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2011-04-25 73M1x66B daisy chaining
Read this guide on using the 73M1x66B FXO in multidevice applications. It shows a simple architecture for daisy chaining the devices.
2008-03-25 DAQ tools offer high-speed performance over Ethernet
DATAQ Instruments has introduced the DI-785 and DI-788 Ethernet DAQ models that deliver full synchronization over long distances via daisy-chain, simplified deployment, high-speed performance and high channel density
2007-02-06 WiMAX channel emulator predicts real-world MIMO performance
The ACE 400WB WiMAX channel emulator from Azimuth delivers the real-world environment to a lab, offering unprecedented RF control to enable efficient and repeatable results, while replacing time consuming wireless field tests that lack repeatability.
2006-08-14 TI offers 'first' SAR ADC with LVDS interface
Texas Instruments has unveiled a 16bit, 2MSps SAR ADC family, said to be the industry's first to offer a serial LVDS interface.
2007-02-14 Temperature sensor delivers 0.5C accuracy
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS28EA00, a digital temperature sensor with 0.5C accuracy.
2008-05-15 Serdes chipset claims 'best' jitter performance
National Semiconductor has introduced a Serdes chipset that the company claims delivers the industry's best output jitter performance of 35ps peak-to-peak and the best input jitter tolerance of 0.9 UI with a BER of 10-15.
2013-01-29 Save power in LCD TVs with LED driving techniques
New design techniques in LED driver circuits promise to deliver significant energy savings that will go a long way to helping TV manufacturers meet the tough requirements for power consumption.
2011-06-24 PCIe tech challenges Thunderbolt
PCI SIG launches an effort to develop a cable/wiring technology that aims to match Thunderbolt's capability.
2006-03-01 Overview: Distributed IP/Ethernet DSLAMs
There is a greater need for a cost effective distributed DSLAM architecture so that traffic-processing requirements are performed in the first mile.
2005-11-11 Maxim's TQFN-packaged DACs save 'considerable' board space
Maxim Integrated's MAX5548 and MAX5550 devices are dual, 30mA, current-output DACs housed in a 3-by-3mm TQFN package
2012-01-18 Impact of 4Gbps FireWire on industrial apps
Find out how FireWire paves the way for more advances in industrial applications.
2002-07-23 ICmic DACs target process, motion control apps
IC Microsystems (ICmic) Sdn. Bhd. Has announced the release of the ICM7323 quad 8-bit and ICM7343 quad 10-bit voltage-output DACs.
2005-03-22 Fully-Buffered DIMM testing enhances logic analyzers
Tektronix now has a Fully-Buffered dual in-line memory module tester for logic analyzers.
2009-02-09 Flexible DACs are pin, software-compatible
Maxim Integrated Products introduces a family of quad (MAX5134/MAX5135) and dual (MAX5136/MAX5137), 16bit and 12bit DACs which are pin and software compatible.
2002-11-29 ERNI backplane fits VME64 extension systems
ERNI has announced the release of the VME64 extension backplane, which is specially designed for VME64 extensions computer systems.
2003-03-24 Display Werks LCD breaks free from VGA cables
The company has announced the availability of its XC series of LCD flat panel displays designed specifically for the digital signage market.
2007-07-24 Delta-sigma ADCs target high-precision apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has trained its sights on multichannel signal acquisition applications with two new industrial ADCs.
2009-05-21 DACs trim design time for automation apps
Maxim Integrated Products has released pin- and software-compatible 16bit (MAX5138) and 12bit (MAX5139) precision DACs.
2005-08-11 DACs integrate programmable offset, gain calibration algorithm
Maxim Integrated Products announced the MAX5762-MAX5765 (16-bit) and MAX5773/MAX5774/MAX5775 (14-bit) 32-channel, digital-to-analog converters that integrate a programmable offset and gain calibration algorithm
2005-07-27 Controller drives multiple CCFLs
A fully integrated controller designed to drive multiple cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) used in LCD monitor and TV applications was recently announced by Maxim Integrated Products.
2014-03-19 BMS design for pedelec integrates smart cell monitoring IC
The smart cell monitoring IC includes built-in logic functions for controlling cell safety, protection and balancing, reducing the total bill of materials in the battery management systems.
2011-03-01 Apple picks Thunderbolt I/O for new MacBook
Apple has opted to use Intel's Thunderbolt interface in its new MacBook Pro notebooks, claiming it is a revolutionary I/O technology that can support every important I/O standard.
2002-07-11 ADI 24-bit audio codecs samples at 96kHz
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced its AD183X series of audio codecs that provide 24-bit I/O resolution and a sampling rate of up to 96kHz.
2002-07-08 ADI 14-bit DAC has serial interface
The AD5531 14-bit, 110V DAC from Analog Devices Inc. comes with a serial interface, providing a unique solution for industrial control and instrumentation apps.
2008-05-27 ADCs provide high-precision measurements for signal apps
Texas Instruments' new ADCs combine excellent DC accuracy and AC performance with cost-effective integration. They provide measurement system for signal acquisition applications such as power metering, defibrillators and ECG monitors, pressure sensors, etc.
2010-11-30 750MHz crosspoint switch for high-speed signals
These switches from Analog Devices include eight independent output buffers that can be placed into a high impedance state for paralleling crosspoint outputs to prevent off channels from loading the output bus.
2006-02-09 120GB SATA drive aimed at enterprise apps
Samsung has added to its SpinPoint family of hard disk drives four 2.5-inch products in capacities ranging from 100GB to 120GB.
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