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2005-01-21 EDA startup preps sequential equivalency checker
Promising to ensure that high-level models match their RTL implementations, startup Calypto Design Systems announced its mission and its plans to field a sequential equivalency checker.
2005-01-19 EDA startup preps sequential equivalency checker
Promising to ensure that high-level models match their RTL implementations, startup Calypto Design Systems this week is announcing its mission and its plans to field a sequential equivalency checker.
2006-10-05 EDA saw double-digit growth in Q2, says EDAC
The EDA Consortium said Monday that EDA revenue reached an all-time high in the second quarter, topping $1.25 billion, an increase of 15 percent from the same period of 2005.
2006-09-18 EDA rivals spar over power issues
Any EDA vendor or large EDA user will tell you there's a compelling need for a standard way to express power-management intent throughout the IC design flow. The problem is that two separate groups are working toward that objective, amid profound disagreements over how to get there.
2004-12-28 EDA revenues decline in third quarter
A falloff in North American revenues resulted in a 3 percent decline in EDA license and maintenance revenue in the third quarter of 2004, according to a report issued Wednesday (Dec. 22) by the EDA Consortium's Market Statistics Survey (MSS).
2004-11-01 EDA requirement shifts to front-end, system-level
Five years ago, EDA companies were in Asia merely to provide a presence. Now more EDA companies are setting up or expanding their operations.
2006-09-18 EDA is fully engaged in design issues
As long as design complexity issues remain a reality in electronics, EDA innovation will thrive.
2007-03-27 EDA industry grew 11% in 2006, says report
The new EDA Market Forecast report issued by Gary Smith EDA predicts strong growth for the industry through 2011. According to the report, the EDA industry grew approximately 11 percent in 2006.
2007-02-16 EDA growth to continue this year
The EDA industry grew faster than expected in 2006 and is up for another good year, thanks to a healthy IC industry, an insatiable CE market and a move to 65nm and 45nm technologies.
2003-09-24 EDA getting serious about analog, mixed-signal
Long assigned supporting roles by suppliers, analog and mixed-signal design tools could soon become a battleground for leading EDA vendors.
2007-02-28 EDA CEOs see strong 2007
2007 should be another strong year for the EDA industry, according to CEOs who spoke at the EDA Consortium's annual forecast panel last week.
2005-02-21 EDA 'bigwigs' field provocative questions
EDA executives sparred over a variety of topics at the Design and Verification Conference (DVCon) "Bigwigs Panel" moderated by industry gadfly John Cooley Tuesday (Feb. 15).
2001-03-01 DSL flavors color designer choice
The fact that several different flavors of digital subscriber line (DSL) exist today is a classic example of the inherent laissez-faire nature of the technology industry.
2006-12-19 DRAM success winding down, Gartner says
The DRAM segment is at the tail end of its most successful period in years, but the party will start to wind down in 2007, according to market research firm Gartner Inc.
2002-10-04 Downturn could revamp high-tech arena
Shaped in the shadow of high tech's longest recession, a new electronics industry is emerging, an analyst said, one that will see major players stumble and others rise to replace them.
2002-02-19 Double-digit growth seen by some in ICs
Predictions of a strong recovery circulated through the recent SEMI Korea confab, with the president of the U.S. research consortium Sematech calling for at least 20 percent growth in semiconductors this year.
2003-07-01 Do-it-all tools: Good news and bad
Integrated solutions have some advantages in them; however, let us hope it doesn't usher in an era of being locked into single-vendor solutions.
2006-04-03 Digital MEMS mic put on single chip
Microelectromechanical systems are the best possible successor to analog electret technologies; but so far, analog MEMS microphones have been largely relegated to a single market: hearing aids.
2002-06-17 Designers, providers weigh value of unified tools
The embedded design world is at an inflection point in the use of tools to complete embedded SoC designs, according to a panel at the 39th Design Automation Conference.
2003-08-13 Designers gravitate toward RTL sign-off
Support appears to be growing for RTL sign-off, a radical concept that would see mainstream ASIC designers bypass the synthesis and IC layout steps.
2005-10-11 Design, manufacturing worlds collide at Bacus
If there was a shred of doubt remaining about the magnitude at which IC design and manufacturing convergence is taking place, it was laid to rest last week (Oct. 3-7) at the 25th annual Bacus Photomask Technology symposium in Monterey, Calif.
2005-10-03 Denali spreads new word in ESL mart
With a missionary zeal to establish standards and design methodologies, Denali Software leaps into the ESL market.
2002-04-30 Deep-submicron flows need an overhaul, designers say
Design flows for deep-submicron ICs need an overhaul, attendees of last week's Electronic Design Processes (EDP-2002) workshop agreed.
2003-01-29 CoWare to acquire Lisatek for embedded apps clout
CoWare Inc. is expected to formally announce this week its acquisition of Lisatek Inc.
2005-04-18 Cost-tailoring FPGAs for CE design
To undo the notion of FPGAs being hugely expensive, programmable chipmakers are embarking on a grand initiative with a clear goal in sight: a high-growth digital consumer market.
2003-03-25 Cost crossover near for 300mm wafers?
Though only about 1 percent of all chips are made on 300mm wafers currently, an Applied Materials Corp. executive said that the cost crossover between 300mm and 200mm wafers will occur late this year.
2005-04-01 Cobra strikes to reshape IC design flow
Magma Design rolls out its restructured Cobra technology that promises to reshape the nanometer-IC design flow process.
2002-08-23 Cisco's storage-networking gambit draws mixed reviews
Analysts and competitors gave mixed reactions to the announcement that Cisco Systems will jump into the storage-networking market through Andiamo Systems.
2002-03-13 China on the road to EDA riches
Mainland, generally immune to the current slowdown, is accelerating its expansion in the semiconductor markets by enriching electronic-design capabilities.
2008-03-13 China knows no slowing down
From packed show floors to long queues for registration to standing room only for vendor seminars, the 13th IIC-China proved that chipmakers from all over the world are optimistic about the business this year, amid downturn concerns.
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