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2002-01-04 Micrel chipsets support 28Mbps to 2.7Gbps operation
The AnyRate chipset family, which consists of the SY87721L CDR, SY87724L mux/demux, and the SY87729L AnyClock fractional-N synthesizer, operates at any rate and any protocol from 28Mbps to 2.7Gbps.
2002-02-26 Matsushita offers smallest noise filter, torque encoder
Measuring 1.25-by-1-by0.5mm, the EXC24CC common-mode noise filter is claimed to be the industry's smallest and is suitable to suppress the noise of USB 1.1 circuits in mobile devices such as DSCs, PDAs, and laptops.
2002-03-18 LightPointe FSO device delivers 2.5Gbps over 1km
Designed using free-space optical (FSO) technology, the FlightSpectrum 2.5 optical transmitter delivers a full-duplex bandwidth of 2.5Gbps over 1km via line-of-sight transmission of data, voice, and video.
2003-10-21 LeCroy upgrades SDA series
The company has upgraded its Serial Data Analyzer series to support bitstreams with data rates up to 2.7Gbps
2010-06-22 LatticeECP3 and LatticeECP2M high-speed backplane measurements
This technical note outlines two experiments that measure the serdes backplane transmission performance thresholds of the LatticeECP3 and LatticeECP2M devices
2006-06-02 Lamp-based LEDs to replace incandescent bulbs
DDP's new lamp-based LED series was designed to be a direct replacement for incandescent bulbs.
2012-10-22 Kistler's DTI takes up to 12 transducers
The small form factor of Kistler DiMods allow for their easy integration into finished sensor designs without the addition of significant mass.
2016-03-11 ISSCC: RF CMOS on the edge of transceiver chain
At the ISCC, Steve Ohr finds that what has happened is not a replacement of GaAs power amps by RF CMOS amps. The RF power amp function is performed at the edge of a radio transceiver chain.
2005-03-25 IR device adds remote control to cellphones
Agilent said it has developed the smallest, lowest-power IR transceiver that enables mobile phones and PDAs to function as universal IR remote controls.
2012-06-21 IP cores cut opex, capex in networks
The expanded line of FEC IP cores from Xilinx include GFEC, EFEC and high gain FEC solutions extend the distance of a transmission while decreasing the number of regenerators along the route
2005-06-16 International accord on UWB is crucial
Ultrawideband will never become a substantial technology unless it is adopted globally.
2015-03-02 imec announces WDM hybrid CMOS silicon photonics transceiver
The SiPh chip, fabricated on imec's 25Gb/s Silicon Photonics Platform, includes an array of four compact 25Gb/s ring modulators, coupled to a common bus waveguide to allow WDM transmission
2002-09-01 IFS Pro 'Universal' Spice model rolls
Interactive Products is using lossy transmission-line analysis to create a universal Spice model, a claim that puts it in direct competition with heavyweights like Ansoft and Agilent
2004-07-08 IEEE pushes WLANs to 'nth' degree
The IEEE 802.11n task group will start sorting through 61 proposals for next-generation WLANs in Portland, Oregon, next week.
2014-11-27 How to achieve 200-400GE network buffer speeds
Know how a serial chip-to-chip protocol, with 200-400 GE data rates and 4.5 B read/write transactions, can be used to eliminate throughput bottlenecks at the processor/external DDR memory interface
2001-03-22 HOTLink Built-In Self-Test (BIST)
This application note describes the Built-In Self-Test (BIST) tool of Cypress Semiconductor's CY7B923 and CY7B933 HOTLink transceivers that sends data from place to place over a high-speed serial transmission link.
2013-11-15 High smart device uptake ups wireless test equipment market
Frost & Sullivan revealed that the global wireless test equipment market is growing rapidly alongside the healthy growth experience by the wireless communications industry.
2016-03-07 Hackers target Mac users in ransomware campaign
Hackers infected Macs through a tainted copy of a popular programme known as Transmission, which is used to transfer data through the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing network.
2002-09-09 Fujitsu, Sumitomo expand laser diode module MSA
Fujitsu Quantum Devices Ltd. and Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd have enhanced their previously formed MSA for a 10Gbps transmission laser diode module
2006-09-26 Fujitsu enables one-third image compression rate in cars
Fujitsu Laboratories announced an image compression technology for automotive use that complies with the IDB-1394 standard for in-vehicle digital imaging transmission system networks
2002-07-01 ERNI ships evaluation kits for high-speed connector system
ERNI Elektroapparate GmbH has announced the release evaluation kits for the Ermet ZD advanced differential pair connector system.
1999-11-26 Equalization Concepts - a tutorial
This article attempts to familiarize you with some basic concepts associated with channel equalization and data communication in general
2003-11-07 E2O announces breakthrough in VCSEL technology
E2O Communications Inc., a provider of fiber-optic transmission components, has announced a breakthrough in technology development with its electrically pumped Long Wavelength Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (LW VCSEL) technology
2008-01-02 DWDM transceiver supports 3,200ps/nm, 160km
Sumitomo Electric Industries has announced a DWDM SFP transceiver series that supports 3,200ps/nm and a distance of 160km.
2003-04-01 DVR, biometrics lead the security industry
The article will focus on the physical aspect of security, particularly digital video recorders, which has a high growth potential.
2006-08-11 Digital audio amplification: a new approach
Now that virtually all audio source data is digital, we are compelled to re-examine the basic principals behind conventional amplification to see if it is adequate for today's digital source material
2004-10-08 Corning, Hitachi exhibit triple play services over optical fiber
Corning Inc. and Hitachi Telecom (USA) Inc. are joining forces to demonstrate triple-play services combining their innovative FTTH technology solutions at the 2004 Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida.
2007-10-04 Compression codec transmits HD video wirelessly
ADI has introduced a video compression codec that enables the wireless transmission of HD video in real-timewithout any loss in picture qualityover home connections
2009-04-01 Collaboration to drive interconnect solutions in autos
Altera and National Semiconductor are collaborating to drive the transmission, processing and display of digital data within automotive applications. The graphics interconnect solutions are being developing to address the growing use of digital video in automotive infotainment and driver-assistance applications.
2006-06-02 Clock rate adapter features for DS325X, DS316X, DS317X and DS318X
This application note describes how to configure the clock-rate-adapter functions in DS325X, DS316X, DS317X and DS318X devices to create multiple clock sources.
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