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2007-10-12 XDR DRAM transfers data at 9.6GBps
Elpida Memory and Rambus claim the industry's fastest DRAMthe 512Mbit, 4.8GHz XDR DRAM, with a data transfer rate of 9.6GBps.
2001-04-01 Which data transfer format is best for the industry?
The increase in outsourcing has exposed the inadequacies of the Gerber file for CAD-to-CAM data transfer. This article describes the battle between the ODB++ and the GenCAM data transfer formats.
2009-06-01 Voltage translators achieve 100Mbit/s data rate
Intersil Corp. has launched a new series of voltage logic level translators (VLTs) featuring ESD protection and 100Mbit/s data rates for translating fast data streams
2009-06-03 Using signaling rate and transfer rate
This application note defines data signaling rate and data transfer rate, and it demonstrates the differences between them, with SN65LVDS386 and SN65LVDS387 16-channel low-voltage differential (LVDS) line drivers and receivers with random parallel data of various bandwidths as an example.
2002-12-06 USBN9603/4 - Increased data transfer rate using ping-pong buffering
This application note discusses how to increase the data transfer rate in the USBN9603/4 speed node controller using ping-pong buffering.
2009-10-28 USB host controller supports 10Mbit/s transfer speed
Elan Digital claims the smallest off-the-shelf USB host controller chip, just 4mm x 4mm in a 36-pin QFN package.
2006-12-22 USB controller delivers high-speed data rate
Oxford Semi's new USB peripheral controller supports communication with PC and laptop host systems at the high-speed USB data rate
2011-08-10 USB cables transfer data up to 30Mbit/s
FTDI has added two cables to its USB to digital level serial interface portfolio that have 3.3Vÿlogic level interfaces and operate at -40C to 85C.
2009-07-29 USB 3.0 bridge IC enables 5Gbit/s transfer rate
Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia Pte Ltd has introduced the new USB 3.0-SATA bridge ICs that supports SuperSpeed USB, the USB 3.0 specification, and enables data transfer rates of 5Gbit/s maximum between external storage devices and PCs.
2000-02-23 Understanding the TSB12LV4x Bulky Data Interface
This application note describes the operation and features of the Bulky Data Interface (BDIF) of the TSB12LV4x 1394 link layer controller device family. The BDIF provides a data transfer interface for use with high speed peripherals. The interface can provide sustained data rates up to 160Mbps. In addition, the BDIF has access to an 8KB FIFO which supports isochronous, asynchronous, and MPEG2/DV data transfers.
2001-04-25 Understanding the TSB12LV4x bulky data interface
This application note describes the operation and features of the Bulky Data Interface (BDIF) of TI's TSB12LV4x 1394 Link Layer Controller device family
2012-06-11 Understanding common inter-IC digital interfaces for audio data transfer
Know the respective roles of I2S, TDM and PDM interfaces, as well as their differences.
2010-11-10 Ultra-hard metric cable assembly supports 12Gb/s transfer
3M unveils 2mm hard metric cable assembly with full shielding and low crosstalk
2014-05-22 Two-lane PCIe SSD controller transfers data up to 1GB/s
The 88SS1083 controller from Marvell is designed with 28nm low-power process technology, and features SATA Express standard compliance.
2007-11-27 TSMC taps Synopsys' design-to-mask data processing software
TSMC has successfully implemented Synopsys' new PCX technology to reduce design-to-mask cycle-time for its advanced process technologies.
2006-12-01 Tool compresses mask data files in Mebes format
SoftJin Technologies Pte Ltd introduced a software product said to compress mask data files in Mebes format by a factor of five to 15, reducing file sizes and associated data transfer times.
2004-06-16 TMS320C671x/TMS320C621x EDMA performance data
The enhanced DMA (EDMA) controller of the TMS320C621x/TMS320C671x devices is a highly efficient data transfer engine, capable of maintaining transfers at up to 1,800MBps at a 225MHz CPU clock frequency. This app note details actual bandwidth achieved under various operating conditions.
2004-06-16 TMS320C64x EDMA performance data
The enhanced DMA controller of the TMS320C64x device is a highly efficient data Transfer engine, capable of maintaining transfers at up to 2.4GBps at a 600MHz CPU clock frequency. This app note details measured bandwidth achieved under various operating conditions.
2004-05-13 TI solution supports 1394 network data transfer
Texas Instruments has announced a cost-effective, integrated 1394a link-layer-controller and two-port physical-layer-controller.
2004-12-17 TDK unveils data cartridge for LTO Ultrium format
TDK has developed a WORM-type (Write Once Read Many) LTO Ultrium 3 data cartridge for the LTO Ultrium format
2004-10-28 TDK data cartridge complies to LTO Ultrium format
TDK developed a third-generation LTO Ultrium 3 data cartridge that is in full compliance with the LTO Ultrium format
2009-08-25 System host board handles high-speed data transfer
Adlink Technology Inc. has released the NuPRO-E320, its latest PICMG 1.3 full-sized system host board supporting next-generation Intel Core2 Quad/Duo processors on 45nm process at up to 3GHz.
2013-12-12 Synopsys demos SuperSpeed USB 10Gb/s host-device IP data transfer
As measured by the Ellisys USB Explorer Protocol Analyzer, the IP realized 10Gb/s USB 3.1 effective data rates of more than 900MB/s between two Synopsys HAPS-70 FPGA-based prototyping systems
2006-10-25 Software cuts MEBES file size, data transfer times
SoftJin has announced a software that compresses mask data files in MEBES format by a factor of 5-15X and reduces file size as well as data transfer times.
2003-08-07 Sinbon data cable allows simultaneous operations
Sinbon Electronics Co. Ltd has introduced its TP-USB-01-1.01 series of three-in-one USB data cables that are compliant with USB1.1 specs
2011-05-11 SHB ideal for high-speed data transfers
Adlink has introduced the NuPRO-E340, a PICMG 1.3 system host board (SHB) that targets industrial applications that require high-speed data transfers and high computing power
2008-07-02 Serial ATA and the evolution in data storage technology
Before we can fully appreciate the benefits behind the SATA standard, it makes sense to look back on the history of data storage
2006-08-28 SD memory cards deliver 5MBps, 20MBps transfer rates
TAEC and Toshiba are launching two series of SD memory cards that offer high-level data transfer rates and read-write performance. The high-speed series will offer a maximum data transfer rate of 5MBps, while the ultra high-speed series will push transfer rates to as high as 20MBps.
2004-10-29 SATA bridge chip offers 150MBps transfer rate
The new AT78C5010 from Atmel is an IDE PATA to Serial ATA chip, targeted at PC, network and storage connectivity.
2006-07-28 SAS interconnect offers up to 3Gbps data transfer rate
3M announced a SAS interconnect line that features 29-position combination signal and power connectors and offers a data transfer rate of up to 3Gbps in full duplex mode.
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