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2003-01-24 VPT dc/dc converter provides 3.3V, 5V outputs
The DVSB series of dc/dc converters from VPT Inc. provides 3.3V and 5V outputs from a single module
2005-06-23 Voltage converters rated at 1W
Mornsun Guangzhou Science & Technology announced the general availability of its IF0505S-1W fixed input regulated dc-dc voltage converters that are rated at 1W and come in SIP
2003-03-07 Vishay boost converter provides >380W/in? power density
Vishay Intertechnology has released a pair of FunctionPAK synchronous dc/dc boost converters that provide a power density >380W/in&sup3
2002-07-05 Vicor dc/dc converters offer 79W/inch3 power density
The company has announced the release its 24V input family of dc/dc converters that provide a power density of up to 79W/inch3
2003-06-20 Using modular DC/DC converters to meet European Standards for railway applications
This application note discusses methods on how to comply with the EN50155 and RIA12 standards using Vicor's dc/dc converters to facilitate the design of complex power supplies
2003-06-28 Using Digital Potentiometers in Adjustable Step-Down DC-DC Converter Design
This application note describes how to use a digital ptoentimeter to generate an adjustable voltage supply a MAX1776 Step-Down DC-DC Converter.
2003-11-19 Universal Micro voltage converters suit optical systems
The DIP-type 2:1 150W single-output dc-dc voltage converters from Universal Microelectronics Co. Ltd feature short circuit protection and remote on/off control
2003-01-06 SynQor SIP dc/dc converters exhibit 92 percent efficiency
The NiQor line of non-isolated SIP dc/dc converters from SynQor can deliver up to 20A of total output current
2003-03-18 Surface-mount dc/dc converter delivers 15A
Ericsson Power Modules has released the PKD 4510 ASI lead-free dc/dc converter that delivers up to 15A at 3.3V
2003-06-28 Step-Up DC-DC Converter Calibration and Adjustment Using a Digital Potentiometer
This application describes the use of a digital potentiometer in the feedback loop of a step-up DC-DC converter to provide calibration and/or adjustment of the output voltage.
2002-10-08 Qizheng dc/dc converters operate at >75 percent efficiency
Beijing Qizheng Design Technologies Co. Ltd's DIL series of dc/dc converters operates from an 18V to 36V or 36V to 72V input and delivers 5V or 12V output with an efficiency >75 percent
2002-09-19 Qizheng dc/dc converter has >82 percent efficiency
The HDR series of dc/dc converters accepts an input of 18Vdc to 36Vdc or 36Vdc to 72Vdc and delivers 12Vdc to 48Vdc output with an efficiency >82 percent
2002-01-02 Neuron dc/dc converters feature 25kHz switching frequency
The SR-500 and SR-700 step-up dc/dc voltage converters are designed for employment in A/V equipment requiring voltage regulation
2003-09-15 Mornsun voltage converters suit portable apps
Mornsun Guangzhou Science & Technology Ltd has released its 1W series of dc-dc voltage converters that feature a regulated single output
2003-12-04 Mornsun converter line has short circuit protection
The IBLS (D) series of 1kVdc isolated fixed input dc-dc voltage converters from Mornsun Guangzhou Science & Technology Ltd features short circuit protection
2003-07-25 Minmax voltage converters feature wide input range
Minmax Technology has released its MKW1000 series of dc-dc voltage converters that feature input ranges of 9, 18-, 36-, and 75V
2005-01-18 MinMax DC/DC converters rated at 15W
MinMax Technology recently announced its MKW2600 series of DC/DC voltage converters that comes in a dimension of 1-by-2-by-0.4mm
2002-07-15 Minmax dc/dc converter measure 50.8-by-40.6-by-9.3mm
The MPW1033 dc/dc converter from Minmax Technology Co. Ltd provides power outputs ranging from 25W to 30W, and is shipped in a six-sided shielded case measuring 50.8-by-40.6-by-9.3mm
2003-07-14 Minmax dc-dc converters isolate to 1kVdc
The MBU100 series of miniature dc-dc voltage converters from Minmax Technology feature 1kVdc I/O isolation with a percentage efficiency of 80 percent
2003-01-29 Maxim dc/dc converter achieves 96 percent efficiency
The MAX1536 step-down dc/dc converter IC operates from 5V to 3.3V and produces an adjustable output down to 0.7V
2003-03-03 Magnetek dc/dc converters suit wireless apps
The company's FE series of 1U slim dc/dc converters convert 24Vdc into 48Vdc in wireless telecom systems
2003-01-15 IR military-grade dc/dc converters exhibit 80 percent efficiency
International Rectifier's Advanced Analog Group has introduced two hermetically sealed, 120V input dc/dc converters that are able to handle up to 84W/in&sup3 power density
2003-03-20 Half-brick converter operates at 92 percent efficiency
Ericsson Power Modules' PKJ4810E PI half-brick dc/dc converters operate at an efficiency up to 92 percent and is suitable for on-board power solutions
2004-03-04 Group-Tek voltage converters have 1mA leakage
Group-Tek Electronics' DC05U091S dc-dc converters feature 70 to 85 percent efficiency and 1 percent line regulation
2002-10-25 FDK dc/dc converter weighs 0.06g
FDK Corp.'s GM001 micro dc/dc voltage converter measures 3.4-by-3-by-1.8mm and weighs 0.06g, making it suitable for portable device apps.
2002-09-24 EMCO SIP dc/dc converter delivers up to 90V
EMCO's single in-line-packaged dc/dc converter accepts an input from 2.7V to 6.7V source and delivers a programmable output from <10V to 90V
2003-07-21 di/dt converter features 5.7W/cm? power density
di/dt Inc. has released its 24V input SemiQ Eighth-Brick Family of dc-dc converters
2003-01-14 dc/dc converters operate to 100C without heatsink
C&D Technologies (NCL) Ltd has released the WPA50 series of 50W dc/dc converters capable of operating at temperatures of up to 100C without a heatsink
2002-09-11 Datel dc/dc converters address nonisolated regulators
Datel's LSN D12 series of nonisolated dc/dc converters provide 1V to 5V output at 10A from an isolated, nominal 12V input
2003-01-22 Datel dc/dc converters accepts 75V input
Datel Inc. has announced the release of the Q models in the UHE series of dc/dc converters that accept inputs up to 75V
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