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2003-05-12 Dallas battery gauge monitors down to 625?A
The company's DS2751 multichemistry battery fuel gauge IC integrates a 25-milliohm sense resistor, enabling it to measure up to 1.9A.
2002-09-30 Dallas 5-tap delay line is 50 percent smaller
The DS1100 5-tap delay line from Dallas Semiconductor is packaged in an 8-pin microSOP casing, which is 50 percent smaller than competing devices.
2008-02-05 Maxim to fold Dallas fab, exit RF biz
Maxim Integrated Products has announced the ramp down and eventual closure of its wafer fab in Dallas, Texas, and its decision to stop funding R&D for its handset RF transceiver line
2002-02-07 Catalyst Semiconductor digital potentiometer offers 1 percent resolution
The CAT5111 and CAT5113 digital potentiometers are designed to replace mechanical potentiometers and trimmers in systems requiring automated or self-calibration.
2003-09-19 Writing a Device Driver for TINIOS
This application note examines the TINIOS I/O subsystem, explains how to write a driver as a native library and provides a simple example in the form of a pipe driver.
2001-04-09 Using the secure microcontroller watchdog timer
This application note describes the features and use of the watchdog timer of Dallas Semiconductor's Secure Microcontroller family.
2001-04-09 Using the high-speed microcontroller as a bootstrap loader
This application note provides examples of how a designer can use an external Flash or NVRAM to add in-system reprogrammability to a High-Speed Microcontroller-based design.
2001-04-11 Using the high-speed Micro's serial ports
This application note describes the setup and operation of the most commonly encountered operating modes of the serial interfaces of Dallas Semiconductor's High-Speed Microcontroller family.
2003-09-19 Using the DS80C400 to Maximize System Performance
This application note explores the features of the DS80C400 in detail and provides usage examples.
2003-06-28 Using the DS2770 as a 3-Cell NiMH Charger
This application note discusses several key considerations when using the DS2770 to charge a NiMH battery pack.
2001-04-09 Using the DS2760 in multiple-cell applications
This application note addresses the use of Dallas Semiconductor's DS2760 high-precision Li-ion battery monitor chip in multi-cell applications with an external protector, such as the Mitsumi MM1292 for two-cell Li packs.
2001-04-09 Using the DS1615 and DS1616 temperature and data recorders
This application note presents a discussion of how to use the DS1615 and DS1616 temperature and data recorders in portable data loggers and as temperature monitors.
2003-06-28 Using the DS1086 as a Microcontroller Clocler to Reduce EMI
This application discusses the procedure to interface a DS1086 with two common microcontrollers, the 8051 and PIC.
2001-04-11 Using power management with the DS87C5x0
This application note describes how the power management features of the DS87C5x0 family of microprocessors enable system designers to achieve a low-power system.
2001-04-09 Using multiple DS1267 digital potentiometers with an 8051 microprocessor generating 3-wire signals
This application note provides an overview of different configurations for communicating to multiple DS1267 digital potentiometers with a common bus. It also provides the hardware and software required for communicating to two DS1267s daisy-chained together in series.
2003-06-28 Using Digital Potentiometers in Adjustable Step-Down DC-DC Converter Design.
This application note describes how to use a digital ptoentimeter to generate an adjustable voltage supply a MAX1776 Step-Down DC-DC Converter.
2005-07-06 The industry's 'first sample-and-infinite-hold voltage reference'?
Dallas Semiconductor has rolled out what it touts as the world's first sample-and-infinite-hold voltage reference.
2001-04-09 The DS87C550 as an upgrade for 8051 derivatives
This application note discusses the issues concerned when using the DS87C550 high-speed microcontroller with ADC and PWM as a drop-in replacement for 8051 derivatives.
2001-04-11 The DS80C320 as a drop-in replacement for the 8032
This application note explains how to use the DS80C320 High-Speed Micro as a suitable replacement for Dallas Semiconductor's 8051 instruction set-compatible family of microprocessors.
2006-05-23 Temperature sensor operates on low supply range
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS75LV temperature-sensor that operates over a 1.7V to 3.7V supply-voltage range.
2007-02-14 Temperature sensor delivers 0.5C accuracy
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS28EA00, a digital temperature sensor with 0.5C accuracy.
2005-02-17 T1/E1/J1 transceiver includes cell/packet/TDM interface
Dallas Semiconductor released what it claims as the only multiport T1/E1/J1 transceiver available with a cell/packet/TDM interface.
2003-06-28 Step-Up DC-DC Converter Calibration and Adjustment Using a Digital Potentiometer
This application describes the use of a digital potentiometer in the feedback loop of a step-up DC-DC converter to provide calibration and/or adjustment of the output voltage.
2005-04-01 SCTs cut design time, cost
The DS317x family of single-chip transceivers from Dallas Semiconductor minimizes design time, component cost and board space.
2001-04-10 Replacing the TDK 78P7200/2241 with the DS3150
This application note illustrates how to replace the TDK devices with Dallas Semiconductor's DS3150 in an existing design and how to set up a design to use either the TDK78P2241 or the DS3150.
2003-06-28 Replacing the TDK 78P7200/2241 with the DS3150
This application note discusses the procedure to replace the TDK devices with the DS3150 in existing designs.
2007-03-21 Programmable fuel gauge suits 1- or 2-cell apps
Dallas Semiconductor has launched a programmable fuel gauge for 1- or 2-cell applications.
2005-07-14 NVSRAM modules include RTC
Dallas Semiconductor released what it claims as the world's first and only single-piece, surface mountable nonvolatile SRAM modules with an integrated real-time clock (RTC).
2006-12-08 NV SRAM modules integrate reflowable battery
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced a high-density, single-piece, surface-mount NV SRAM modules with integrated reflowable battery.
2001-04-09 NiCd/NiMH intelligent battery system reference design using the DS2437
This application note present a reference design for Dallas Semiconductor's DS2437 Smart Battery Monitor IC contained within a NiCd or NiMH battery pack.
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