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2001-04-06 Using Dallas' 1-wire chips in 1-cell Li+ battery packs with low-side n-channel safety FETs
This application note addresses the implementation of a Dallas Semiconductor-based Li-ion (Li+) battery pack with low-side n-channel safety FETs.
2001-04-06 Using a Dallas Semiconductor DS1075 EconOscillator to clock an 8051 microprocessor
This application note discusses how Dallas Semiconductor's DS1075 EconOscillator chip can be used for various types of clocked logic, such as microprocessor, FPGA and CPLD circuits.
2004-11-24 T1/E1 loopback operation for Dallas Semiconductor T1/E1/J1 transceivers
This app note contains an overview of the loopback functions for Dallas Semiconductor T1/E1/J1 transceivers.
2005-11-08 Rowley rolls development tools for Dallas Semi's MAXQ MCUs
Dallas Semiconductor announced the availability of the embedded development tools for the MAXQ 16-bit RISC family of MCUs.
2006-01-24 New stand-alone fuel gauge from Dallas
Dallas Semiconductor's DS2781 stand-alone fuel gauge calculates remaining capacity for 1- or 2-cell Li+ and Li+ polymer battery packs.
2001-04-10 Lithium-ion cell fuel gauging with Dallas Semiconductor devices
This application note shows how the fuel-gauging concept of the DS2438 battery management device can be expanded to insure greater accuracy under extreme operating conditions.
2001-04-11 LCD contrast control using Dallas Semiconductor digital potentiometers
This application note describes how to use the DS1668/DS1669 digital potentiometers as drop-in replacements for the standard mechanical potentiometer used in LCDs to control contrast.
2004-06-21 Interfacing the DS2156 UTOPIA II bus to Dallas demo kits
This app note describes how to use the DS2156 UTOPIA II bus interface on the Dallas Semiconductor DS2156DK development kit.
2001-04-09 High-resolution temperature measurement with Dallas direct-to-digital temperature sensors
This application note describes the principle of operation of Dallas Semiconductor's line of direct-to-digital temperature sensors, and outlines a method of achieving high resolution with these devices.
2004-05-19 Dallas unveils 1Kb single-wire EEPROM
Dallas Semiconductor Corp. has introduced the DS2431, 1Kb single-wire EEPROM.
2005-05-02 Dallas unveils 'very versatile' battery-pack charge controller
Dallas rolled out a versatile NiMH, battery-pack charge controller that can be optimized for a variety of charging scenarios for either removable or embedded battery packs containing one to 10 NiMH cells in series
2004-05-04 Dallas transceivers connect four T1, E1, J1 lines
Dallas has disclosed that its 4-port transceivers are the only devices that do not require external component changes to switch among T1, E1, and J1 standards
2004-05-04 Dallas transceivers connect four T1, E1, J1 lines
Dallas has disclosed that its 4-port transceivers are the only devices that do not require external component changes to switch among T1, E1, and J1 standards
2003-01-30 Dallas thermometer IC fits tight spaces
The DS1626 3-wire digital thermometer and thermostat IC Dallas Semiconductor Corp. is available in a microSOP package.
2004-08-02 Dallas temperature-sensor IC operates in 1.7V to 3.5V range
The DS620 from Dallas Semiconductor is touted as the industry's first digital temperature-sensor IC to operate from a low supply-voltage range of 1.7V to 3.5V.
2004-10-06 Dallas temp data-logger IC in 24-lead, 300-mil SO package
Dallas developed a high-performance temperature data-logger IC designed for apps where the standard Thermochron iButton version is not suitable
2002-02-08 Dallas SRAM clock-chip occupies no memory space
The DS1252W is a 2Mword-by-8 bit nonvolatile SRAM fitted with a "phantom" RTC chip that occupies no memory space and is suited for systems that access the RTC only on power up or rarely during system operation.
2003-07-04 Dallas single-chip oscillator reduces EMI to 20dB
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS1087L spread-spectrum EconOscillator, which is claimed to be the world's only 3V single-chip oscillator that requires no programming.
2003-02-05 Dallas ships smaller DS3/E3 framers
Dallas Semiconductor Corp. has introduced its DS314x family of DS3/E3 framers that are available in a 13mm, 144-pin CSBGA package.
2003-04-02 Dallas ships integrated RTC chip in 10-pin ?SOP
The company's DS1374 2-wire serial real-time clock features a 32-bit binary counter with a watchdog, period alarm, and programmable square-wave output.
2002-08-06 Dallas ships all-silicon frequency synthesizer
The DS1085 can generate dual synchronous output frequencies over 8kHz to 133MHz, without the use of external crystals, resistors, or other discrete components.
2002-04-05 Dallas Semiconductor transceiver monitor complies with SFF-8472 MSA
The DS1852 from Dallas Semiconductor is claimed to be the industry's first optical transceiver diagnostic monitor to implement the enhanced features defined by the SFF-8472 MSA, and is aimed in reducing the component count and size, and speed up the design of optical transceivers.
2005-10-24 Dallas Semi unveils low-cost Li+ battery monitor with I?C interface
Dallas Semiconductor rolled out a low-cost Li+ battery monitor with an I?C interface.
2006-08-14 Dallas Semi unrolls programmable battery fuel gauge
Dallas Semiconductor's programmable 1-cell Li-ion fuel gauge and protector promises an efficient platform for customizing battery fuel-gauging algorithms.
2007-01-03 Dallas Semi unrolls CCFL controllers for LCDs
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS3992/DS3994, 2/4-channel controllers for CCFLs used to backlight LCDs in TV and PC monitor applications.
2006-07-14 Dallas Semi unrolls 'first' secure battery-backup controller
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS3600, touted to be the industry's first comprehensive secure battery-backup controller for data protection in point-of-sale terminals.
2004-09-21 Dallas Semi RTCs include 32.768kHz crystal
Dallas Semi unveiled four serial real-time clocks that include a 32.768kHz crystal in a 16-pin SO package
2006-06-06 Dallas Semi rolls out timing-card-on-a-chip solution
Dallas Semi's DS3100 is touted to be the industry's only "timing-card-on-a-chip" solution for SONET/SDH synchronization
2005-05-26 Dallas Semi rolls new fuel gauge
Dallas Semi's DS2782 fuel gauge uses the industry-standard 2-wire interface to communicate with the host, and calculates remaining capacity for Li+ and Li+-polymer batteries without need for host-side fuel-gauging algorithms
2004-07-21 Dallas Semi offers alternative to mechanical switches
Dallas Semi introduced a programmable alternative to the hardware jumpers and mechanical switches used to control digital logic nodes
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