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2012-12-05 Examining successive-approximation register ADC
Here's a closer look at the inner workings of SAR-ADC and the requirements for its converter driver.
2013-12-30 Examining JESD204B converter protocol advances
JESD204 was originally rolled out several years ago, but it has undergone revisions that are making it a much more attractive and efficient converter interface.
2013-02-13 Equalising methods flatten DAC frequency response
Higher update rates flatten the frequency response, but also increase the DAC's cost and complexity.
2007-09-06 Eighth-brick DC/DC converter delivers 24V output
SynQor has expanded its eighth-brick DC/DC converter family with a device that delivers a tightly regulated 24V output at up to 3A in the DOSA.
2007-04-19 Dual, quad ADCs promise high speed, low power
TI unveiled a new family of two- and four-channel 12bit and 14bit ADCs featuring high speed, low power and high performance housed in tiny 9-by-9mm packages.
2013-12-26 Digital trigger system with low trigger jitter
Read about a digital trigger system in an oscilloscope that results in very low trigger jitter.
2015-09-30 Developing RF generators for medical apps
Designing an RF generator for use in medical applications can prove an exercise in jumping through regulatory hoops. This article should give anyone involved some idea of the key hurdles and some ways to overcome them.
2006-11-13 DC/DCs for CDMA power amps include bypass FET
Maxim Integrated Products' new 2.5MHz DC/DC converters integrate a low-RDS bypass FET to minimize PCB area and extend battery lifetimes
2006-07-18 DC/DC modules for board-level apps deliver 25-50W
For board-level DAQ, communications and industrial I/O applications, Astrodyne's single-output ASD50 series of DC/DC converters deliver 25-50W
2014-09-17 Converting lithium-ion to primary battery
Converting a lithium-ion design to primary cells is sometimes an intermediate step in the design process. To help you accomplish this, we provide some strategies and example solutions in this article.
2013-11-18 Choosing DC-DC converter for space applications
Know the issues and requirements for sourcing a space application power converter.
2012-08-02 Cheat sheet for RS-485
This cheat sheet is a quick reference for designers implementing RS-485, and is designed to keep them out of trouble from the get go.
2004-08-19 Artesyn, Summit Microelectronics team on power systems
Artesyn Technologies Inc. and Summit Microelectronics Inc. have entered into a strategic agreement to develop comprehensive power system control and conversion solutions aimed at distributed power architecture designs for telecommunications and data communications systems
2016-03-14 Artesyn's power supply offers broad range of Vac, Vdc inputs
Artesyn released new power supply series with both DC-DC's staying within regulation down to zero load for feeding downstream DC-DC converters in systems that use DPA
2004-12-23 Analog decoders outdo digital in wireless test
Advanced digital wireless standards like those overseen by the 3G Partnership Project use iterative communications protocols that provide error correction simultaneously with optimal compression.
2014-03-12 ADI unveils low-power 18bit ADCs
The AD7989-1 and AD7989-5 PulSAR ADCs use up only 400uW at 100kSPS and boast ±1LSB and 98dB SNR at 1kHz to deliver high dynamic range with outstanding accuracy and precision, ADI stated.
2007-01-01 Achieving high-performance DAQ via USB
Properly implemented, a DAQ module can use the PC's USB 2.0 port to pump data into a PC as fast as PCI-based cards
2005-05-20 A/D converter board boosts signal bandwidth
Pentek customers can now boost signal bandwidth by nearly an order of magnitude with the release of the Model 6826 VME A/D Converter board
2012-05-08 A primer on JESD204 standard for ADCs
Learn about this digital interface standard and its design implications.
2013-07-19 12bit, 80MSPS ADCs boast 3.5mW power consumption
The increase in Synopsys' 12bit ADCs' performance to 320 MSPS enables greater flexibility for system definition in communications applications such as those enabled by LTE and WiFi 802.11ac protocols.
2009-12-07 12-/16bit ADCs generate less noise for medical apps
ADI's new ADCs offer 125Hz output data rate, generate less noise and consume 25 percent less current
2002-11-26 STMicro SoC device to play crucial role in LHC experiment
STMicroelectronics has started production of the SoC device known as ALTRO, a chip jointly developed by ST and the ALICE Collaboration.
2013-06-27 Small-signal MOSFETs in DC-to-DC conversion
Here are some examples of DC-to-DC down-converters using small-signal MOSFETs
2008-05-07 EV-125 I?C/S2Cwire controller with AAT1142 demo board
This document describes how to connect the I?C/S2Cwire controller board to AnalogicTech's AAT1142 dynamically programmable DC/DC buck converter.
2010-04-23 Determining minimum acquisition times for SAR ADCs when a step function is applied to the input
This application report analyzes a simple method for calculating minimum acquisition times for SAR ADCs.
2001-10-12 Designing a DSP system
This application note describes various aspects of DSP system design such as interfacing A/D and D/A converters, DAQ techniques (Busy-Polling, Interrupts, DMA), control interface design, memory considerations, and development systems
2007-06-11 DC/DC module trim with digital potentiometers
This application note describes the trimming technique for DC/DC converter modules using industry standards for output voltage trim.
2008-06-05 DC/DC converter adds output current cut-off function
STMicroelectronics has introduced a step-up DC/DC converter that is said to be the first on the market to feature an output current cut-off function.
2007-02-16 Converter enables car passengers to listen to different FM stations simultaneously
The NXP Sigma-Delta converter eliminates the need for radios to individually filter each FM radio channel, enabling every passenger in the vehicle to listen to a different radio station or source simultaneously with a single in-dash car radio using wired or wireless headsets.
2007-05-31 ADCs eye compact apps, devices
austriamicrosystems AG has rolled out the AS1524/25 ADC family suitable for small battery-powered devices and portable DAQ systems.
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