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2006-06-21 DSP DAQ systems read piezoelectric signals
Data Translation's DT9841-VIB systems can be used for applications requiring piezoelectric accelerometer readings
2008-01-23 dPMR processor touts GMSK functionality
CML Microcircuits has launched the CMX7143 digital PMR (dPMR) processor, with 4-Level FSK operation and GMSK functionality.
2000-02-23 DMA Fundamentals on Various PC Platforms
Direct Access Memory (DMA) is a primary data transfer mechanism for computer-based data acquisition. This application note highlights the ways to implement DMA in a typical PC architecture.
2013-01-16 Developing a liquid level control/delivery system
Here's a cost-effective, low-power, liquid-level control and delivery system based on data acquisition systems that use a compensated silicon pressure sensor and a high-precision delta-sigma ADC.
2001-03-30 Detailed calibration procedures for multifunction DAQ boards
This application note details the calibration procedures for National Instruments' AT-MIO E Series, AT-MIO-64F-5, AT-MIO-16F-5 and AT-MIO-16X multifunction DAQ boards.
2001-10-12 Designing a DSP system
This application note describes various aspects of DSP system design such as interfacing A/D and D/A converters, DAQ techniques (Busy-Polling, Interrupts, DMA), control interface design, memory considerations, and development systems.
2001-03-30 Demystifying instrument specifications: How to make sense out of the Jargon
This application note resolves instrument specifications in DAQ boards and standalone instruments by providing clear definitions for specification parameters, and illustrates how these specifications directly influence your measurements.
2008-09-17 DC/DC converters cut board-level power needs
Astrodyne has launched the FED20W series of modular packaged DC/DC converters for cost-sensitive power conversion requirements in board-level product applications like data acquisition, communications and industrial I/O.
2002-02-23 DaqBook system eases field-service work
This application note explains how the DaqBook/216 and the DBK series of expansion products are suitable solutions for an array of field service applications.
2006-08-15 DAQ system promises high speed, flexibility
Acqiris is offering a compact, high-speed, multichannel DAQ system, which delivers essential oscilloscope capabilities that can be easily combined with a desktop or laptop PC.
2009-01-09 DAQ system fit for sensor excitation
Maxim Integrated Products has launched the MAX1329, a low-power data acquisition DAQ system that integrates precision data converters for signal conditioning and sensor excitation.
2011-02-23 DAQ software tool reads ten instruments at once
Windmill Software's data acquisition software suite lets users read and control up to 10 instruments, and includes applications to chart and log data, control analog and digital outputs and monitor the com port.
2006-12-20 DAQ modules connect to computer's USB port
Sealevel Systems has announced the first product in a family of USB-compatible DAQ and control modules.
2006-11-23 DAQ module features hot-plug functionality
ACCES I/O Products' DAQ module incorporates four optically isolated digital inputs, four Form C electromechanical relay outputs, and two RS-232/422/485 serial communication ports.
2005-06-06 DAQ devices with 80 channels
National Instruments introduced the newest members of its low-cost M series DAQ family that extend available I/O functionality to include 80 16-bit analog input channels with sampling rates up to 250kS/s
2006-08-16 DAQ cards support PCIe x1
The two new PCIe x1 DAQ cards from Adlink feature 4-channel, simultaneous-sampling capability and multi-functionality required for large-scale and high-speed data collection
2005-03-28 DAQ cards offer easy installation
Keithley released an alternative to ISA, PCI and PCMCIA DAQ cards that offer easy installation with true plug-and-play capability, and easier portability than plug-in cards.
2006-03-07 Current amplifier enhances NI DMM, DAQ module performance
National Instruments further extends its low-level measurement PXI offering for digital multimeters and data acquisition devices with the new NI PXI-4022 guard and current amplifier.
2013-11-12 Control, standardisation to bring SCADA systems to new heights
Frost & Sullivan said rising demand from industries such as water and mining is fuelling the supervisory control and data acquisition systems market in particular within Australia and New Zealand.
2005-02-01 Conduction-cooled PC/104 DA system shrugs off shock, vibration
Access I/O Products is debuting a ruggedized less-than-$1,200 DA product dubbed the Model E4-DAS.
2007-01-01 Close the gap between USB, plug-in DAQs
With its widening adoption, closing the performance gap between USB and plug-in DAQ devices has been a priority to give users the flexibility to select different modules to construct test system as well as meet testing needs.
2002-07-02 Board gives vision-based inspection a speed boost
An image-acquisition board from National Instruments can speed the performance of vision-based inspection systems commonly used in making semiconductors, optoelectronics, telecom devices and automotive components
2005-12-16 Benefits, dangers of using USB for T&M apps
USB data-acquisition modules offer significant advantages for T&M apps. But beware--they also contain dangers.
2011-08-18 ASIX acquires MosChip assets
ASIX's acquisition of MosChip's assets will enhance its embedded networking and connectivity products portfolio
2004-07-05 Agilent, Sun Microsystems form JDDAC community
Agilent Technologies Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. have formed the Java distributed data acquisition and control (JDDAC) community.
2006-11-07 Adlink unrolls complimentary driver for MATLAB
Adlink Technology has unveiled the DAQ-MTLB complimentary driver that integrates the MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox with almost 100 Adlink DAQ and control cards.
2014-03-12 ADI unveils low-power 18bit ADCs
The AD7989-1 and AD7989-5 PulSAR ADCs use up only 400uW at 100kSPS and boast ±1LSB and 98dB SNR at 1kHz to deliver high dynamic range with outstanding accuracy and precision, ADI stated.
2015-02-27 ADI touts user-programmable voltage output DAC
The AD5761R integrates a 16bit data converter, 2ppm/C 2.5V reference, output buffer and gain scaling function on-chip, allowing for faster and simpler system design
2002-03-22 Acqiris digitizer cards offer 1GHz bandwidth
The company's V-Class DC series of digitizer cards for digital oscilloscopes offer a bandwidth of 1GHz with a sampling rate of up to 4GSa/s, and a memory length of up to 32 million points.
2002-10-15 Acqiris digitizer cards consume <40W
The DC239 and DC269 1GHz CompactPCI digitizer cards from Acqiris consume <40W.
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