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2002-02-13 Winbond offers reference design for text-to-speech IC
Winbond Electronics Corp. America has released a reference design for the WTS701 text-to-speech converter IC. It accelerates product development cycle and time-to-market.
2007-08-28 Transcoder converts MPEG-2 video to full HD H.264
Fujitsu Ltd has developed a new transcoder LSI chip that can convert full HD (1,920dot x 1,080line) MPEG-2 video data to H.264 data
2003-01-17 TI ships fastest 16-bit SAR ADCs
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced a pair of 16-bit SAR data converters, which the company claims to be the industry's fastest ADC
2003-04-04 TI ships delta-sigma ADC samples at 5Msa/s
Texas Instruments has released the ADS1605, which is touted to be the industry's fastest 16-bit delta-sigma ADC.
2002-11-06 TI DAC targets industrial, portable process controls
The company's latest 16-bit quad DAC offering is targeted at portable and low-power systems such as industrial process control apps.
2003-01-13 TI ADC fits portable instrumentation, medical apps
The ADS1244 24-bit delta-sigma ADC draws 90?A and is available in an MSOP-10 casing, making it suitable for use in high-resolution measurements.
2002-07-12 TI 18-bit SAR ADC performs 500kSa/s
Texas Instruments Inc. has released the ADS8381, claimed by the company to be industry's first monolithic 18-bit, 500kSa/s successive approximation register ADC.
2002-04-22 The 'Shift' Chart extension (Macintosh)
This application note describes the process of allowing data in a Chart channel to be shifted backwards or forwards in time using the Shift, a channel calculation extension
2007-07-30 TDC boasts 25 million EPS throughput at full speed
Running at full speed, Agilent's TC890 TDC offers a 25 million events-per-second (EPS) data-throughput rate
2002-02-15 Sipex PDIC enables faster CD, DVD read speeds
The SP8040 is a high-performance four-channel PDIC that combines a photodetector array and high-speed analog processing in a single chip for the pick-up head read-channel.
2004-11-30 Power Integrations offers replacement for regulated linear transformer
Power Integrations has developed a product family that enables cost-effective switching power supplies for low power apps requiring tight output regulation.
2002-04-04 Pentek VME board has four times more ADC channels
Pentek Inc. has announced the Model 6802 ADC 6U VME board that includes an on-board programmable gain instrumentation amplifier, AAF, and 32-channel of ADCfour times the number of channels of other VME solutions.
2003-03-10 Micronas stereo DAC targets portable devices
Micronas GmbH has introduced the DAC 3560C stereo DAC, which is available in a 6-by-6-by-0.9mm QFN package that eyes portable multimedia devices.
2010-07-17 Micro-inverters mate with many module types
A new series of OEM grid-tie micro-inverters can mate to a variety of monocrystalline and polycrystalline type modules.
2002-10-01 Maxwell ships space-qualified DAC
Maxwell Technologies' space-qualified, quad multiplying DAC is a monolithic device based on Analog Devices' 8408 product.
2002-05-28 Maxim USB level translator has 115kV ESD protection
The MAX3341E USB level translator from Maxim Integrated Products converts logic-level signals to USB signals and vice-versa, and provides a built-in 115kV ESD protection on the USB I/O pins, as well as the D+ and D- data lines
2002-03-26 Maxim level translators withstand 15kV ESD
The MAX3372E-MAX3379E/MAX3390E-MAX3393E level translator ICs from Maxim Integrated Products allow low-voltage ASICs with a supply voltage down to 1.2V to communicate with peripherals having a supply voltage of up to 5.5V, and vice-versa.
2003-01-07 Maxim DACs offer enhanced accuracy
The company's MAX5200 to MAX5207 rail-to-rail buffered 16-bit DACs offer a maximum INL of 20LSB.
2002-06-05 MAS DAC replaces trimmer
The MAS9187 from MAS Oy integrates 12 8-bit DACs into a TSSOP-20 package, and is positioned as a replacement for trimmers in dc voltage adjustment applications.
2002-08-28 Linear Tech smart card interface fits 5-by-5mm QFN package
The LTC1955 dual smart card interface provides all of the necessary supervisory, level shifting, and power control functions for two smart cards in a single, 5-by-5mm QFN package.
2003-02-10 Linear Tech ADC eyes high-resolution imaging apps
The LTC1740 14-bit, 6MSa/s ADC is suitable for high-resolution imaging and high-speed data acquisition systems
2002-03-18 Linear Tech 1.25MSa/s ADCs offer programmable mux
Linear Technology has introduced the 10-bit LTC1850 and 12-bit LTC1851, a pair of eight-channel, 1.25MSa/s ADCs with built-in channel-sequencing capability.
2002-02-11 IRF MOSFETs offer 40 percent lower on-resistance
2002-07-23 ICmic DACs target process, motion control apps
IC Microsystems (ICmic) Sdn. Bhd. Has announced the release of the ICM7323 quad 8-bit and ICM7343 quad 10-bit voltage-output DACs.
2003-02-03 Fujitsu DAC aims to cut cellular infrastructure costs
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe's MB86064 dual 14-bit, 800MSa/s DAC is capable of reducing cellular infrastructure cost.
2002-03-27 Ericsson half-brick power module delivers 100A
Designed for wireless telecommunication and data processing applications, Ericsson Microelectronics' PKL 4118A PIT dc/dc converter is claimed to be the world's first half-brick module to deliver 100A at 1.8V
2007-01-19 DIP converters feature 6kV isolation
The new miniature series of 2W DIP converters from MicroPower Direct touts 6kVdc isolation and low cost.
2007-07-24 Delta-sigma ADCs target high-precision apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has trained its sights on multichannel signal acquisition applications with two new industrial ADCs.
2002-02-21 Cherokee's quarter-brick delivers full output at 500C
The 1.2V to 3.3V, 30A quarter-brick dc/dc converters in Cherokee Int.'s Apollo series are said to perform efficiently at ambient temperatures to 50C.
2002-10-16 Bel dc/dc converter ICs operate at 93 percent efficiency
Bel Fuse Inc.'s S7DB Diamondback family of surface-mount dc/dc converters provide output voltages that range from 1Vdc to 5Vdc.
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