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2003-03-21 AKM DAC supports SACD DSD, DVD-Audio formats
Asahi Kasei Microsystems has announced the availability of the AK4358 8-channel DAC that is compatible with both the SACD DSD and DVD-Audio 24-bit formats.
2002-04-09 AKM audio chip combines codec, transceiver
The AK4584 audio codec from Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd integrates the functions of the company's AK4528 codec and the AK4114 digital interface transceiver into a single chip, making it suitable for MD players, CD-R drives, and DVD recorders.
2002-12-03 Advice on using the SL6619
This article outlines a basic circuit for the SL6619 Direct Conversion Pager Receiver for use in standard paging applications at 153MHz, 282MHz and 450MHz
2002-04-02 ADI transmit signal processor rolls
A 104MSa/s four-channel transmit signal processor from Analog Devices Inc. is designed to leverage the high-speed performance of the company's TxDAC family of DACs in multimode, multi-standard wireless basestation architectures.
2002-06-28 ADI ships dual-channel W-CDMA receive signal processor
The VersaCOMM AD6634 dual-channel receive signal processor from Analog Devices Inc. performs 80MSa/s in the input side, and outputs signals into a 16-bit parallel output port.
2002-04-09 ADI DSP targets embedded control apps
The ADSP-2199x family of mixed signal DSPs from Analog Devices Inc. integrates a 160MIPs, 16-bit DSP based on the company's 219x DSP core, and an 8-channel, 14-bit 20MSa/s ADC core into a single chip, and is targeted towards signal processing and embedded control applications.
2002-02-22 ADI chip integrates DSP core, 14-bit ADC
Leveraging its digital signal processing and mixed-signal expertise, Analog Devices Inc. has integrated its ADSP-219X fixed-point DSP and a 20MSa/s, 14-bit ADC into a single chip built on a 0.25?m process.
2002-07-08 ADI 14-bit DAC has serial interface
The AD5531 14-bit, 110V DAC from Analog Devices Inc. comes with a serial interface, providing a unique solution for industrial control and instrumentation apps.
2002-06-19 ADI 12-bit ADC encodes 210MSa/s
The AD9430BSV-210 12-bit ADC from Analog Devices Inc. is capable of encoding at 210MSa/s and is claimed by the company to be 1.5 times faster than similar ADCs.
2005-10-21 VXS board packs dual 2.2GS/s A/D channels
The new Quixilica Neptune 2 VXS from TEK Microsystems combines field programmable gate arrays with dual 2.2GS/s data conversion channels.
2007-03-16 Use CT delta-sigma ADCs to cut down power consumption
Continuous time delta-sigma ADC technology shatters the conventional wisdom that pipeline ADCs are the only conversion technique available for high-speed, dynamic range applications
2005-05-13 Software-defined radio mezzanine module gets ruggedized
Pentek's new board-level high-speed data conversion product achieves the company's highest level of convection-cooled ruggedization.
2009-04-16 Receivers integrate features for Doppler processing
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced the third generation of its octal (eight-channel) ultrasound receivers. The AD9276 and AD9277 octal ultrasound receivers integrate gain, filtering, data conversion and demodulation for CW Doppler signal processing on a single chip.
2006-07-26 Op amp promises glitch-free performance
Texas Instruments' OPA365 utilizes a zero-crossover input architecture to achieve glitchless rail-to-rail performance for precision data conversion applications.
2004-06-01 Intersil targets analog market with Xicor deal
Smart battery ICs and expertise in data conversion were among the assets that made Xicor Corp. a key acquisition for Intersil Corp., executives from both companies said.
2001-08-29 Improving system accuracy
This application note explains how to improve system accuracy by presenting an example on data conversion system design.
2006-06-27 Hybrid ADC module cuts distortion by 90%
Optichron is sampling 16bit ADC modules that can reduce non-linear distortion by more than 90 percent in pipelined data converters
2007-04-23 Enhancing LMH0031 jitter performance With Easy-To-Use VCXOs
The LMH0031 SMPTE 292M/259M digital video deserializer is a monolithic IC that deserializes and decodes SMPTE 292M, 1.485Gbps serial component video data, to 20bit parallel data with a synchronized parallel word-rate clock
2015-09-17 Dual-channel generators operate from 3V to 20V
The LT3095 from Linear Tech offers a simple, compact solution footprint with good efficiency for instrumentation amplifiers, RF and data conversion systems, and other low noise biasing applications.
2005-04-13 Digitizers tout 25Gbps
In the world of high-speed digitizers, Switzerland-based Acqiris has established a beachhead with its very high-speed data conversion instruments.
2005-07-14 DACs tout low power
National Semiconductor expanded its data conversion offering with three low-power, pin- and function-compatible 8-, 10- and 12-bit digital-to-analog converters.
2003-02-17 Bridging optical and Ethernet
Through the use of flexible bridging technologies, the existing optical infrastructure can support today's data-heavy traffic patterns allows new features without overly taxing unavailable corporate investment
2012-10-10 Analog Devices rolls 14bit, 250MSPS ADC
The dual-channel AD9250 touts the JEDEC JESD204B serial output data interface standard that accommodates the precise synchronisation of multiple data-conversion channels through a serial interface.
2003-01-24 Wolfson audio codec adds touchscreen interface support
The WM9712L audio codec features a streaming data touchscreen interface into a 7-by-7mm QFN package
2014-01-22 Wideband systems for RF signal monitoring
Find out how we can fulfil the requirement for equipment that can capture wideband signals, and can deal with the large amount of data created
2006-02-02 Wideband RF development platform records and plays back
Pentek's new development platforms are for realtime wideband data acquisition, signal processing and recording
2016-03-15 Vicor's 48V modules support Google's 48V server infrastructure
The modules allow for more efficient, dense, cost-effective and reliable power distribution, meeting what Google aims to promote as server and distribution infrastructure standard for data centers
2015-04-27 Verilog-AMS vs SPICE view for SoC verification
In this article, we comparatively analyse the usage of Verilog/Verilog-AMS and SPICE views from the perspective of data converters and clocking IPs in an SoC
2013-02-25 Transceiver targets 60GHz multi-Gb wireless comm
Imec and Panasonic unveiled a low power beamforming transceiver chipset that can be used in low-cost, high-data rate solutions for battery-operated mobile devices
2007-04-23 Tool accelerates fixed-point MATLAB algorithms
The MathWorks has released Fixed-Point Toolbox 2, which provides enhanced floating-to-fixed-point conversion capabilities and accelerated fixed-point MATLAB algorithms that execute at compiled C-code speed
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