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2002-07-26 YDI, AMD to jointly market semiconductor storage, analysis products
Yield Dynamics Inc. has inked a relationship with Advanced Micro Devices Inc. to market integrated, fab-wide data storage and analysis products for semiconductor manufacturing.
2002-09-30 Weisang equips Astro-Med recorder with analysis software
Weisang has equipped Astro-Med's Dash 18 data acquisition recorder with the FlexPro data analysis software and presentation software.
2006-10-16 Use software tools for efficient data analysis
Selecting the appropriate measurement equipment and software tools can aid data collection and analysis to make the data useful.
2007-10-18 Tool quickens complex network device analysis
Fanfare latest test-automation software, the iTest Team, enables network-equipment makers and service providers to perform complex system testing by executing simultaneous commands to a multitude of different devices in their network to simulate real-life network testing.
2006-03-10 Test software enhances large data-set signal acquisition/analysis
Test and measurement software from National Instruments and Agilent Technologies make data-set signal acquisition and analysis easier.
2009-01-26 Tektronix debuts 'fastest' serial data analysis oscilloscopes
The latest oscilloscopes from Tektronix Inc.DPO70000B digital phosphor oscilloscope (DPO) and DSA70000B digital serial analyzer (DSA) seriesare being touted as the industry's fastest for third-generation serial data analysis.
2014-01-22 Tektronix boosts data analysis segment with PPL buy
With the acquisition of Picosecond Pulse Labs, Tektronix round off its technology portfolio in the segment of high-bandwidth, high-speed data analysis.
2014-03-10 Supply chain management engages big data
The supply market chain eyes big data and predictive analytics as opportunities for growth
2012-10-24 Start-up focuses on data overload in silicon mfg and test
Qualtera's Silicondash is an automated decision support system for semiconductor test data analysis that runs in a choice of secure data centres.
2011-03-08 SpringSoft software offers reusable behavior analysis database
SpringSoft's Siloti Visibility Automation System claims a streamlined, easy-to-use flow for SoC verification and debug that speeds up design preparation time by at least 10X over previous releases.
2011-07-19 Software tool expedites measurement data analysis
NI's NI DIAdem 2011 software is designed to improve efficiency in locating, inspecting, analyzing and reporting on measurement data
2007-10-08 Software carries out serial data link analysis
An end-to-end high-speed serial data analysis software package with test capabilities extending from a transmitter to a receiver and including the connecting channel is now available from Tektronix.
2011-01-13 SD analyzer offers unlimited data capture
Supporting any SD/SDHC/SDIO device, Elan Digital's SDPA1000 is powered from the USB 2.0 host port of any PC and has a POD that "intercepts" SD signals so they can be recorded on the PC hard drive.
2008-07-25 RF tool adds 5.7Mbit/s HSUPA data analysis
Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced a new 5.7Mbit/s HSUPA test capability for its W-CDMA/HSPA Test and Lab Applications, which run on the 8960 (E5515C) Wireless Communications Test Set.
2007-05-01 Rethinking data-plane processing in networks
True 3G technology must support data rates of 2Gbps or above per user. This leap in data rate has forced network vendors to rethink how they implement data-plane processing in their networks
2011-08-25 OPC-HAD support in data acquisition platform
MathWorks has updated its OPT Toolbox that can now deliver historical process data from an OPC HAD server
2013-11-26 Novel processor architecture offers speedy big data analysis
Micron's Automata Processor (AP) architecture's design is based on an adaptation of memory array architecture, exploiting the inherent bit-parallelism of traditional SDRAM.
2008-03-27 NI expands C Series line for data loggers
NI has announced four new C Series modules for data-logging applications including vibration/acoustical data logging and in-vehicle, structural, temperature and pressure testing
2005-12-19 MKS acquires data analysis, modeling software provider
MKS Instruments has entered into an agreement to acquire privately-held Umetrics AB, a provider of multivariate data analysis and modeling software.
2014-04-22 Mining big data sees increasing value across businesses
Companies are placing a premium on big data, seeking to harness it and boost overall business processes. This creates an urgency to narrow, if not close the gap between data and usable information with intelligent data analysis.
2006-02-24 Low-frequency data recorder stores wideband signals to RAID
The new data recorders from R.C. Electronics provide high-capacity accessible data storage, and support sampling rates from 20kHz to 1MHz per channel, for a usable frequency bandwidth of 8kHz to 400kHz
2007-04-30 LabVIEW SignalExpress simplifies data logging, instrument control
National Instruments released the LabVIEW SignalExpress, an interactive measurement software which simplifies data logging, instrument control and academic instruction
2013-06-19 HPC sites offer growth potential for co-processors, Big Data
The recent study by IDC shows the penetration of co-processors and accelerators at HPC sites increased substantially, as well as the application of Big Data technologies and methods
2007-10-01 Evaluating data transfer in HSDPA/W-CDMA nets
Testing mobile phones under real HSDPA/W-CDMA network conditions poses several challenges. A network simulator can serve as a platform for comparing the throughput of different user equipment by providing a stable and reproducible network environment.
2012-12-19 Embedded multi-variate analysis sol'n geared for OEMs
Umetrics' SIMCA-Q 13 claims to simplify and speed up routine multi-variate data analysis work in a user-recognised environment allowing the user to focus on the results.
2011-09-30 Data capture sol'ns boast high bandwidth
Agilent rolls out what it claims as the industry's highest bandwidth PXI data-streaming capability enabling continuous data capture of signals up to 100MHz bandwidth
2011-09-02 Cloud platform to leverage "big data
Fujitsu is developing a cloud platform, tentatively named the Convergence Services Platform, that will leverage "big data
2008-08-01 Choose and use high-speed serial data analysis tools
Serial bus technology raised the bar in performance requirements for high-performance test and measurement instruments used in design, validation and troubleshooting. High data rates are only the initial steps. Designers need better tools to support critical SI measurements and eye diagram analysis.
2014-12-30 Benefits of data acquisition for vehicles
In-vehicle data acquisition can help you diagnose engine problems and improve performance in vehicles. Measurements can help in finding the right trade-off between ease of engine cranking and kickbacks
2011-05-27 Analysis package simplifies validation, data analysis
Carbon Design optimizes data analysis and validation by making its AMBA AXI analysis package available to SoC Designer Plus.
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