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2004-10-08 Youngfor D-sub connectors insulated to 3 gigaohms
Youngfor disclosed the availability of its new D-sub connectors that are made with UL 94V-0-rated Nylon 66 and PBT
2004-08-04 Wave Tech D-sub connectors feature 3A rating
Wave Tech released its dual-port, high-density D-sub connectors that feature a current rating of 3A and withstand voltages up to 1kVac
2008-04-01 Shorter lead time for these D-sub connectors
Spectrum Control has reduced the lead time of its 700 D-subminiature filtered connectors to as short as two weeks with its new ceramics facility in Pennsylvania in full production
2006-12-21 RS-232-to-USB connector cuts engineering time
The U232 module from Timewave Technology is an RS-232-to-USB converter that offers a simple but effective way to save some engineering time.
2003-11-25 Ningbo Zhenqin D-sub connector has 25 contacts
Ningbo Zhenqin Electronic has released its DS1033 D-sub solder type connector that features a thermoplastic UL 94V-0 insulator and copper alloy contact.
2003-09-25 Kinsun sub-connectors have male, female types
Kinsun Industries Inc.'s ATD-D-Sub 9- to 25-pin D-sub cable assemblies are available in male and female types
2003-06-02 Huajie D-sub connector rated at 1kVac
The SFBR15 D-sub connector of Zhangjiagang Huajie Electronic Co. Ltd is rated at 1kVac, 2A, and has a mechanical lifespan of up to 500 cycles.
2004-04-16 Harting connector suits equipment in harsh environments
Harting has extended its D-sub connector range with the introduction of a new series dedicated to water resistant apps.
2005-11-15 GTK D sub connectors include dual port and Combo-D styles
The new D sub miniature connectors from GTK meet RoHS requirements, and include high density, dual port, right angle and Combo D styles
2006-10-18 Filtered d-sub adapters help meet EMC requirements
Corry Micronics said its filtered d-sub connector adapters are a cost-effective and practical solution for the suppression of conducted or radiated emissions.
2004-09-10 FCI expands D-sub connector portfolio
FCI announced that its new connectors with press-fit terminations enable designers to create higher density product designs.
2004-07-13 FCI D-sub connector has press-fit terminations
FCI disclosed that it has developed the first 78-way right-angled D-subminiature connector with press-fit terminations
2005-01-10 ERNI beefs up SMT D-sub connector line
ERNI is expanding its offering of mount D-subminiature connectors by adding vertical D-subs for surface mount applications
2013-06-04 Differential amplifier boasts 20?Vsub>rms low noise input
The Model 121 3 channel DC differential amplifier can be used in a variety of instrumentation lab, vibration and shock testing and comes with a low noise input of less than 20?Vsub>rms
2005-11-08 D-sub connectors tolerate harsh conditions
ITT Electronic Components offers Cannon Grommet D range of D-subminiature connectors
2004-08-09 Astron D-sub connectors come in slim design
Astron Technology recently released a slim series of female D-sub connectors that are available with 15 pins
2002-10-07 APT D-sub connector handles 3A
The 501 series of D-sub connectors from A Point Technology Co. Ltd is rated at 250V, 3A and right-angle pin termination
2006-02-09 Firm offers sub-$700 PCB signal integrity analysis suite
What-If Design Software LLC is rolling out its AS/ SIST tool suite over the Internet for $695.
2008-02-12 Waterproof connector has one-touch bayonet lock
Omron Electronic Components has introduced a new series of IP67-rated circular industrial connectors that feature a one-touch bayonet locking system.
2005-07-12 Samtec adds more cable termination options to D-Sub offering
Samtec announced that it has added three new cable termination options as standard to its D-Subminiature connector offering
2007-06-06 MicroTCA power modules figure in expanded D-sub fam
FCI now offers D-sub input connectors for power modules used in MicroTCA shelves
2004-03-18 Lean Horn connectors have 5-gigaohm insulation resistance
The HDR-FR15BU-G0P D-sub connectors from Lean Horn feature a current rating of 1A, contact resistance of 20 milliohms, and withstand voltage of 500Vac for 1min
2002-03-06 Kycon combines VESA and DIN connectors
The PC99-colored connector places a VESA connector on top of two PS/2 mini-DIN connectors, enabling the design to occupy less PCB area, as well as provide greater flexibility and versatility
2004-10-11 Freeport Resources connectors insulated to 5 gigaohms
Freeport Resources disclosed the availability of its new 8HP D-sub connectors, which feature a press-fit contact configuration
2004-03-31 ERNI connectors available in 7W2 configuration
ERNI has expanded its range of D-sub connectors to include a new modular design
2008-09-11 Connectors deliver versatility in multiple apps
C&K Components has created a series of rectangular microminiature connectors tested in accordance with ESA specifications.
2004-11-04 Chien Shern connectors insulated to 5 gigaohms
Chien Shern announced the release of its latest D-sub connectors that are available in straight, surface-mount, right-angle or DIP configurations
2004-08-25 Chang Enn connectors tailored for PCs
The latest D-sub connectors from Chang Enn feature a current rating of 1A, voltage rating of 150Vac and withstanding voltage of 500V
2003-12-22 ITT Ind. connectors with 20 milliohms contact resistance
ITT Ind., Cannon has announced an addition to its range of ZD series D-subminiature connectors for cost-sensitive markets
2010-04-22 Connectors handle high signal density apps
FCI has extended its D-sub high-density series to include right-angle male, straight male and female, solder bucket male and female, and crimp male and female versions
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