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2005-07-28 Dual-output miniDIPs simplify dc-dc portable power
The dual-output G100E family of miniaturized DC/DC converters from MicroPower Direct delivers 1W for a wide variety of board level apps in which space is limited
2015-09-17 Dual-channel generators operate from 3V to 20V
The LT3095 from Linear Tech offers a simple, compact solution footprint with good efficiency for instrumentation amplifiers, RF and data conversion systems, and other low noise biasing applications
2005-09-12 DS-UWB vs. 802.11n: What's the best connectivity option?
Systems that use wider bandwidths can have fundamentally different design approaches to provide wireless connectivity solutions that scale to even higher data rates and lower complexity implementations than 802.11 WLAN
2012-06-19 Display interface family tips DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4
STMicroelectronics' Mystique family of high-speed active-protocol bi-directional converters are designed for managing audio and video signals between DisplayPort and HDMI
2005-08-22 DACs with 500MS/s update rates
Maxim expanded its high-speed data-converter portfolio by introducing 10 low-power, high-dynamic-performance, pin-compatible, 12-/14-/16-bit, dual digital-to-analog converters with update rates up to 500MS/s
2005-07-14 DACs tout low power
National Semiconductor expanded its data conversion offering with three low-power, pin- and function-compatible 8-, 10- and 12-bit digital-to-analog converters.
2005-08-11 DACs integrate programmable offset, gain calibration algorithm
Maxim Integrated Products announced the MAX5762-MAX5765 (16-bit) and MAX5773/MAX5774/MAX5775 (14-bit) 32-channel, digital-to-analog converters that integrate a programmable offset and gain calibration algorithm
2005-04-15 DACs consume 2mA supply current during write operations
These dual and quad buffered, rail-to-rail, 8bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs) from Maxim Integrated Products tout low power and the I?C interface
2005-07-27 DAC cuts power by 70 percent
These fourth generation high-speed Tx D/A converters from ADI feature a small footprint (32-lead FLCSP), low power consumption (190mW to 135mW), and increased functionality
2005-08-17 Controller expands digital power management
The PS-2606 power system controller from Potentia Semiconductor provides a complete power management solution for up to six non-isolated dc-dc converters and one intermediate bus in telecom, networking, and data storage apps.
2015-05-14 Connecting passive components to logic gates
By adding a few passive components, you can make circuits such as level converters, frequency multipliers, phase detectors, line drivers, and pulse changers
2011-08-08 Circuit protection units ease transition to new automotive technologies
Learn how circuit protection devices can address the challenges brought about by the demand for increased number of power components and high-data-rate connections in automotive designs
2002-02-21 Cherokee's quarter-brick delivers full output at 500C
The 1.2V to 3.3V, 30A quarter-brick dc/dc converters in Cherokee Int.'s Apollo series are said to perform efficiently at ambient temperatures to 50C
2004-04-22 C&D dc-dc converter delivers up to 40A at 1Vdc
A new series of standard open-frame quarter brick converters from C&D Technologies is capable of delivering up to 40A at voltages as low as 1Vdc
2003-08-11 C&D dc-dc converter delivers 1.2V output
C&D Technologies has expanded its line of 50W dc-dc converters with the release of the single-output device that delivers the low voltages demanded by modern ASIC- and DSP-based designs
2005-07-13 Brick delivers 600W
Emerson Network Power's Astec AIF-300Vin full-brick DC/DC converters deliver up to 600W for demanding military, industrial, and test-and-measurement apps
2002-10-16 Bel dc/dc converter ICs operate at 93 percent efficiency
Bel Fuse Inc.'s S7DB Diamondback family of surface-mount dc/dc converters provide output voltages that range from 1Vdc to 5Vdc
2006-01-26 austriamicro's new 'low-power' ADCs
austriamicro recently introduced the AS1530/31 family, a new line of fully differential 12bit, 8-channel, low power analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with 2.5V internal reference
2014-07-01 ARM-based processors support industrial connectivity
The Sitara AM437x processor family from TI offers support for industrial protocols for both automation and industrial drives, and features dual camera for data terminals with bar code scanning
2005-05-18 Agilent abets connectivity with National Instruments gear
Agilent announced that its I/O Libraries Suite and its IEEE-488/GPIB cards and converters will soon work within National Instruments' LabVIEW and LabWindows environments. The suite starts at less than $400
2005-09-21 AFE improves ultrasound images
Analog Devices rolled out a quad variable gain amplifier and two quad analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) that are said to dramatically improve image quality in advanced medical ultrasound equipment
2005-10-13 ADI's latest product families tailored for high-voltage apps
Analog Devices is rolling out four new product families (A/D converters, intelligent sensors, JFET op amps and voltage references
2008-05-23 ADI beefs up digital isolation portfolio
ADI is expanding its extensive family of digital isolation products with a series of four-channel devices that isolate both data and power
2004-08-17 ADI ADC packs power in 3-by-3mm TSOT package
ADI introduced ten serial ADCs that promise to bring ultra-compact packaging technology to data acquisition equipment and automotive systems
2005-11-17 ADCs deliver 165MSPS
Texas Instruments introduced a pair of 8/10-bit triple analog-to-digital converters providing up to 165MSPS
2003-09-12 AD7732/AD7734/AD7738/AD7739 calibration registers
This application note concentrates on the AD7739 but is also applicable to the AD7732, AD7734, and AD7738 A/D converters. The purpose of this application note is to explore the calibration registers in more detail than is found on the data sheets.
2016-03-17 Achieve picosecond precision with FPGA techniques
When dealing with digital converters implemented on FPGA, you need to take important features into consideration to reach picosecond precision
2011-07-21 STMicro unveils power supply solutions
STMicro has revealed its new line of power supply systems that include DC/DC converters, battery chargers, battery level indicators and home smart meters that, the company said, support energy efficiency
2014-05-13 Power tester detects thermally-induced failures in real time
The industrial power tester from Mentor Graphics can power modules through tens of thousandspotentially millionsof cycles while providing "real-time" failure-in-progress data for diagnostics
2007-06-20 High-speed ADC SPI control software
The SPI controller program provides access to high-speed converters that are SPI enabled. Running this program opens a window that provides complete control of available functions of the converters. ADI's High Speed Converter Division discusses the features of the SPI controller program
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