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2005-05-27 Clock extraction circuitry times high-speed communications test
What you need to know when testing digital communications systems.
2012-08-02 Cheat sheet for RS-485
This cheat sheet is a quick reference for designers implementing RS-485, and is designed to keep them out of trouble from the get go.
2011-09-20 CE devices, EVs to gain from wireless charging
Factors such as consumer safety, compatibility issues and potential for growth are seen as driving forces for wireless power transmission adoption, says IDTechEx
2015-03-20 Boost medical apps efficiency through wireless links
Using FPRF devices, manufacturers can incorporate a cost-effective enhancement to their equipment that will differentiate them from their competitors and improve medical care.
2004-12-23 Atmel to use National Semi's Gigabit Ethernet PHY core
Atmel Corp. has licensed National Semiconductor Corp.'s Gigabit Ethernet physical layer (PHY) core for its integrated system-on-a-chip data storage and networking products
2002-09-01 Architecture eyes network, local speech
Speech recognition and telematics are teaming up to enable car drivers and passengers to browse Internet with their voices, plugging them into customized information and entertainment.
2007-08-02 Analog video signal requirements: Similarities and differences (Part 3)
This article explores some of these analog video signal requirements and how to simplify the analog I/O design in these video systems, focusing on the use of digital and analog filtering.
2002-02-06 AMS, Italtel develop APON replacement
Italtel and austriamicrosystems have developed the KEOPE (Key Electro-Optical Elements) chipset that offers high-performance and low-cost transmission of analog and digital systems
2003-11-27 Ambient obtains U.S. patent
Ambient Corp., a provider of power line communications technology (PLC), announced that they have received U.S. Patent Number 6,646,447 for "Identifying One of a Plurality of Wires of a Power Transmission Cable. &quot
2002-02-01 ACTE to distribute West Bay Semiconductor products in Europe
West Bay Semiconductor Inc. has signed a sales and distribution agreement with ACTE Components, a group of companies owned by the Lagercrantz Group AB.
2007-12-07 8m cable transmits at 800Mbits/s, meets 1394b spec
Oki Electric Cable has developed the industry's first long cable compliant to the IEEE 1394b standard.
2003-02-18 10Gbps transceivers draw a crowd
Chip designers are reaching into their bag of circuit tricks to coax 10Gbps transmission rates from serial transceivers, even while demand for such high-speed backplane technology is still ways off
2006-08-03 10Gbps dual CDR rolls for short-reach XFP apps
AMCC has developed the S19256 dual CDR for use in short-reach and intermediate reach XFP modules.
2007-09-21 10GbE transceivers handle several protocols
AMS Technologies announces the availability of 10GbE SFP+ transceivers from Optical Communication Products Inc. designed to support several transmission protocols
2012-08-27 100Gb/s multiplexer for ultra-long haul apps
Semtech's SMI10022 supports soft-decision forward error correction that claims to offer significant improvement in optical transmission reach for ultra-long-haul and submarine optical links
2000-11-27 Serial communication controller (SCC): SDLC mode of operation
This application note describes the sequence of events that occurs in the SDLC mode of operation including SDLC transmission, SDLC receive, receiving back-to-back frame under DMA control, and SDLC loop mode
2010-07-05 Sensor monitors breathing patterns wirelessly
TiaLinx Inc. has developed the Eagle5-N, a small form factor standoff breathing detector sensor that detects breathing patterns in a queue and uplinks the data remotely to a monitoring station
2002-02-06 OpNext releases XENPAK-compliant transceiver
The company has announced the availability of XENPAK-compliant 10Gb Ethernet transceiver modules designed for LAN and MAN applications.
2003-05-06 Lynuxworks TCP/IP stack is DO-178B Level A certified
LynuxWorks has introduced the Lynx Certifiable Stack, the industry's first DO-178B Level A-certified standalone TCP/IP stack.
2002-03-21 Luminent transceiver module targets fiber-to-home apps
Designed to enable cost-effective deployment of fiber-to-home (FTTh) networks, the Integrated Triplexer module provide bundled voice, data, and video through a single optical fiber, for delivery to residential subscribers
2002-03-05 Infineon unveils ATM, packet over VDSL solution
The company has announced the release of the 4bVDSL standard-compliant ATM over VDSL solution and the PoVDSL packet over VDSL solution, enabling telecommunications equipment that offer the highest possible broadband transmission rates
2010-07-29 Airborne video solution sends full D-1at 2Mbit/s
Hughes Network Systems has successfully demonstrated that its airborne video solution can deliver full D-1 video resolution at air-to-ground user data rates of over 2Mbit/s
2000-07-01 A technology primer on wireless LANs
Wireless LANs use infrared and RF transmission media to offer speeds of up to 11Mbps. The article highlights the status of IEEE 803.11 standard, basic building blocks and performance parameters such as mobility and security
2002-08-01 A quick look at quad-band memory
This technical article describes the Quad-Band Memory platform technology that increases the data bandwidth of memory subsystems without increasing the base frequency of the memory devices themselves
2007-08-20 8bit flash MCU has advanced RISC architecture
Elan Microelectronics has released the 40MIPS high-speed 8bit flash MCU with advanced RISC architecture.
2007-08-10 Zigbee modules target building automation apps
California Eastern Laboratories has launched market transceiver modules for Zigbee and other low cost, low power IEEE 802.15.4 data transmission applications.
2001-04-01 Wireless Web appliances evolve anew
This article describes the common wireless technologies for embedded platforms, such as Cellular Digital Packet Data and General Packet Radio Service, for web appliances
2002-09-06 Win Win Precision ships RJ-45, USB combo connector
Designed for use in laptops, the WRJBS189A RJ-45 connector of Win Win Precision Inc. Co. Ltd also features a USB connector and an LED lamp to monitor the data transmission status.
2002-07-25 Vishay IR receiver has 15m controlling distance
The TSOP5700 IR receiver module has a data rate of 20Kbps and a controlling distance of 15m
2015-05-20 Using plastic waveguides for future comm networks
Here's a look at a multi-gigabit communication link using a plastic fibre as transmission channel. It is developed by the KU Leuven ESAT-MICAS research group in Belgium
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