EUV is not yet ready.
2009-02-26 Firms gear for EUV litho despite tool delay
ASML Holding NV has slightly delayed the delivery schedule for its "pre-production" extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography tool by a quarter or so.
2011-03-04 EUV still hounded by power source issues
Leading chipmakers stress that EUV tools need 200W of power to process 100 to 150 wafers an hour. The currently used EUV tool from ASML is however running at just about 10W.
2012-07-09 EUV light source emerges from nuclear fusion lab
Researchers from the University of Washington who have been able to produce a light source with enough power that it can be used to manufacture microchips have established a start up enterprise to bring the solution to market.
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