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2000-09-05 Using Atmel's serial dataflash
This application note describes Atmel's serial dataflash family, which is designed to provide a new NVM device to easily and efficiently handle large amounts of frequently changing data.
2004-06-04 Emulation adapter supports Atmel DataFlash devices
Emulation Technology' new adapter supports Atmel DataFlash devices packaged in the new CBGA packages for both programming and prototyping apps.
2000-03-14 AVR335: Digital sound recorder with AVR and serial DataFlash
This application note describes how to record, store, and play back sound using any AVR microcontroller with A/D converter, the AT45DB161 DataFlash memory and a few extra components.
2003-04-04 AVR335: Digital Sound Recorder with AVR and DataFlash
This application note discusses how to record, store and play back sound using any AVR microntroller with A/D converter, the AT45DB161B DataFlash memory, and a few extra components
2002-09-13 Chip aids image display for digital TVs, cameras
The AT76C112 from Atmel Corp. is designed to read, decompress, and play back images and video clips stored in Flash cards.
2003-05-06 Atmel ships fastest serial interface Flash memory
The company's AT45DB1282 Flash memory device is touted to be the world's fastest serial interface Flash memory.
2008-01-18 Multimedia device OS protects files in flash storage
An OS that ensures file protection during power-failure for multimedia devices has been launched by Mentor Graphics Corp. Dubbed the Nucleus OS, the system features a Safe File System capability for devices using resident NOR, NAND and DataFlash flash storage.
2007-11-21 Low-cost starter kit rolls for Atmel customizable MCUs
Atmel Corp. has launched the low-cost AT91CAP9A-STK starter kit for its CAP customizable microcontroller product family.
2008-01-23 GUI MCU supports 'smart' control panel apps
Atmel has released the AT91SAM9RL64 MCU with high throughput and OS support to implement "smart" control panel applications that offers a robust interface to system control functions.
2009-03-24 Gateway kit fits home, car audio systems
Atmel Corp. has announced the AVR32 ATEVK1105 Digital Audio Gateway kit, demonstrating digital audio streaming, decoding and playback. These audio capabilities serve the market of audio accessories and peripherals that connects home and car Hi-Fi audio systems
2008-09-03 Flexible MCU kit provides high capacity, low-cost solutions
Atmel has launched its AT91CAP7X-STK Starter Kit for evaluating its ARM7-based CAP family of MCUs, claiming its single-chip solution that delivers lower unit cost, high performance and less active power use compared to ARM-plus-FPGA solutions.
2004-09-07 Atmel rolls out biometric module for secure apps
Atmel introduced its AT77SM0101BCB02VKE FingerChip biometric module, a complete biometric system including a processing facility and authentication software.
2006-07-26 Atmel releases low-cost USB OTG development platform
Atmel has released a complete USB solution for embedded systems consisting of the $30 AT90USBKey demonstration board and a new royalty-free USB software suite.
2004-01-28 Atmel processors suit TVs, projectors
Atmel Corp. has introduced a family of playback media processors suitable for Standard and High-definition TVs.
2005-06-02 Atmel MCU runs up to 48MHz
Atmel unveiled a high-speed, low-power AVR microcontroller that runs up to 48MHz, and provides a full-speed USB slave interface
2005-03-11 Atmel MCU 12x faster
Atmel's new AT89LP family, which is based on a Single-Cycle 8051 core, is touted to be 12x faster than the standard 8051 core.
2003-02-26 Atmel debuts its first ARM-9 controller
Atmel Corp. has introduced ASSP and ASIC versions of its first ARM-9 microcontroller, the AT91RM9200.
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