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2015-02-24 Designing data and power I2C/PMBus data interfaces
A reliable interface for transmitting data is a key requirement for industrial and instrumentation, telecommunications and medical applications. Read this article to learn how to design such interface
2013-02-14 Design DC-DC converter with DS1875 PWM controller
Learn about the operation of a boost converter that uses the DS1875
2005-10-06 DC/DC converter takes all-digital form
Emerson Network Power bills its Astec DTX as the industry's first all-digital DC/DC (isolated) converter
2006-07-10 DC/DC converter tailored for data-storage apps
STMicroelectronics has introduced an advanced high-frequency step-down DC/DC converter particularly suited for use in data-storage and handheld applications.
2009-11-10 DC/DC converter powers 12V intermediate bus
Ericsson Power Modules has launched the PKB4513PINBLC is 50W eighth-brick DC/DC converter that powers 12V intermediate bus architectures
2014-04-15 DC/DC converter module delivers power up to 50W
The power module from Ericsson features an ultra-wide input voltage from 18V to 75V, an output current of 15A at 3.3V output, and a built-in functional isolation of 2250Vdc for Power-over-Ethernet applications.
2013-10-09 DC/DC converter manages 3G,LTE bandwidths up to 20MHz
The LM3290 step-down converter with integrated DC boost enable the use of envelope tracking techniques in RF transmitters to reduce the power amplifier temperature by 20C
2005-12-20 DC/DC converter IC reduces BOM, PCB size
STMicroelectronics introduced a DC/DC converter chip that allows two different output voltages to be generated using a single external coil
2011-06-16 DC/DC converter features fly-buck topology
Texas Instruments has released the TPS55010, a primary-side feedback transformer driver for isolated 2W power supplies.
2010-07-07 DC/DC converter digitally configures via I?C bus
From Semtech Corp. comes the SC493 digitally controlled DC/DC converter that configures and interrogates the status of the controller via an I?C bus
2009-06-18 DC/DC converter delivers accurate voltage reference
Texas Instruments has extended it s family of easy-to-use SWIFT power management ICs with the introduction of the single-chip, 6A, 17V step-down synchronous switcher with integrated FETs.
2008-06-05 DC/DC converter adds output current cut-off function
STMicroelectronics has introduced a step-up DC/DC converter that is said to be the first on the market to feature an output current cut-off function
2009-07-08 DC/DC converter adds 40mins talk time
Fairchild Semiconductor has launched an RF power DC/DC converter, claimed to be the smallest of its kind for 3G handsets and wireless datacards
2006-03-13 Data acq ICs target auto, industrial apps
austriamicrosystems has unveiled its AS8500/AS8501 family of sensor interfaces used for the acquisition of physical quantities.
2006-02-16 Converter tool offers faster, easier access to DBF records
HiBase Group announces the release of DBF converter, a tool for DBF export to other formats. According to the press release, this tool delivers a host of new features aimed at faster and easier access to DBF records
2009-06-01 Converter IC links DisplayPort to DTVs
Parade Technologies Ltd has developed what it claims to the first native DisplayPort to HDMI/DVI converter device
2009-01-14 Converter enables low-cost DisplayPort-to-VGA connection
STMicroelectronics has launched what it claims to be the first single-chip DisplayPort-to-VGA converter to aid in the rapid transition to DisplayPort as the next-generation display interconnect standard
2007-02-16 Converter enables car passengers to listen to different FM stations simultaneously
The NXP Sigma-Delta converter eliminates the need for radios to individually filter each FM radio channel, enabling every passenger in the vehicle to listen to a different radio station or source simultaneously with a single in-dash car radio using wired or wireless headsets
2009-07-16 Converter clocking tech extends to high speed data clocks (Part I)
Here's a discussion of clocking technologies required for converter clock systems
2009-02-09 Converter chip brings cleaner, accurate images
Analog Devices Inc. has developed a current-to-digital converter chip that enables high slice count computed tomography (CT) scanner systems to capture real-time moving images, such as a beating heart, with a high degree of accuracy and detail
2006-11-16 Converter architecture for metering apps
The use of intelligent mixed-signal, multichannel SoC-based programmable devices has already spurred new levels of functionality, performance and cost reduction in metering applications.
2009-02-13 Compact dual output point of load converter based on the PM6680 step-down controller
This application note demonstrates the performance of the PM6680 dual step-down controller by implementing a two output point of load converter in a small PCB footprint
2010-06-01 Closed-loop control circuit implementation of the ADuC832 MicroConverter IC and the AD8305 logarithmic converter in a digital variable optical attenuator
This application note focuses on the control circuitry, using the ADuC832 MicroConverter IC and the AD8305 logarithmic converter, for a MEMS-based, silicon, optical wave-guide, digitally controlled variable optical attenuator (DVOA
2013-11-18 Choosing DC-DC converter for space applications
Know the issues and requirements for sourcing a space application power converter
2013-05-31 Channel compensation methods in JESD204B converter
Converters with either the JESD204B receiver or transmitter can offer channel compensation strategies on their physical layer to minimise the design effort and time.
2008-05-12 CAT4238EVAL1 evaluation board for CAT4238 10-LED boost converter
This document describes the CAT4238EVAL1 evaluation board for Catalyst's CAT4238 high efficiency 10-LED boost converter
2004-04-22 C&D dc-dc converter delivers up to 40A at 1Vdc
A new series of standard open-frame quarter brick converters from C&D Technologies is capable of delivering up to 40A at voltages as low as 1Vdc.
2003-08-11 C&D dc-dc converter delivers 1.2V output
C&D Technologies has expanded its line of 50W dc-dc converters with the release of the single-output device that delivers the low voltages demanded by modern ASIC- and DSP-based designs.
2008-07-08 Bus converter outputs 300W at 42A
Ericsson Power Modules' eighth brick sized PKB-NG DC/DC bus converter provides an output power of 300W at 42A
2013-02-14 Bus converter aimed at NAS apps
Ericsson's BMR4560004/018 targets applications that operate with high capacitive loads up to 15mF and for data centres designed for high performance and reliability
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