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2010-09-07 PICs achieve 100Gbit/s transmission rate
The 500G PICs were used for both transmitting and receiving a 100G signal on a route between Denver and Dallas on the XO optical fiber network.
2006-02-13 Patch panels transfer data at 10Gbps
Systimax Solutions recently released its 1100GS5 Cat 6a patch panels and M2000 universal modular panels designed for use in telecommunication closets and equipment rooms.
2012-01-12 Optical superchannel transmission tops 10,000km
NEC demoed a 1.15Tb/s ultra-long haul optical transmission, elucidating applications for practical high-capacity transmission for transoceanic communication
2006-04-10 Optical isolator provides data transfer, electrical isolation
TT electronics Optek Technology has developed an axial optical isolator designed to provide electrical isolation and data transfer
2002-04-23 Optelecom SDI fiber transmission modules conform to SMPTE standards
Optelecom Inc. has announced the release of its SDI fiber transmission modules that accept serial digital data conforming to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) 259M, 294M, and 305M standards at data rates of up to 360Mbps.
2002-10-21 ON Semi LVPECL translator manages up to 10 data lines
The MC100EPT622 TTL/LVCMOS to LVPECL translator from ON Semiconductor features a 10-bit translation capability.
2008-03-03 OFDMA: The PHY transmission technology choice for 4G
Even as 3G wireless equipment continues deployment, the wireless ecosystem is identifying and designing 4G systems, with OFDMA as the PHY transmission technology of choice
2008-11-13 NTU introduces blink of the eye transmission speed SoC
Professor Jri Lee of the National Taiwan University (NTU) and UCLA PhD conferred has created a SOC with transmission speeds 100 times faster than WiFi and 350 times faster than 3.5G cell phones
2007-01-04 Next-gen lasers support 100Gbps data rates
Apogee Photonics is developing a family of uncooled CWDM lasers that will support aggregate data rates of more than 100Gbps
2012-04-13 Maximizing 10GBase-T connectivity in data centers (Part 2
Learn how a new generation of 10GBase-T technology is being deployed, and how it revolutionizes the data center
2003-02-26 Maxim RS-485 transceivers ensure reliable data transfer
The MAX3070E to MAX3079E 3.3V, RS-485 transceivers feature hot swap and true fail-safe circuitry to ensure reliable data transfer
2002-02-26 Maxim amplifier packs AGC, suits WDM transmission
Claimed to be the world's first low-power amplifier with AGC, the MAX3861 is specifically designed for WDM transmission systems using optical amplifiers
2013-01-23 LTE-A test mobile supports Transmission Mode 9
Aeroflex's TM500 LTE-A Single UE Test Mobile added support for 3GPP Rel-10 TM9 that allows enhanced network capability and performance by flexible use of MIMO with low additional overhead.
2013-11-27 LTE-A carrier aggregation to deliver faster data rates
Rohde & Schwarz and Samsung announced the first test of LTE-A downlink carrier aggregation where up to five carriers, 20MHz wide, can share a 100MHz wireless data channels
2006-03-09 LSI developed for 40Gbps fiber-optic transmission
NEC Corp. announced that it has succeeded in the development of a signal-reshaping LSI that facilitates a 40Gbps optical fiber transmission system
2002-10-02 LeCroy analyzer captures data up to 3.33Gbps
LeCroy Corp.'s SDA 6000 SDA features a signal capture bandwidth of 6GHz for data rates of up to 3.33Gbps
2005-08-04 Kontron data server turns vehicles into mobile server centers
CVX, Kontron's next-generation mobile data server, is specially developed for use in public and private vehicles
2004-05-21 JDSU buys data comms market share through acquisition
Optical communications powerhouse JDS Uniphase is back on the acquisitions trail, having paid $60 million in cash for E2O Communications Inc. and significantly expanding its presence in the position in the optical data communications market
2004-10-12 Japanese demo LED based short range data network
Japanese scientists are demonstrating at this week's giant CEATAC trade fair in Tokyo a method of transmitting high data rates over short distances of up to 10 meters that they term 'visible light communications' and which uses LEDs
2002-10-15 Japan tackles high-definition storage, transmission
The Japanese goverment has announced the e-Japan initiative to enable the country to catch and surpass the U.S. and South Korea in broadband.
2008-05-16 ITT readies connectors for aircraft data network systems
ITT Interconnect Solutions has expanded its line of connector solutions for aircraft data network systems
2004-02-24 Infineon transceivers with 10Gbps data rate
Infineon Technologies has developed the X2 MSA transceivers with extended reach of up to 300m over legacy fiber.
2003-12-01 Infineon solution provides faster transmission rates
Infineon Technologies AG has developed the Constellation solution, which uses the company's VDSL technology to provide up to 200 times faster in-building transmission rates for Internet, video and multimedia applications
2011-01-11 IBIS Data for CML, PECL, LVDS interface ICs
Read about the interpretation and limitations of I/O Buffer Information Specification (IBIS) data in fiber circuit interfaces
2006-04-19 HSDPA chipset improves transmission
Agere Systems developed a receiver technology that aims to improve data connectivity and call quality for mobile handsets operating over HSDPA-capable 3G/W-CDMA networks
2014-03-13 High speed transceiver geared for data centre apps
ColorChip demonstrated a 100Gb/s high speed transceiver applied in a pluggable QSFP28 package and operating via single mode fibre over a 2km reach.
2008-05-08 Hall-effect sensors transfer data in harsh automotive setups
Micronas has rolled two new members of its varioHAL family of Hall-effect sensors with digital interfaces enabling robust and reliable data transfer in harsh automotive environments
2004-12-23 GSM-based datalogger handles data management via Internet
Axelprod GSM Solutions announces what is says is the first Easy GPRS Data Logger
2005-11-22 FMA's new 1394 controller with 400Mbps data transfer rates
Fujitsu Microelectronics America unveiled what it touts as the world's first IDB-1394-compliant physical and link layers with integrated 1394 controller.
2006-09-01 Flash chip features wide 32bit data bus
STMicroelectronics' newest 32Mbit flash memory chip offers high-speed memory access over a wide operating temperature range.
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