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2004-07-27 Dallas Semi launches 64kHz composite-clock transceivers
The new DS26502 and DS26503 from Dallas Semiconductor are touted as the world's first 64kHz composite-clock transceivers.
2002-07-02 Dallas Semi battery monitor enables recovery of fully depleted battery
The DS2761 high-precision Li-ion battery monitor incorporates precise current, voltage, temperature measurements, nonvolatile data storage, and Li-ion protection circuitry into a 16-pin TSSOP or die-sized flip-chip package.
2002-05-17 Dallas SCSI terminator touts 5 percent accuracy
A LVD-only SCSI terminator from Dallas Semiconductor, the DS2120, features zero-temperature-coefficient resistor networks that are laser-trimmed to better than 5 percent accuracy.
2003-04-23 Dallas RTC eliminates crystal
The DS1375 digital-input real-time clock from Dallas Semiconductor is a low-power clock/calendar that does not require a crystal.
2004-12-14 Dallas rolls out replacements for crystal-based oscillators
Dallas' new all-silicon EconOscillator is a single-output square-wave generator, factory-trimmed for output frequencies ranging from 312kHz to 133MHz
2004-06-22 Dallas rolls out its first I?C to 1-wire line driver
Dallas introduced its first I?C to 1-wire line driver with one (DS2482-100) or eight (DS2482-800) channels of independently operated 1-wire I/O ports
2005-07-27 Dallas rolls low-cost solution for composite-clock transceiver apps
Dallas released DS26504, an enhanced BITS clock-recovery element that augments the capabilities of the company's earlier BITS products by adding support for additional frequencies
2003-02-27 Dallas resistor IC replaces mechanical trimmers
The DS3904 non-volatile, triple digital resistor IC is designed to replace mechanical trim devices for PC power supplies.
2002-05-14 Dallas releases single digital potentiometer
The DS1805 single digital potentiometer contains a single 10-kiloohm potentiometer, and is suitable for use in CCFL inverter circuits that use a two-wire bus interface.
2002-06-06 Dallas oscillator runs up to 133MHz sans external components
The DS1077 programmable oscillator from Dallas Semiconductor Corp. generates dual synchronous output frequencies from 8kHz to 133MHz without the use of external components.
2004-02-19 Dallas oscillator requires no external outputs
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS1099 low-cost, low-power and low-frequency EconOscillator.
2003-10-28 Dallas oscillator eases design, cuts costs
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS1086L spread-spectrum EconOscillator, which the company claims is the world's smallest low-EMI clock oscillator.
2002-06-25 Dallas offers 10-tap delay line in TSSOP casing
The DS1110 10-tap delay line from Dallas Semiconductor Corp. is claimed to be the world's first all-silicon 10-tap delay line in a 14-pin TSSOP casing.
2002-11-07 Dallas MCU supports IPv4, v6
The DS80C400 networked microcontroller chip integrates a high-speed 8051 core, a 10/100 Ethernet MAC, and a silicon software TCP IPv4/v6 stack to provide network connectivity to devices such as MP3 players, web cameras, and industrial equipment.
2002-04-26 Dallas LIUs integrates long-, short-haul functions
Dallas Semiconductor Corp. has shipped its T1/J1 LIUs that combine long-haul and short-haul functionality in a 28-pin PLCC package.
2004-04-15 Dallas launches 0.5C accurate sensor
The DS600 sensor from Dallas Semiconductor is claimed by the company as the world's lowest cost, 0.5C accurate analog-output temperature sensor.
2002-08-29 Dallas IC integrates three digital potentiometer
The DS3903 digital potentiometer IC contains three nonvolatile, low-temperature coefficient digital potentiometers that can be accessed through a 2-wire bus.
2002-05-02 Dallas IC combines potentiometer, EEPROM, MicroMonitor
Designed to provide microprocessor supervision, NV storage, and analog function control in embedded systems, the DS1846 combines three linear-taper potentiometers, 256 bytes of EEPROM, and a MicroMonitor into a 20-pin TSSOP.
2003-06-05 Dallas framers come in 27mm PBGA packages
Dallas Semiconductor has extended its line of DS3/E3 framers with the introduction of the DS3146, DS3148, and DS31412 devices.
2002-05-06 Dallas elapsed time counter eliminates crystal
The DS1682 elapsed time counter from Dallas Semiconductor Corp. contains a factory-calibrated, temperature-compensated RC time base, eliminating the need for a quartz crystal.
2004-10-19 Dallas EEPROM targets central office switches, enterprise servers
Dallas introduced its first 1-Wire product with external address inputs, which can be used to identify and configure the physical location of the device
2005-01-24 Dallas digital thermometer with unique 64bit ROM ID
Dallas Semiconductor introduced a programmable resolution 1-wire digital thermometer with a 4bit ID.
2004-03-04 Dallas device speeds up power-amp module design
The DS1870 from Dallas Semiconductor biases two LDMOS power amps over temperature and drain voltage/current variations.
2004-05-06 Dallas device dithers master oscillator frequency
The DS1090 EconOscillator from Dallas Semiconductor is claimed by the company as the industry's only spread-spectrum resistor-programmable oscillator.
2003-01-27 Dallas controller ICs monitor SFF optical transceivers
The DS1854, DS1857, and DS1858 integrated optical controller-monitors control laser-driver bias and modulation currents, and manage system-monitoring functions required for SFF-847-compatbile optical transceivers.
2002-10-14 Dallas clock oscillator reduces emissions by 20dB
The DS1086 spread-spectrum clock oscillator features user-programmable spread settings that reduce radiated emissions by up to 20dB.
2002-06-17 Dallas charge controller integrates fuel gauge, sense resistor
The DS2770 battery monitor and multichemistry charge controller from Dallas Semiconductor Corp. integrates a fuel gauge and an optional sense resistor into a 16-pin TSSOP casing.
2002-11-12 Dallas binary counter fits portable systems
Dallas Semiconductor's DS1371 2-wire binary timekeeper combines a 32-bit binary counter and programmable square-wave output in an 8-pin microSOP casing.
2002-07-25 Dallas battery protection IC reduces pack impedance
The DS2720 single-cell Li-ion battery protection IC integrates a regulated charge pump to enable control of n-channel MOSFETs.
2002-08-16 Dallas battery monitor allows trickle charging
The DS2761 Li ion battery monitor provides a charge path that enables trickle charging to the battery cell until such time that normal charging methods can be used.
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