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2001-10-12 ISA bus interface for D.Module.C31eco
This application note describes how to use D.Module's user programmable CPLD to implement a straightforward interface to the industry-standard ISA bus
2001-10-12 Interfacing slow peripherals to D.Modules via SPI
This application note describes the use of an SPI interface implemented in D.Module's user-programmable CPLD to connect slow-speed peripherals
2001-10-12 miniKit320C31Vplus application note
This application note describes how to interface the miniKit-320C31V HostBus to the miniKit-320C31V miniBus/ExpansionBus.
2001-10-12 Designing a DSP system
This application note describes various aspects of DSP system design such as interfacing A/D and D/A converters, DAQ techniques (Busy-Polling, Interrupts, DMA), control interface design, memory considerations, and development systems
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