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2006-04-28 DC/DC converter saves space
AnalogicTech announced the AAT1121, a new step-down DC/DC converter for space-constrained portable applications
2008-08-29 DC/DC converter MOSFETs target computing, CE apps
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. has beefed up its synchronous DC/DC converter lineup with five new power MOSFETs targeted for use in mobile and desktop PCs, servers, game consoles and other electronic devices
2009-09-11 DC/DC converter generates 2kW output power
Absopulse Electronics has expanded its line of high input voltage DC/DC converters with the introduction of the HVI 2K
2011-06-16 DC/DC converter features fly-buck topology
Texas Instruments has released the TPS55010, a primary-side feedback transformer driver for isolated 2W power supplies.
2002-12-13 DC/DC converter exhibits fast transient response
The KM series of surface-mount dc/dc converters from Smart Modular Technologies accepts a 12V input with a transient response >300A/?s
2010-07-07 DC/DC converter digitally configures via I?C bus
From Semtech Corp. comes the SC493 digitally controlled DC/DC converter that configures and interrogates the status of the controller via an I?C bus
2009-06-18 DC/DC converter delivers accurate voltage reference
Texas Instruments has extended it s family of easy-to-use SWIFT power management ICs with the introduction of the single-chip, 6A, 17V step-down synchronous switcher with integrated FETs.
2006-06-27 DC/DC controller, rectifier work as a chipset
Vishay released a new 500kHz half-bridge DC/DC controller and synchronous rectifier driver that work together as a chipset to enable more efficient power supplies
2006-08-01 DC/DC controller targets N-channel MOSFETs
Linear Technology announced it is offering a low input voltage, synchronous step-down DC/DC controller for N-channel MOSFETs
2007-04-26 DC/DC controller supports single-, dual-output operation
Primarion Inc. has launched the dual-output, dual-phase PX7522, the latest offering from its Di-POL family of programmable digital power conversion and power management ICs
2009-03-18 DC/DC controller promises high reliability
Linear Technology Corp. has released a high reliability (MP) grade version of the LTC3824 4V to 60V input range, low quiescent current, 100 percent duty step-down DC/DC controller in a small thermally enhanced MSOP-10 package
2003-01-10 dc/dc controller IC has 1 percent output accuracy
The LTC3832 step-down dc/dc controller converts an input ranging from 3V to 8V to an output as low as 0.6V with an accuracy of 1 percent
2007-04-16 DC/DC boost converter enables portables to tap new energy sources
TI has introduced a low input voltage DC/DC boost converter that it says will enable portable electronic end-equipment to draw power from new energy sources
2010-10-05 DC-DC step-down regulator controls input down to 0.8V
AOS has expanded its synchronous EZBuck portfolio with the launch of the AOZ1110low input voltage DC-DC step-down regulator which controls input voltages from 2.7V to 5.5V down to 0.8V, and drives up to 4A of output current
2013-07-26 DC-DC converter cuts space in LED lighting apps
The AL8811 from Diodes is available in the 3 x 4.9 x 1.1mm MSOP-8L package and requires minimal external components enabling significant reductions in both circuit footprint and BOM cost.
2005-04-11 Dc-dc controller minimizes need for EMI shields, filters
The new dc-dc controller from Linear Tech minimizes the need for EMI shields and filters
2002-09-11 Datel dc/dc converters address nonisolated regulators
Datel's LSN D12 series of nonisolated dc/dc converters provide 1V to 5V output at 10A from an isolated, nominal 12V input
2002-03-11 Datel dc/dc converter performs up to 65C without derating
The UNR open-frame series of non-isolated dc/dc converters delivers up to 20A of output current from a 5V input, and functions up to 65C without derating
2002-02-27 Datel 20A dc/dc converters deliver "full out" at 65C
Datel's UNR open-frame series of 1.5V to 3.3V non-isolated dc/dc converters deliver continuous-rated current at high temperatures without derating: 20A at 65C ambient, for example, for the highest-power version (3.3V output) with minimal 100lfm air flow
2006-01-26 Converter simplifies DC/DC design process
Vishay's two new high-speed converter solutions integrate the control MOSFET, the synchronous MOSFET, and driver circuit in a PowerPAK MLF 10mm-by-10mm package.
2008-10-17 Controller IC promises smooth power conversion
A new high-performance triple-output step-down controller IC from Vishay Intertechnology Inc. is designed for efficient power conversion
2013-11-18 Choosing DC-DC converter for space applications
Know the issues and requirements for sourcing a space application power converter.
2003-02-06 Cascaded dc/dc controller improves conversion efficiency
National Semiconductor's LM5101 and LM5102 100V half-bridge power MOSFET drivers are designed to drive both the high side and low side n-channel MOSFETs.
2002-10-29 C&D surface-mount dc/dc converter has 5.5mm profile
The company's NTH series of 2W, dual-isolated output dc/dc converters occupies a footprint of 3.16cm? and has a profile of 5.5mm
2002-09-06 C&D dc/dc converters deliver 95 percent efficiency
The NGA series of non-isolated dc/dc converters from C&D Technologies (NCL) Ltd operate from an input between 4.75Vdc to 28Vdc (at full 2A) and delivers outputs of 1.8Vdc to 3.3Vdc or 5Vdc at 95 percent efficiency
2002-07-10 C&D 3W dc/dc converters have 7mm profile
C&D Technologies (NCL) Ltd has announced the release of two isolated 3W dc/dc converters with a 2:1 input range and a board-mounting profile of 7mm
2016-04-07 Boost functionality of industrial DC/DC converters
Know how modern packaging technology can help improve the performance of industrial DC/DC converters that require more functionality
2008-06-02 Boost DC/DC converter efficiency at higher frequencies
How can you increase the efficiency of your DC/DC converter design across its load range for higher switching frequencies? One method is to focus on reducing the recovery charge and forward voltage drop of the low-side MOSFET. Chips that integrate a Schottky diode with the MOSFET have several benefits at higher frequencies when compared to a standard trench MOSFET. Here's what you can expect from such a design
2002-04-29 Bel dc/dc converter provide 10A from 5V source
Packaged in an SIP housing, the V7PC-10B series of non-isolated step-down dc/dc converters from Bel Fuse Inc. provides an output of 10A from a 5V sourcehigher than the 6A output of similarly-sized products
2002-10-16 Bel dc/dc converter ICs operate at 93 percent efficiency
Bel Fuse Inc.'s S7DB Diamondback family of surface-mount dc/dc converters provide output voltages that range from 1Vdc to 5Vdc
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