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2001-04-10 DS3134 application note: PCI bus utilization
This application note details how to calculate how much of the available bus bandwidth will be required by the DS3134 HDLC controller device to operate properly.
2003-06-28 Ds2770-Based Charging with Unregulated Sources
This application note discusses the method for using the DS2770 to support a variety of current limited full-wave rectified charge sources.
2003-06-28 DS2760/2761 Product Comparison
This application note discusses the feature enhancements of the DS2761 in comparison to the DS2760.
2001-04-10 DS21x54 versus DS2154
This application note highlights the differences between Dallas Semiconductor's DS21354/DS21554 and DS2154 single-chip transceivers.
2001-04-10 DS21x52 versus DS2152
This application note highlights the differences between Dallas Semiconductor's DS21352/DS21552 and DS2152 single-chip transceivers.
2001-04-10 DS21Q44 versus DS21Q43A
This application note highlights the differences between Dallas Semiconductor's DS21Q44 and DS21Q43A quad E1 framers.
2001-04-10 DS21Q42 versus DS21Q41B
This application note highlights the differences between Dallas Semiconductor's DS21Q42 and DS21Q41B quad T1 framers.
2001-04-09 DS2154L versus DS2153Q
This application note highlights the differences between Dallas Semiconductor's DS2154L and DS2153Q E1 single-chip transceivers.
2001-04-10 DS2152L versus DS2151Q
This application note highlights the differences between Dallas Semiconductor's DS2152L and DS2151Q T1 single-chip transceivers.
2001-04-09 DS2141A, DS2151 programming, controlling the FDL
This application note details how a host would interface with the DS2141A and DS2151 T1 controller ICs to extract information from the Facility Data Link (FDL) and to insert data into the FDL.
2001-04-09 DS1670 portable system controller
This application note discusses the usefulness of the DS1670 Portable System Controller in providing the functions necessary for battery-backed portable products.
2001-04-09 DS1020/DS1021 8-bit programmable delay lines
This application note is designed to assist in the use of the DS1020/DS1021 8-bit programmable delay lines.
2002-08-15 Digitally-controlled TCXO provides 11ppm accuracy
Dallas Semiconductor's DS4000 digitally-controlled TCXO offers an oscillator frequency accuracy to within 11ppm over the industrial temperature range.
2007-03-27 Digipot integrates temperature sensor, ADC, LUT
Dallas Semi's DS3501 is the first in a series of highly integrated non-volatile digipots to incorporate temperature sensing, an ADC and a LUT at approximately the same cost as a standard digipot
2003-09-19 Diagnostic Port for the TINIs400
This application note describes the debug port option of the TINIs400 socket board.
2001-04-11 Designing a nonvolatile 2M x 16-memory subsystem
This application note details how to design microprocessor cards and memory subsystem cards for backplane-based systems using Dallas Semiconductor's memory devices.
2001-04-11 Design guidelines for microcontrollers incorporating NV RAM
This application note discusses design guidelines for Dallas Semiconductor's Secure Microcontroller family and DS87C530 High-Speed Microcontroller products that incorporate nonvolatile SRAM.
2003-06-28 Delay Lines Comparison
This application note compares each programmable delay line and non-programmable delay line to help customers choose the appropriate device for their application.
2006-05-24 Dedicated IC eases SHA-1 token authentication
The DS2705 provides the master side of a SHA-based token authentication scheme and controls the challenge/response sequence.
2003-06-28 Decoupling Requirements for the DS1077/1085 Oscillators
This application note discusses the requirements for decoupling the DS1077/1085 Oscillators
2001-04-09 Controlling a DS1803 digital potentiometer using an 8051 microprocessor to generate 2-wire signals
This application note presents a simple hardware and software solution for controlling the DS1803 digital potentiometer using Dallas Semiconductor's DS87C520 8051-compatible microprocessor.
2003-06-28 Compensating for Sense Resistor Self Heating
This application note discusses the method for compensating for the heat generated by sense resistors, which can affect real-time temperature readings made by the device.
2001-04-09 Communicating through the 1-wire master
This application note steps through a theoretical situation that will utilize every function of the 1-Wire Master for example purposes.
2005-12-06 Clock generator with integrated PLL
Dallas Semi's new crystal-based clock generator has an integrated phase-locked loop to generate clock outputs and three pin-selectable multiplier rates and three dither magnitudes to reduce EMI
2003-06-28 Charge Efficiency and Cell Aging Effects of the DS2770 Li+ Pulse Charger vs. Linear Chargers.
This application note presents a comparison between a linear charger and the DS2770 Battery Monitor and Pulse Charger, focusing on the effect of each with respect to charge time, charge capacity, and cell aging.
2003-06-28 Calibrating the Offset Register of the DS2761
This application note discusses a walk through for proper calibration of the offset of the DS2761's high accuracy current A/D.
2005-01-28 Battery pack authentication IC utilizes SHA-1 spec
Dallas' new battery pack authentication IC implements a challenge/response scheme, utilizing the SHA-1 specified in the Federal Information Publication 180-1/2 and ISO/IEC 10118-3
2006-06-05 Battery fuel gauge does measurement, data storage
Dallas Semi's battery fuel gauge integrates current, voltage and temperature measurement and nonvolatile data storage in one IC
2006-09-22 Battery charger touts extra measure of safety
Dallas Semiconductor's DS2714 is a loose-cell charger IC specifically for functioning NiMH and NiCd batteries; it shuts down on detecting primary alkaline cells, lithium primary cells and defective NiMH or NiCd cells.
2006-06-09 1,024bit EPROM runs on as low as 2.2V
Dallas Semi has introduced the DS25LV02, a 1,024bit EPROM designed to operate from supply voltages as low as 2.2V
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