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2013-03-15 Industrial switching router geared for M2M apps
The AR530 from Huawei integrates multiple functions such as routing, switching, security and data collection
2008-01-31 Improve SNR in multiple ADCs
The constant innovation and development in the wireless communications field comes with a demand for faster and higher resolution high-speed data converters
2007-04-02 Improve car safety with smart sensors
Designed to either increase accident avoidance or reduce crash severity, ADAS is touted by automotive analysts as the top new technology for 2010. ADAS applications use various sensors to collect physical data about the vehicle and its surroundings
2011-07-27 Implementing host based HDLC using quasi-synchronous mode
Read about the use of Teridian 73M2901CE to perform an asynchronous to synchronous conversion to the data going over the DTE interface to and from the host system.
2009-05-21 Highly-integrated power module simplifies design
Intersil Corp. has released the ISL8201M, a highly integrated power conversion module that saves space, reduces cost and simplifies design
2012-07-10 Gigabit serial links paves way for multi-core scalability
Built on top of the serdes for data-intensive apps, gigabit serial interfaces minimize system cost and pin count while improving parallelism, performance and capacity
2008-04-15 Fast Ethernet controller boosts IP video streaming
Teridian Semiconductor has started to sample the 78Q8430 10/100 Fast Ethernet multimedia offload controller for video streaming and mixed media (data, voice and VoIP) applications
2005-06-07 Extensible modular DAQ system records to SD memory cards
Dataq Instruments' latest 14-bit eight-channel instruments either stream data to your PC, or collect data as standalone data loggers
2014-02-10 Exploring TIC digital interface
Read about a TIC digital interface, which considers an early analog-to-digital conversion
2008-07-15 Ethernet media converter stretches EMC performance
The eCon 3011 is designed to ease the migration to optical-fibre communication in industrial applications where electrical Ethernet data transmission reaches the limits of its performance, allowing users to extend the range and improve EMC immunity
2006-02-21 Digital signal controllers have highest PWM resolution
Texas Instruments announced four new members of the TMS320C2000 platform designed for motor control, digital power conversion and intelligent sensor control
2005-11-25 DAQ card packs its own clock
Interactive Circuits and Systems rolled out its ICS-645D 32-channel 5-Msample/s data acquisition card (8-channel and 16 channel versions are also available
2005-07-19 CMOS IC acts as analog front end
ProTek Analog released a mixed-signal CMOS monolithic device that integrates analog-to-digital converter conversion operations on a single chip
2009-01-16 Boosting power supply efficiency
This article presents laboratory-derived data that demonstrates the benefits of SBR when used in the secondary stage of a power supply. In particular, it highlights how Super Barrier Rectifiers improve efficiency, reduce component temperature and increase the overall ruggedness of the power supply without the need for expensive re-designs
2003-01-21 AVX to convert SMT tantalum caps to lead-free technology
AVX Corp. has announced that it will complete conversion of its commercial line of surface mount tantalum capacitors to lead-free technology in the first six months of 2003
2014-07-01 ARM-based processors support industrial connectivity
The Sitara AM437x processor family from TI offers support for industrial protocols for both automation and industrial drives, and features dual camera for data terminals with bar code scanning
2004-05-27 Analog Devices 8-bit ADC achieves linearity at 250MSPS
Analog Devices' new 8-bit ADC achieves a conversion rate of 250MSPS while maintaining a differential nonlinearity of 0.25LSB
2002-12-05 Agilent optocouplers transmits at 50MBd
The HCPL-7723/0723 optocouplers are capable of transmitting data at a 50MBd rate and exhibit 2ns of pulse width distortion
2003-04-01 Advanced MEMS usher in all-optical networks
MEMS-based networks enable all-optical communication, freeing up networks from the data rate, bandwidth, latencies, signal loss, cost and protocol dependencies intrinsic in optical networks with electrical conversion.
2004-08-17 ADI ADC packs power in 3-by-3mm TSOT package
ADI introduced ten serial ADCs that promise to bring ultra-compact packaging technology to data acquisition equipment and automotive systems
2006-03-17 ACT/Technico claims first removable PMC storage solution
ACT/Technico introduced a PMC storage solution that enables the removal of data without requiring removal of the host board
2012-06-04 A look at environmentally-aware lighting
The coming wave of cognitive lighting will demand independent smart sensors that are environmentally aware to provide data on the surrounding environment and save energy
2011-08-02 73M2901CE quasi-synchronous operation
Learn about the ability of 73M2901CE modem to perform an asynchronous to synchronous conversion to the data going over the DTE interface to and from the host system.
2008-09-02 30Gbit/s Serdes with clock jitter cleaner debuts from TI
Texas Instruments introduced a four-channel Serdes IC that enables high-speed, bidirectional, point-to-point data transmission with up to 30Gbit/s
2005-05-04 16-bit digital signal controller targets cost-sensitive apps
Freescale says the price/performance and peripheral capability of its new 56F8000 series of digital signal controllers (DSC) address motor control for appliances, as well as digital power conversion
2006-02-03 Minimize lightning damage on satellite antennae
A dedicated IC, an LNB voltage regulator can be damaged by a lightning strike on the coaxial cable or antenna that generates a high current, high voltage surge at the voltage regulator. Here's how to protect without restricting data transmission performance
2009-03-03 Voltage reference vastly reduces energy consumption over typical solution
Using a shunt reference and op amp, a low-power, low-voltage series reference can be designed. The circuit consumes very low power (2.4?A) and offers excellent line regulation (90dB) and load regulation (0.1V/A).
2010-03-26 Using the video port of TMS320DM646x
This application note has supplemental information about using the DM646x video port. The tips and tricks in this document are useful in video security applications as well as other applications that make use of the video port.
2009-08-13 Update: ITC import ban impact remains unclear
The U.S. import ban of a broad range of chips using fine-pitch BGA packages potentially has far reaching impact.
2007-09-27 Transceivers enable thumb-sized WiMAX terminals
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced RF-to-digital baseband transceivers designed to enable broadband connectivity in mobile communications terminals using WiMAX.
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