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2003-06-12 LSI Logic, Intel enter development pact
LSI Logic Corp. has forged joint validation and development efforts with Intel to deliver MegaRAID solutions.
2008-10-01 Low-cost USB module eases board installation
Data Translation has launched an OEM version of its DT9812-10V low-cost USB module
2005-04-13 Less-than-$1,500 DA board packs USB, 300MHz DSP
Data acquisition board maker Data Translation (DT) is now shipping a less-than-$1500 data acquisition and control board
2009-05-19 LatticeECP3 sysIO usage guide
This application note describes the sysIO standards available and how to implement them using Lattice's ispLEVER design software.
2002-11-05 Latest Jungo WinDriver to expand options for developers
Jungo Software Technologies will soon introduce a newer version of its WinDriver, a software development toolkit that enables developers to create custom device drivers that can run on a multitude of OSs without modification.
2007-06-19 LabVIEW driver for UltraFast devices debuts
Strategic Test Corp. has announced the availability of a LabVIEW driver for their UltraFast range of digitizer, arbitrary waveform generator and high-speed digital I/O PCI cards
2015-07-23 Keyboard, display multiplexing: The traditional approach
Learn about multiplexing, the technique of configuring displays and keyboards/switches in a matrix in order to reduce the number of I/O lines used in hardware
2011-08-24 JEDEC announces DDR4 standard specs
The DDR4 memory chip standard will include three data width offerings, differential signaling, data masking and a new termination scheme, says JEDEC
2013-04-11 IPETRONIK rolls out new plug-in options for IPEmotion
With the AVR-NET-IO- and Atmel-Plug-ins, the IPEmotion can now be deployed in other areas beyond typical measurement data acquisition
2005-08-08 Introduction to Programmable Systems-on-a-Chip
There are a variety of programmable SoCs complete with underlying architectures and technologies. Tradeoffs exist between different programmable SoC devices.
2003-04-16 Internet Protocol lands a role in SANs
With today's high demand for flexible, storage architectures such as SANs and NASs, IP-based storage is the best bet when interoperability and total cost of ownership is considered.
2002-02-11 InterlinkBT Spanner module transfers up to 128 bytes
The FDN-DN1 Spanner module transfers up to 128 bytes of data per message between two PLCs using DeviceNet
2008-05-22 Interfacing LVPECL devices to QuickLogic Eclipse and Eclipse-II FPGAs
This application note discusses software implementation and board level issues when interfacing LVPECL devices with QuickLogic Eclipse FPGAs.
2002-05-27 Intel drops plans for InfiniBand silicon
Intel Corp. has abandoned plans to provide InfiniBand silicon and will instead rely on third-party host control adapters that will be tied to future Intel server chip sets using the I/O standard
2014-09-10 Intel delivers third-gen Xeon processors
In benchmarking the new 22nm, 3D Tri-Gate technology, Intel claimed its new Xeon processors had already broken world performance records with up to threefold increases over generation two.
2005-04-18 Integrating high-speed transceivers in FPGAs
The benefits of less board space and increased flexibility make FPGAs with embedded transceivers an attractive solution to board designers.
2014-11-19 Integrated production control system promises to reduce cost
The CENTUM VP R6.01 from Yokogawa is geared to meet the most stringent industry requirements for safe and reliable plant operations and environmental protection.
2004-11-01 Inside the HyperTransport 2.0 Interface
Get to know the evolution of HyperTransport as a useful interconnect technology in simplifying board-level designs.
2000-12-01 Infiniband requires design trade-offs
Primary players in the computer industry are developing the Infiniband architecture as the next generation of server I/O, with the intent of eventually replacing PCI
2004-09-01 Infiniband delivers flexibility
Infiniband as a backplane technology offers new flexibility that allow for rapid remapping of applications.
2005-03-02 Inexpensive DA, control modules use plug-and-play USB
In its ECONseries product roll-out, Data Translation relies on serial USB 2.0's so-called full-speed mode, operating at 12Mbps
2015-11-03 Imec, Ghent University reveal laser arrays on 300mm Si wafer
The breakthrough paves a path toward high-volume manufacturing of cost-effective photonic ICs with monolithically integrated laser sources to enable faster data transfer between logic and memory chips
2015-03-02 imec announces WDM hybrid CMOS silicon photonics transceiver
The SiPh chip, fabricated on imec's 25Gb/s Silicon Photonics Platform, includes an array of four compact 25Gb/s ring modulators, coupled to a common bus waveguide to allow WDM transmission.
2007-01-01 IDT rolls 10Gbps RapidIO serial buffer
A new 12Mbit serial buffer from IDT is designed as a RadioIO-specific memory for use in 10Gbps networks for advanced mobile video services in wireless-infrastructure apps.
2005-03-16 I/Os for distributed automation control
This article describes the idea of the industrial CAN I/O module and the data exchange between connected modules being done using a CAN bus
2003-09-24 Honda Tsushin connectors designed for network apps
Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co. Ltd has started sample shipments of its HIB series of I/O connectors that are suitable for 4 channel I/O interface
2013-01-14 High speed circuit sim ready for analog LSI designs
Armed with an advanced circuit simulation engine with multi-threading technology Cforce,
2013-07-18 Hi-rel Qorivva microcontrollers for aerospace applications
The PC5674F is based on a Power Architecture e200z7 core that runs up to 264MHz and embeds advanced features such as a Single Instruction Multiple Data capable Floating Point Unit
2014-02-14 Google bets high on lower latency for cloud service
A Google fellow told attendees at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference that data center chips need lower latencies to keep up with the increase in volume of managed data
2015-12-07 Get 500W in converter with GaN (Part 1)
Part 1 covers brick technology, a comparison of eGaN FETs to silicon MOSFETS, a basic overview of the GaN-based eighth-brick design, and experimental results.
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