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2012-08-01 Guide to troubleshooting RS-485
The best way to handle RS-485 challenges is to pay attention to the basics.
2011-02-21 Evolving wireless standards bring test issues
Know how the evolution of wireless standards will accelerate an industry shift toward modular, software-defined instrumentation.
2011-11-25 Ethernet PHY IC targets industrial automation systems
The single-channel PHY devices provide fast link-loss recognition needed by real-time protocols such as PROFINET, SERCOSIII and EtherCAT.
2002-03-22 EPCOS opens surge arrestor plant in Malaysia
EPCOS has opened a surge arrestor plant in Johore Bahru, Malaysia. The new plant will serve as the company's main production center for these protective components.
2015-04-30 Ensuring EMC-compliance of USB applications
Although the connectors used in daily life may seem robust, those who develop USB applications must still not neglect protection of their interface. Here are guidelines on developing EMC-compliant designs.
2007-09-06 Eighth-brick DC/DC converter delivers 24V output
SynQor has expanded its eighth-brick DC/DC converter family with a device that delivers a tightly regulated 24V output at up to 3A in the DOSA.
2015-11-02 EDI alternatives bring business productivity, revenue boost
EDI has not been refined or modernised as the Internet's capabilities have grown, but there are web service APIs to enable dynamic and innovative software and web applications for the company.
2007-04-05 DQPSK modulator offers 'lowest' drive voltage
Fujitsu has announced what it claims is the world's lowest drive voltage DQPSK LN optical modulator for 40Gbps optical transmission systems
2006-04-17 Cutting the last wire
Wireless power transmission has long been focused on the megawatts/milliwatts. Reno Rossetti insists it's time we bring this technology to portable wireless applications
2013-04-29 Critical issues for functioning JESD204B interface
Know the interface from an ADC to FPGA for JESD204B, how to identify when it is working right, and how to troubleshoot it if something is not quite right.
2011-10-18 Cornell researchers work on cloud errors
A group of Cornell University researchers, with the support of NSF and Microsoft, are developing methods on eliminating cloud computing errors.
2007-11-15 Controller LSIs support IDB-1394 for in-vehicle multimedia
Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia has announced the development of two new controller LSIs that support the IDB-1394 standard for in-vehicle multimedia networks.
2007-08-10 CIP develops reflective optical amp for WDM-PONs
CIP announced it is developing a reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (RSOA) designed to help implement advanced passive optical networks based on wavelength division multiplexing.
2012-05-25 CAN transceivers tip more timing margins
TI’s new family of turbo CAN transceivers claim short propagation delay and fast loop times to support higher data rates and deliver more timing margin in industrial systems
2002-12-05 Bel Fuse opens new development facility
Bel Fuse Inc. has opened a new engineering development center in the Rancho Bernardo community of San Diego, California.
2009-05-27 ASTRI, Credo co-develop high-speed comm ICs
Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) and startup Credo Semiconductor Inc. have partnered to development of high speed data communication IC products for the global market
2011-11-03 Analyst: DisplayPort devices to ship 400 million by 2014
Internal DisplayPort will go beyond nine percent penetration of the total consumer electronics market in 2015.
2014-01-14 Accelerate M2M networking with UDP
Learn how user datagram protocol provides the simplest form of data transfer between network members
2007-02-09 90nm read channel halves power consumption
Agere Systems has started to ship a 90nm TrueStore read channel that delivers half the electrical current required by the previous-generation read channels, extending the battery life of handheld CE devices.
2002-02-13 Yahequan transceiver meets SONET/SDH standard
Conforming to SONET/SDH standard, the AM1310-155 SC duplex single-mode transceiver is designed for bidirectional serial optical data communications
2002-07-09 WorldCom implosion could smother switch industry
In the aftermath of the WorldCom implosion, developers of telecommunication chipsets and subsystems have had far more to ponder than whether WorldCom would last through the summer.
2008-08-22 Wireless transceiver improves packet channels
Amiccom has launched A7125 with a 2Mbit/s data rate and high performance 2.4GHz transceiver IC having an ideal transmission distance within 50m. The A7125 is an ultralow power wireless FSK transceiver having a working frequency of 2400?2483MHz ISM band.
2012-02-07 Wilocity to roll multigigabit tech
According to the company, its technology will enable users to connect at whatever band that is offering the best available performance while delivering multigigabit data rates at 60GHz
2002-09-25 Video IC supports 30fps at low bit rates
ViXS Systems Inc. is sampling a chip that promises to deliver video at 30fps over multiple channels.
2003-02-17 Vendors look for more 'utility' in optical nets
Vendors claim that all-optical nets can cut operational expenses drastically, in part by allowing long-haul connections to travel like an express train, zipping past intermediate nodes without stopping.
2009-03-19 UHF receiver has -102dBm receive sensitivity
The Radiometrix RX3G is a PLL synthesizer-based miniature PCB-mounted UHF radio data receiver device. It has a receive sensitivity of -102dBm at 1ppm BER for 64Kbit/s operation and -108dBm sensitivity at 1ppm BER for 15Kbit/s operation
2007-04-11 U.S. concocts mobile TV standard
A U.S. digital TV standards group said it will develop a technical standard to allow broadcasters to deliver TV and data to mobile phones and handheld devices over their DTV broadcast signal
2007-09-03 Tune in to key mobile TV trends, success factors
Industry market analysts forecasted that more than 250 million people will be viewing TV content on mobile devices by 2010. This article discusses the trends and challenges of mobile TV transmission, and the key success factors to create product differentiation
2007-06-01 Transmit power safely with PoE tech
The PoE technology allows safe and reliable power transmission15W with 48Vfor telecom applications over existing Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 cables. This article discusses the technology and its benefits
2012-08-27 Tips on using port powered converters
Know what to consider when using or installing any RS-232 port powered device.
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