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2002-02-22 Zetex dc/dc converter IC provides 3.3V regulated output
The ZXCP330 switch-capacitor dc/dc converter transforms a 2V to 4.4V input into a regulated 3.3V output with a maximum load current of 40mA, making it suitable for Li-ion and alkaline battery backup supplies, smart card readers, and PDAs
2002-02-11 Vishay single-package dc/dc converters cut down on mobile space
Vishay Intertechnology's FunctionPAKs for cell phones, notebook computers and digital cameras are complete synchronous dc/dc converters in a single 20-pin BGA/LGA package measuring 14.7-by-12mm with a 1.8mm-high profile
2002-12-28 TI dc/dc converters provide 95 percent efficiency
Designed for portable battery-powered devices, the TPS6205x family of step-down dc/dc converters is claimed to provide up to 95 percent power conversion efficiency
2002-12-05 Sipex dc/dc converter IC draws 12?A
The SP6648 step-up dc/dc converter from Sipex Corp. draws a quiescent current of 12?A, while delivering an output of up to 400mA
2016-03-22 ROHM's new DC/DC converter features minimum ON-Time
The new synchronous buck DC/DC Converter IC from ROHM provides provide direct 3-5V output from 48V for driving control blocks and operates at high frequency (>2MHz).
2002-02-22 Philips dc/dc converter programs output voltage
Targeted for use in battery-powered communications, computing, and A/V equipment, the TEA1211 dc/dc converter can program its output voltage from 1.5V to 5.5V in 0.1V steps via the I?C bus
2002-10-10 ON Semi dc/dc converters feature low-battery detection
ON Semiconductor's two new high frequency dc/dc converters feature low-battery detectors for use in portable electronics
2002-08-20 ON Semi dc converter draws 195A
The NCP1403 dc/dc converter IC delivers 15V output while drawing 195A, allowing the device to boost the voltage of a single lithium battery or two-cell AA or AAA battery.
2002-01-30 Micro One dc/dc converter IC features high integration
Operating on ultra-low supply current, the ME301 step-up dc/dc converter IC incorporates an oscillator, a VFM control circuit, a Lx switch driver transistor and protection circuit, a reference voltage unit, an error amplifier, and resistors for voltage detection.
2003-09-19 Maximizing start-up loads with the LM3352 regulated buck/boost switched capacitor converter
This application note lists down how the LM3352 achieves Buck/Boost operation by using various switching schemes to produce different gains.
2002-02-20 Maxim releases dc/dc converter for GBIC, xDSL modems
Designed for GBIC modules and USB-powered xDSL modems and routers, the MAX1970/71/72 dual step-down dc/dc converters operate up to 1.4MHz and 180 out-of-phase
2003-01-29 Maxim dc/dc converter achieves 96 percent efficiency
The MAX1536 step-down dc/dc converter IC operates from 5V to 3.3V and produces an adjustable output down to 0.7V.
2002-11-21 Maxim dc converter ICs fit cellphone PAs
The MAX8500, MAX8503, and MAX8504 step-down dc/dc converter ICs feature are designed specifically for linear PA used in 3G cellphones
2002-10-04 Linear Tech dc/dc converter delivers 500mA
Linear Tech's LTC3251 inductorless, spread spectrum step-down dc/dc converter is capable of delivering up to 500mA of continuous output
2002-02-11 Linear Tech boost converter switches up to 4.5MHz
Claimed to be the industry's fastest switching boost dc/dc converter, the LT1310 can switch at frequencies as high as 4.5MHz enabling the use of tiny ceramic capacitors and small, low profile inductors
2003-10-21 Intersil IC suits TFT-LCD apps
The EL7584 4-channel dc-dc converter IC from Intersil Corp. is designed primarily for use in TFT-LCD applications.
2002-01-31 Holtek dc/dc converter IC integrates voltage detector
The HT7627 PFM step-up dc/dc converter converts a single 1.5V battery power to a stable 2.7V with an output accuracy of 15 percent, while a built-in voltage detector monitors the output voltage
2002-09-03 GMMT dc converter delivers 28V
Packaged in a SOT23-5 casing, the G5111 step-up dc/dc converter IC operates from a 2.5V to 6.5V input and delivers up to 28V, making the IC suitable for use in PDAs and mobile phones.
2002-09-20 Fairchild dc converter achieves >90 percent efficiency
Fairchild Semiconductor's FAN5660 inductorless dc/dc converter achieves >90 percent efficiency at full load with a typical operating current of 120?A
2009-11-19 DC/DC converter offers fast response for CE
Fujitsu Microelectronics Ltd debuts a new two-channel DC/DC converter IC with fast transient response for use in digital consumer products such as LCD TVs and DVRs.
2005-12-20 DC/DC converter IC reduces BOM, PCB size
STMicroelectronics introduced a DC/DC converter chip that allows two different output voltages to be generated using a single external coil
2002-10-16 Bel dc/dc converter ICs operate at 93 percent efficiency
Bel Fuse Inc.'s S7DB Diamondback family of surface-mount dc/dc converters provide output voltages that range from 1Vdc to 5Vdc
2002-10-28 34V dc/dc chip suits automotive systems
Linear Tech's LT1934 step-down dc/dc regulator-IC family features ultralow standby power suited for automotive and industrial-control systems
2003-06-20 Using IR1176 Synchronous Rectifier Driver IC in DC/DC converters
This application note discusses how the IR1176 synchronous rectifier driver IC to drive dc/dc converters
2011-10-21 Torex develops dual output step-up/inverting DC/DC converter
Torex has announced the development of their XC9519 series converter, where the step-up can be set up to 18V, and the inverter can be set down to -15V
2005-04-01 TI IC tailored for portable apps
TI announced a highly integrated charge and power management device that combines a single-cell Li-ion USB/AC charger with a high efficiency, synchronous dc-dc power converter
2002-11-26 TI dc/dc converter feature 95 percent efficiency
The company's TPS61107 synchronous step-up dc/dc converter features an LDO linear regulator, which extends battery life significantly
2010-08-05 Switching regulator speeds DC/DC converter design
The isolated monolithic flyback switching regulator cuts the opto-isolator, third winding or signal transformer from the design since the output voltage is sensed from the primary-side flyback signal.
2003-06-13 Step-up dc-dc converter (PWM): Monolithic IC MM1349
This application note discusses the MM1349 device, which is used to step up the dc input level of portable apps to a fixed value.
2008-08-20 Step-down DC/DC converter is ultrathin
Texas Instruments Inc. has released what it claims to be the industry's smallest and thinnest 500mA, step-down DC/DC converter solution for space-constrained applications
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