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2006-12-22 New RTOS library supports DAQ cubes
United Electronic Industries announced the addition of complete QNX RTOS support for its PowerDNA products.
2005-03-23 New NI-DAQmx version available
National Instruments released the newest version of NI-DAQmx, its measurement services and driver software, which is the foundation of the measurement services software included with most NI DAQ devices.
2005-07-07 New high-speed recorder boards plug into CompactPCI slots
VMETRO's new pre-configured and programmable VORTEX CompactPCI recorders, available in both commercial and extended temperature range and ruggedized versions, operate under either Windows or Linux OS platforms.
2005-10-21 National Instruments acquires IOtech
National Instruments (NI) has announced that it acquired the operating assets of data acquisition and instrumentation company, IOtech Inc. Operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of NI, IOtech will continue to sell and support its products through its current sales channels.
2006-08-21 Multifunction DAQ devices offer increased accuracy
NI said its 12 new isolated multifunction DAQ devices combine the safety of isolation and the timing, amplification and calibration technologies of existing M Series DAQ devices for increased accuracy.
2006-01-19 Multi-channel DAQ board uses switched-cap over-sampling A/Ds
Radstone's VME bus data-acquisition card is replete with analog signal conversion and conditioning based on a pair of Analog Devices AD9260 data converter chips.
2000-08-01 Moving to 12-bit embedded control
At the Embedded Systems Conference in 1998, Tremont Mao of Analog Devices was demonstrating his own version of the Rube Goldberg machine.
2005-07-15 More DAQ devices from NI
National Instruments expanded its USB-9000 series of high-performance USB data acquisition line-up with the release of eight new USB 2.0 DAQ devices.
2005-02-16 Microsoft takes step in IC equipment industry
Microsoft is taking a step into the semiconductor equipment world by working with Sematech and SEMI to develop and provide software solutions for the new and emerging data-acquisition standard, dubbed Interface A.
2008-04-11 Manufacturing software offers improved visibility, traceability
Aegis Software has released of their completely redesigned Version 7.0 Manufacturing Operations System software, addressing the growing need in high-reliability markets for comprehensive data visibility and product/process traceability
2007-12-06 Low-power, high-speed ADC suits optical networking
austriamicrosystems has expanded its ADC portfolio with the AS1542, a multi-channel successive-approximation ADC with low power consumption and high DC performance.
2005-04-13 Less-than-$1,500 DA board packs USB, 300MHz DSP
Data acquisition board maker Data Translation (DT) is now shipping a less-than-$1500 data acquisition and control board.
2013-04-11 IPETRONIK rolls out new plug-in options for IPEmotion
With the AVR-NET-IO- and Atmel-Plug-ins, the IPEmotion can now be deployed in other areas beyond typical measurement data acquisition
2000-06-01 Interfacing for high-speed I/O board designs
The most difficult problem for designers of high-performance real-time DSP and data acquisition systems is simply moving data. Many factors contribute to this data-flow dilemma, and traditional methods of handling these tasks are no longer viable.
2012-03-30 Integrated sensor nodes with GSM modems simplify wireless DAQ
Here's a look at the implementation of a sensor network using a global system for mobile communication modem.
2005-03-02 Inexpensive DA, control modules use plug-and-play USB
In its ECONseries product roll-out, Data Translation relies on serial USB 2.0's so-called full-speed mode, operating at 12Mbps
1999-12-09 Industrial Automation Interfaces for NI-DAQ
Using either OPC or native BridgeVIEW and Lookout device servers for NI-DAQ, you can quickly and easily integrate DAQ and SCXI hardware with HMI/SCADA and other industrial software packages that implement OPC client interfaces.
2004-08-16 Improving measurement results with DAQ
The article helps identify hardware and software techniques that optimize DAQ measurement results.
2013-09-12 Importance of SoCs in DAQ development
Learn about the role SoCs can play in the development of data acquisition systems.
2006-06-07 ICS Sensor delivers high-speed DAQ
ICS Sensor Processing has announced the ICS-645B 32-channel high-speed data acquisition card.
2002-06-14 I/O, QinetiQ codevelop fiber-optic sensors, systems
Input/Output Inc. and QinetiQ have formed a strategic alliance to jointly develop fiber-optic systems and sensors for seismic data acquisition systems for marine and ocean bottom environments.
2001-03-30 How to use 5B series modules with the DAQ channel Wizard
This application note guides the user in using the 5B Series analog modules with the DAQ Channel Wizard.
2014-10-30 High dynamic range apps: SAR vs sigma-delta ADCs
SAR and sigma-delta ADCs each have their own pros and cons. Here's a look at the trade-offs the data-acquisition system designer must make based on performance, speed, space, power and cost requirements.
2013-10-17 High accuracy analogue signal measurement with MCU
Know the various ways to optimise a high precision analogue design for low power consumption.
2004-04-19 Heim recorders to use modular signal interfaces
Heim Data Systems' data-acq gear will provide a modular approach that can adapt to changing requirements in airborne and mobile apps
2002-06-10 Gage 14-bit digitizer card samples up to 100MSa/s
The CompuScope 14100C 14-bit digitizer card from Gage Applied Inc. provides a sampling rate of up to 100MSa/s on one channel and up to 50MSa/s on two simultaneous channels.
2001-03-30 Field wiring and noise considerations for analog signals
This application note clarifies the types of input configurations available on DAQ boards, explains how the user should choose and use the configuration best for the application, and discusses interference noise pickup mechanisms and how to minimize interference noise by proper cabling and shielding.
1999-11-01 enterprise, node, datasocket, fieldpoint, rda, remore device access,
The universal presence of the Internet and PC networks ushers in a new age of information connectivity and data sharing that delivers innovative ways to acquire, analyze, and present measurements
2007-11-16 Effectively link real, processing worlds via ADCs
ADCs provide the link between the "real world" of analog phenomena and the "processing world" that uses digital information. Delta sigma ADCs offer inherent advantages that result in significantly improved performance due to low sensitivity to noise and improved accuracy.
2008-05-09 Dual-channel sampling oscilloscope delivers 12GHz
Pico Technology has released the PicoScope 9201 dual-channel PC sampling oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 12GHz.
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