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2006-07-01 IDMs' shift to foundries undermines startups
As foundries get better and fabs get bigger, the landscape of the IC industry is changing, spurred in part by pressure from the financial community.
2009-10-23 IC packaging becomes more challenging
Analog design remains challenging but IC packaging is becoming an issue in the arena.
2006-05-16 Handset features still not a wrap
The product-definition uncertainty that roiled the smart phone and PDA communities a decade ago has returned with a vengeance, as advanced services like mobile broadcast video and HSDPA leave handset developers pondering what to keep in and what to leave out of a slim-line design.
2014-09-29 Filtering technique reduces power consumption in gadgets
The technique taps into the behaviour of a single electron to filter out the thermal energy in the electron environment, thereby creating small mobile devices that do not spend a lot of battery power.
2012-09-24 Enabling soft networks with SoC silicon
Find out how to address the need for a more powerful networking building block to enable a softer, more dynamic network.
2008-03-03 China braces for bigger IIC show
The annual International IC-China Conference & Exhibition (IIC-China) is on its 13th year, and it is bigger and better than ever.
2006-05-16 Advanced memories still struggle in mobiles
Memory research managers themselves have scaled back their rhetoric in the past, avoiding the term universal memory altogether. Freescale, Intel and Texas Instruments are dealing with memory designs.
2012-06-20 A peek into TI's diverse technologies
"Our job is to trigger our customers' imagination," said a TI exec boasting that there is now more software being produced for each chip design engineer.
2002-12-06 Using the DS1814 MicroMonitor to Control Microprocessor Resets
This application note discusses how to control microprocessor resets using the DS1814 MicroMonitor.
2002-12-06 Using a PC with the DS3900 to Communicate with DS1267s, DS1867s, and DS1868s
This application note provides a simple hardware/software solution to generate a PC interface to adjust the potentiometer settings and example C++ algorithms to read and write to these devices.
2002-12-06 Interfacing the DS2760 1-Wire High Precision Li-Ion Battery monitor in a Microcontroller Environment
This application note discusses how to use one wire to interface the DS2760 to a microcontroller.
2002-12-11 Getting Started with the TINIm390 Verification Module
This application note describes the necessary steps to begin development with the Tiny InterNet Interfaces (TINI) Platform.
2002-12-06 DS2155 Internal BERT programming
This application note contains the necessary steps to initialize the DS2155 BERT and start the bit error-rate testing process.
2002-12-06 1-Wire Search Algorithm
This application note explains the 1-Wire search algorithm in detail and provides and example implementation for rapid integration.
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