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2006-03-13 Data acq ICs target auto, industrial apps
austriamicrosystems has unveiled its AS8500/AS8501 family of sensor interfaces used for the acquisition of physical quantities
2005-01-17 Controller module offers up to 800Mbps data transfer rates
Parvus rolled out its new Fast1394T PC/104-Plus FireWire card that supports the advanced features of the new IEEE-1394b (2002) serial bus.
2001-03-30 Connector options for the NI 6810 serial data analyzer
This application note discusses cable and connector options available to the NI 6810 serial data analyzer, and provides some recommendations to help the user build a reliable system
2001-06-01 Computer aided testing with MMICAD [Series #4: Automated data acquisition from an automatic network analyzer (ANA) and programmable power supplies]
This application note provides a step-by-step description of how to automate Computer Aided Testing (CAT) with MMICAD for acquisition of data.
2001-06-01 Computer aided testing with MMICAD [Series #2: Data acquisition from an automatic network analyzer (ANA)]
This application note describes data acquisition control from a network analyzer using OPTOTEK MMICAD simulation tool.
2014-12-04 Clock IC from ADI aimed at GSPS data converter apps
The JESD204B-compatible AD9528 has an on-chip VCO that tunes from 3.6-4GHz, with the input receivers and oscillator providing both single-ended and differential operation.
2009-10-09 Chassis improves USB data acquisition
The chassis offers smaller footprint and can measure up to 128 channels for as low as $31 per channel.
2014-12-30 Benefits of data acquisition for vehicles
In-vehicle data acquisition can help you diagnose engine problems and improve performance in vehicles. Measurements can help in finding the right trade-off between ease of engine cranking and kickbacks.
2002-04-15 Basics of data acquisition
This application note presents an introduction to data acquisition techniques that ensures best results when recording with a PowerLab system.
2013-10-22 Automotive data logger runs RTOS-32 fitted with TESTdrive
FLEETlog2 meets all road trial requirements in the automotive and commercial vehicle sector covering individual test requirements as well as those of fleet testing.
2006-01-16 Assisted-GPS provides faster data acquisition
Use of A-GPS can result in faster acquisition of signals, facilitating navigation that would otherwise be impossible
2002-10-17 Applying with the ispPAC30 to Data Acquisition Systems with Analog-to-Digital Converters
This application note describes how the ispPAC30 can be used as a flexible solution for interfacing signals to ADC front ends.
2010-09-30 All-weather data acquisition modules support SMC, PCIe
Pentek delivers four new modules in both PCIe and XMC formats
2005-05-10 Agilent's VEE Pro 7.5 to support National Instruments data-acq hardware
Agilent says its VEE (Visual Engineering Environment) Pro 7.5 software now provides access to National Instruments' DAQ hardware products, including PXI, SCXI, and PC plug-in data-acquisition cards and modular instruments.
2008-07-02 ADI revs up high-speed data conversion
The sleepy data converter sector is suddenly heating up, as Analog Devices Inc. has leapfrogged the competition to help enable a new class of industrial, medical and related equipment in the marketplace
2002-01-02 ADI read-only ADCs simplify interfacing for data-acquisition apps
The AD7782 and AD7783 24-bit sigma-delta ADCs are read-only devices, making interfacing simple for low-frequency measurement and low-power data acquisition applications.
2012-01-20 ADCs allow concurrent signal acquisition up to 650kSPS
The ADS8528/48/68 contain eight low-power 12, 14 or 16bit, successive approximation register (SAR)-based ADCs with true bipolar inputs.
2002-09-10 Acromag acquisition boards have "mailbox" memories
The APC330 PCI and AcPC330 CompactPCI analog input boards from Acromag Inc. employ 16-bit ADCs that are able to scan channels in just 85s to achieve throughput rate of 125kHz.
2005-04-01 Acquisition brings MultiSim tool to NI
National Instruments has acquired Electronics Workbench, purveyor of the popular MultiSim board-level simulation package.
1999-01-01 Acquiring measurement data using Linux
The stability of the Linux OS lends itself well to the development of DAQ systems. Although development continues, several tools and libraries are already available to help one develop his own drivers.
2003-02-10 Acqiris rolls 12-bit, 400MSa/s data acquisition solutions
The company has expanded its Cougar series of data acquisition solutions with the addition of two new 12-bit models.
2002-06-13 Acqiris digitzer cards offer single-, dual-channel data acquisition
Acqiris SA has announced the release of two PCI digitzer cards that feature channel multiplexing capability, allowing users to select between dual- or single-channel data acquisition modes.
2005-12-16 8051-based MCU line targets data acquisition apps
Ramtron launched its Versa Mix 8051 family of mixed-signal microcontrollers that are targeted at signal conditioning, data acquisition, processing and control apps in the industrial, medical, consumer, instrumentation and automotive markets.
2011-08-04 16bit ADC supports data rates up to 860S/s
TI's 16bit ADC that measures 2 x 1.5mm features an integrated PGA, temperature sensor and four-input multiplexerabout 65 percent smaller than other similar products in the market.
2009-07-01 16-/18bit SoCs handle high-speed data acquisition
Texas Instruments Inc.'s 18bit ADS8284 and 16bit ADS8254 SoC solutions make developing ultrahigh performance ADC front ends for precision applications easier and faster.
2015-12-08 Year-end deals: Semicon companies settle merger, acquisition
In a week's time, several companies have either completed their merger-and-acquisition deals or signed definitive agreements, indicative of a consolidating semiconductor industry
2009-02-26 With acquisition, Hitachi joins external storage fray
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has agreed to acquire Fabrik Inc., a privately-held supplier of personal and professional storage solutions.
2011-09-02 U.S. stops AT&T's T-Mobile acquisition
Citing free competition as its main objective, the U.S. Justice Department filed an antitrust suit against AT&T's proposed acquisition of T-Mobile
2008-06-05 Tundra ends product acquisition, license deal with IBM
Tundra Semiconductor Corp., a leader in system interconnect, has terminated its product acquisition agreement, announced in August 2007, with IBM effective June 1
2014-03-18 Toshiba, Sandisk file case against Hynix over alleged data theft
Both companies seek damages over the suspected theft of data related to their flagship flash memory chip technology used in smartphones and tablets, reported Reuters
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