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2005-05-26 Windows-based synchronizer correlates data-acq signals
Data Translation is now debuting a software correlation feature for synchronizing signals called Align and Resample.
2005-11-09 USB modules tout simultaneous-channel data conversion, digital I/O
Data Translation's DT9836 series data-acq products underscore the ascendancy of USB 2.0
2006-02-28 USB data-acq modules synchronously sample multiple analog signals
Data Translation's DT9832 series of simultaneous analog input multifunction data acquisition modules for USB 2.0 offers 2 or 4 channels of simultaneous, 16bit analog measurement at ultra high throughput speeds up to 2MHz per channel.
2002-11-04 Real-time data acquisition module integrates TI DSP
The DT9841 Fulcrum II Series of data acquisition modules combine TI's floating-point DSP with the speed of two 24-bit sigma-delta ADC and DAC
2015-11-13 Measurement Computing to merge with Data Translation
Although both companies make PC plug-in and USB data-acquisition systems, Data Translation is known for high-performance data-acquisition products while Measurement Computing is known for lower-cost products.
2004-02-12 Maxim translation IC offers up to 100Mbps operation
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX3013 low-voltage, bidirectional, logic-level translation IC
2005-01-24 DT expands its USB data-acq module family
Data acquisition equipment vendor Data Translation announced a new version of its DT9834 series of USB modules.
2005-10-13 Data Translation's new USB DAQ modules cut cost/channel
Data Translation announced new modules which the company claims can lower the cost of making measurements by up to 55 percent.
2003-06-20 Data Translation unveils Measure Foundry 4.0
Data Translation has announced the availability of its Measure Foundry 4.0, which integrates the live measurement capabilities of Measure Foundry with access to MATLAB from MathWorks and Microsoft Excel for a robust math processing and post-analysis solution
2008-08-06 Data Translation rolls low-cost temp measurement instrument
Data Translation has developed a lower cost version of its TEMPpoint temperature measurement instrument, which offers an 8-channel entry level version.
2009-06-01 Voltage translators achieve 100Mbit/s data rate
Intersil Corp. has launched a new series of voltage logic level translators (VLTs) featuring ESD protection and 100Mbit/s data rates for translating fast data streams
2000-08-31 Translation of existing ASIC designs
This application note describes the types of data required from the ASIC user and the process steps followed by Atmel to successfully translate an existing ASIC design, and presents the results of two translation efforts.
2012-04-02 SyncE devices for mobile multimedia, packetized data apps
Microsemi's ZL30150 has two integrated digital phase lock loops that can lock on to up to four inputs for applications that require independent transmit and receive timing paths.
2014-12-17 Silicon Labs: Translation of apps layer arriving in 2015
Knowing intimately what "things" are supposed to do and how they think and behave will be the key to solving one of the IoT's most pressing issues: application layers.
2009-01-27 RS-232 transceivers deliver up to 3Mbit/s data rate
Maxim Integrated Products has released a new family of RS-232 transceivers that deliver high data rates, low-voltage logic-level translation, low 1?A supply current through the AutoShutdown Plus feature and enhanced ESD protection.
2002-10-21 ON Semi LVPECL translator manages up to 10 data lines
The MC100EPT622 TTL/LVCMOS to LVPECL translator from ON Semiconductor features a 10-bit translation capability
2006-07-04 Next PCI Express to deliver 5Gbps data rate
The 2.5Gbps PCI Express interconnect is slowly shifting gears into a 2.0 version expected by the end of the year that will rev data rates to 5Gbps
2005-07-20 New voltage translators from Pericom offer 160Mbps data rate
Pericom expanded its translator portfolio with a patented, advanced ULS technology that allows customers to use a bi-directional automatic direction sensor for supporting different voltage levels being designed into next-gen apps.
2005-10-27 NEC's Japanese-English/English-Japanese speech translation software
NEC has developed a Japanese-English/English-Japanese, automatic speech translation software for single-chip multi-core processors for small devices
2004-11-05 India's SoftJin releases layout data exchange suite
SoftJin Infotech released a free suite of IC design layout data exchange libraries and tools targeting IC designers and EDA companies
2008-10-16 File translation flies via high-frequency PCB co-design
AWR and Mentor Graphics Corp. introduce the AWR Connected for Mentor Graphics.
2002-03-26 Fairchild incorporates Tru-Translation to FST switches
Faichild Semiconductor has announced that it has incorporated Tru-Translation circuitry into its high-bit count FST bus switches for interfacing 5V inputs to 3.3V outputs
2004-03-03 Data I/O announces FlashCore system upgrade
Data I/O has announced a FlashCore system upgrade that virtually removes all known barriers to High-Density flash device programming
2009-07-16 Converter clocking tech extends to high speed data clocks (Part I
Here's a discussion of clocking technologies required for converter clock systems.
2015-10-26 Accelerated data path sol'n to ease CPU traffic from cloud
The ARMADA-385 ADP from Marvell delivers 5Gb/s of packet acceleration and promises an improved user experience, higher throughput and greater support for service providers and routers.
2008-04-17 10Gbit FCoE drives data center convergence
The release of the first products for Fibre Channel over 10GbE fuels a broad industry drive to run networking, storage and clustering traffic over a single, mainstream pipe in tomorrow's data centers
2004-11-23 Logic-level translation
This app note examines the basics of logic operation and considers, primarily for serial-data systems, the available methods for translating between different domains of logic voltage
2000-05-03 Improving data bandwidth using 32-bit processors in embedded applications
This paper describes how to integrate high-performance microprocessors and system controller functions for application-specific products, especially on cost-sensitive and space-limited products.
2005-10-12 IC provides 1.65V to 5.5V level translation using dual supplies
Texas Instruments' latest addition to its Widebus+ family, the SN74LV4320A, is a low-cost level translating device for interfacing core processors to compact flash memory cards in consumer electronics apps.
2004-11-29 How to use the FTL and HAL software modules to manage data in single level cell NAND flash memories
This app note provides an overview of the architecture of the flash translation layer (FTL) and hardware adaptation layer (HAL) software modules, which allow operating systems to read and write to NAND flash memory devices in the same way as disk drives
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