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2004-01-05 Hifn compression device processes data at 300MBps
The 9630 lossless data compression processor from Hifn Inc. can compress or decompress data at up to 300MBps
2003-01-29 GSI laser control software features data protection
GSI Lumonics' GUI laser control software features three levels of password protection for data and system security
2009-06-03 Green memory: key to driving down data center power
In servers, the notoriously voracious microprocessor is passing the power-hog mantle to the DRAM. Thus the greening of the data center includes a focus on lower-voltage DRAMs, non-volatile alternatives and the emerging category of storage-class memories
2005-11-07 Freebie Linux toolkit puts data-acq in Mathworks Simulink
United Electronic Industries announced that its PCI/PXI data-acquisition cards support Mathworks' Simulink programming tools
2015-11-23 FPGAs promise high I/O ratio for cost-sensitive apps
The Spartan-7 FPGAs from Xilinx are aimed at markets such as automotive, consumer, industrial IoT, data centre, wired and wireless communications, and portable medical solutions
2005-11-22 FMA's new 1394 controller with 400Mbps data transfer rates
Fujitsu Microelectronics America unveiled what it touts as the world's first IDB-1394-compliant physical and link layers with integrated 1394 controller.
2007-08-17 Floating point coprocessor handles GPS data
Micromega's floating point coprocessor chip integrates new serial I/O capabilities with NMEA sentence parsing that makes it easy to add GPS data to embedded system designs.
2012-12-26 Flexible block I/O aimed at industrial Ethernet
Turck's BL compact is a revolutionary I/O solution for collecting a variety of signals in a single, rugged node on a network
2007-02-05 Flash rewrite using EW1 mode (data "FFh" search
This application note shows a data flash rewrite program using the CPR rewrite mode
2002-12-09 FCI I/O connectors eliminate queues in parallel buses
FCI Communications has released the EyeMax multichannel serial I/O connector system that helps eliminate information queues in parallel buses
2004-10-13 FCI I/O connector system simplifies PCB assembly
The Densi-Shield I/O connector system from FCI offers 8 pair connectors, which provide a reduced side-by-side pitch of 12.5mm
2005-06-24 Fast USB module from ACCES I/O packs 32 digital I/O lines
If you need to add lots of TTL I/O capabilities to a USB PC, check out ACCES I/O Products' ruggedized digital I/O and counter module
2003-09-05 Ethernet I/O gateway provides redundant interface
The ET-GT-ST-3 from Sixnet is an EtherTRAK redundant Ethernet I/O gateway that provides a redundant Ethernet interface for distributed I/O clusters
2010-08-06 Ethernet DAQ system tips distributed sensor data
NI's new Ethernet-based NI CompactDAQ modular DAQ holds eight I/O modules for measuring up to 256 channels of electrical, physical, mechanical or acoustic signals
2014-09-12 Employ low output noise regulator for data acquisition
Through the combination of linear regulator and switching regulator, a component achieves low noise, fast transient response and high efficiency, and thereby reaps the benefits of both regulators.
2004-05-31 EMC network storage stores up to 3TB data
EMC Corp. has introduced its CLARiiON AX100 networked storage with a retail value of $5,999.
2008-01-22 Elpida tips x64bit I/O Mobile RAM
Elpida Memory has released a new x64bit wide I/O 256Mbit Mobile RAM, the ECK2664JACN
2008-06-30 Elpida rolls 'first' 512Mbit DDR2 SDRAM with x32-bit I/O
Elpida Memory Inc. has developed what it claimed to be the first 512Mbit DDR2 SDRAM with x32-bit I/O configuration
2002-06-19 Elpida develops data rate technology for DDR-II SDRAM
Elpida Memory Inc. has developed its latest circuit technologies and a low-impedance hierarchical I/O architecture that enables 1Gbps per pin operation with a 1.8V power supply in a multi-Gb DRAM
2005-01-24 DT expands its USB data-acq module family
Data acquisition equipment vendor Data Translation announced a new version of its DT9834 series of USB modules
2003-08-22 Dotcast unveils data over analog TV signal chip
Dotcast Inc. has opened the hood on a chip that uses existing analog TV signals to ferry digital data to the home
2007-11-06 Devices protect high-speed I/O on portables
Semtech has expanded its RailClamp platform of protection products with the introduction of two low-voltage devices to safeguard high-speed I/O ports on portable systems
2006-05-16 Devices extend cable, backplane reach of serial data transmission
National Semiconductor introduced four new current-mode logic signal-conditioning buffers and multiplexers with 25ps of jitter.
2011-10-12 Despatch releases system for process control, data recording
Despatch has introduced an advanced system, the Focal Point, which addresses process control, data acquisition and reporting for the composite curing market
2005-10-13 Data Translation's new USB DAQ modules cut cost/channel
Data Translation announced new modules which the company claims can lower the cost of making measurements by up to 55 percent
2012-07-05 Data transfer rate tolerance in clock asynchronous serial I/O mode
Know the tolerance of data transfer rate in clock asynchronous serial I/O mode for several Renesas MCUs.
2016-05-02 Data inspection techniques for massive memory designs
Learn about efficient data inspection techniques that will help you reduce the verification stint in a large storage high bandwidth DDR-based memory design
2003-08-01 Data flow must be 'seen' in router debug
Debugging a prototype of a router based on a network processor requires visibility into the details of the data flow through the various sub-systems
2008-10-23 Data converter chips upgrade high-density devices
Samplify Systems has updated its business model, shifting from an intellectual property provider to a fabless IC company with the release of its first silicon products.
2006-05-29 Data acquisition system uses USB 2.0
NI's USB-based CompactDAQ offers flexibilitya reported requirement in current data acquisition platforms
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