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2009-05-25 Multi-I/O SPI flash enables faster data transmission
Spansion Inc. has rolled out a new family of SPI flash memory devices based on 90nm NOR technology.
2008-08-21 Modules synchronize time, frequency of data systems
Symmetricom has launched its latest PCI time and frequency processor modules, the bc635PCI-V2 and GPS referenced bc637PCI-V2, providing precise time and frequency references to host computers and peripheral data acquisition systems
2007-10-09 Master the I/O planning puzzle
Systemwide I/O planning is an exercise in coordinating device placement with associated pin and net assignments across the chip-package-board system to maximize system quality for the target application. Achieving this goal is a multidomain balancing act of tradeoffs and iterations
2005-05-18 Low-capacitance ESD protection device eyes high data-rate apps
Raychem Circuit Protection expanded its circuit protection portfolio with the introduction of its electrostatic discharge protection devices.
2005-06-10 Less-than-$100 module puts TTL I/O on your network
When installed on any 10Base-T Ethernet network, the intelligent EtherI/O24 module from Saelig comprises a deterministic I/O platform
2009-05-20 LatticeECP3 high-speed I/O interface
This application note describes how to use the capabilities of the LatticeECP3 devices to implement the high-speed generic DDR interface, and the DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 memory interfaces.
2007-04-30 LabVIEW SignalExpress simplifies data logging, instrument control
National Instruments released the LabVIEW SignalExpress, an interactive measurement software which simplifies data logging, instrument control and academic instruction
2016-02-02 IP subsystem speeds up data fusion processing in IoT apps
The Synopsys DesignWare Smart Data Fusion IP Subsystem packs the latest ARC EM DSP processors, and is optimised for highly efficient DSP performance and ultra-low energy consumption
2005-06-23 Intersil's seven new data transceivers comply to RS-485, RS-422
Intersil's seven new devices are BiCMOS 3.3V powered, single data transceivers that meet both the RS-485 and RS-422 standards for differential data communications
2000-06-01 Interfacing for high-speed I/O board designs
The most difficult problem for designers of high-performance real-time DSP and data acquisition systems is simply moving data. Many factors contribute to this data-flow dilemma, and traditional methods of handling these tasks are no longer viable
2008-07-18 Interface devices tout ultralow voltage, I/O protection
Micrel Inc. has introduced an ultralow voltage CML product family to its growing portfolio of high performance interface products.
2002-04-18 Intel cuts flash memory I/O to 1.8V
Intel Corp.'s Flash memory group has unveiled a two-pronged strategy to reduce the operating voltages of its non-volatile devices to 1.8V and churn out more advanced packages.
2006-11-09 Intel broadens access to its data acceleration tech
Intel recently announced that it will encourage broader use of its Intel I/OAT with the introduction of Intel QuickData Technology, an open version of the company's data acceleration technology
2006-10-10 Industrial MOBO supports data-intensive business apps
Adlink said its new MicroATX motherboard meets the challenges of modern data-intensive business applications, which include graphics, image processing and intelligence transportation systems
2007-10-02 Implementing file I/O functions using Microchip's memory disk drive file system library
This application note covers the usage of file I/O functions using Microchip's memory disk drive file system library
2007-05-16 IC offers level shifting for data transfer in multivoltage systems
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX3397E two-channel, bidirectional level translator that provides level shifting for data transfer in a multivoltage system
2012-12-03 IBM's flash I/O tech pledges to support multi-core systems
With next-generation flash sub-systems needing to support multi-core processors, IBM has been busy developing a new storage I/O technology geared for flash
2011-01-11 IBIS Data for CML, PECL, LVDS interface ICs
Read about the interpretation and limitations of I/O Buffer Information Specification (IBIS) data in fiber circuit interfaces.
2002-06-14 I/O, QinetiQ codevelop fiber-optic sensors, systems
Input/Output Inc. and QinetiQ have formed a strategic alliance to jointly develop fiber-optic systems and sensors for seismic data acquisition systems for marine and ocean bottom environments
2006-11-01 I/O virtualization software eases network traffic
NetXen Inc.'s NetSlice performs I/O virtualization by bypassing the virtual machine monitors present in many server OS suites
2010-01-04 I/O modules ease 802.11n adoption
Redpine's modules are the first in the industry to bring single-stream 802.11n connectivity to standard 8bit MCUs.
2006-07-04 I/O interfaces feature dust, waterproof sealing
Samtec has unveiled new circular I/O interfaces that meet IP68 specifications for dust and waterproof sealing in industrial or other rugged/harsh environment applications
2005-02-03 I/O box expands PC systems with plug-and-play USB
Measurement Computing Corp.'s new multi-I/O USB-1096HFS is a smashing example of the power of USB 2.0 on the bench and in the lab
2005-04-26 I/O board is low-profile PCI plug-in
Selling for less than $700, ACCES I/O Products' PCI bus-compatible multi-function analog I/O board imparts 16-bit precision to PC-based measurement, analysis, monitoring and control apps
2004-02-16 Holtek phone controllers have 2880 bytes internal data memory
Holtek Semiconductor has released its HT95A40P and HT95C40P phone controllers in 64-pin QFP and 128-pin QFP packages, respectively.
2004-03-16 Holtek controller IC stores program, voice data codes
The main advantage of Holtek's HT23B60 personal data bank controller IC lies in its internal ROM structure that can store the program and voice data codes
2005-01-14 High-voltage I/O module bolsters VXI digital tester
Interface Technology announced the availability of its Model SR5031 high voltage programmable I/O module for the company's previously introduced SR5000 digital test subsystem
2006-11-20 High-speed digital I/O boards for PCIe deliver 200MBps
NI has unveiled what it claimed to be the first high-speed digital I/O instruments for PCIe to deliver up to 200MBps dedicated throughput per direction to and from the host processor
2011-01-28 High-bandwidth optical I/O affiliation program launched
Imec has launched a new industrial affiliation program on high-bandwidth optical I/O. The primary objective of the new program is to explore the use of optical solutions for realizing high-bandwidth I/O between CMOS chips
2003-05-29 Hifn device compress, decompress data at 160Mbps
Hifn has released the 9620 lossless data compression processor that can compress or decompress data up to 160Mbps
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