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What is a DC/DC converter?
An electrical circuit that changes direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another. It is frequently found in battery-operated systems.
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2005-11-10 Maxim DC/DC converter tailored for active-matrix TFT LCDs
Maxim Integrated Products unveiled a new fully integrated, step-up DC/DC converter for active-matrix TFT LCDs
2003-01-29 Maxim dc/dc converter achieves 96 percent efficiency
The MAX1536 step-down dc/dc converter IC operates from 5V to 3.3V and produces an adjustable output down to 0.7V.
2002-04-03 Maxim dc/dc controllers deliver up to 15A output
The MAX1966 and MAX1967 voltage-mode, PWM step-down dc/dc controllers feature 5-ohm-gate drivers, allowing the ICs to deliver up to 15A of output current.
2002-10-28 Maxim dc/dc controller responds to 300ns transients
The company's MAX1938 dual-phase PWM step-down dc/dc controller features a Quick PWM architecture that allows a transient response within 300ns.
2003-01-29 Maxim dc/dc controller has 0.5 percent accuracy
The MAX1955 and MAX1956 dual-output, step-down dc/dc controllers exhibit 0.5 percent accuracy, which is considered as the industry's tightest.
2004-09-02 Maxim dc-dc converters suit portable apps
Maxim unveiled its latest dc-dc converter for use in digital still cameras, mobile phones, PDAs, palmtop computers and other handheld portable equipment.
2005-08-03 Maxim dc-dc converters extend battery life in handheld apps
Maxim Integrated Products launched its MAX8569A and MAX8569B step-up dc-dc converters with built-in synchronous rectifier and up to 95 percent efficiency.
2004-12-21 Maxim dc-dc converter suits notebook, sub-notebook PCs
Maxim's new source/sink step-down dc-dc converter is designed for use in low-voltage active-termination power rails or chipset power supplies.
2004-10-04 Maxim dc-dc converter powers up to eight LEDs
Maxim Integrated Products introduced two 36V step-up dc-dc converters that power up to eight LEDs in a series at 25mA.
2004-07-19 Maxim dc-dc converter measures 3-by-3mm
Maxim Integrated Products released what it claims is the smallest 1- or 2-cell input step-up dc-dc converter in the market.
2002-03-01 Matsushita dc/dc converter targets telecom apps
The company has released the FM quarter-brick and FD half-brick dc/dc converter modules targeted for the power requirements of telecommunication infrastructure and equipment.
2003-03-03 Magnetek dc/dc converters suit wireless apps
The company's FE series of 1U slim dc/dc converters convert 24Vdc into 48Vdc in wireless telecom systems.
2002-05-08 Magnetek dc/dc converters have >87 percent efficiency
Magnetek Inc.'s Power Electronics Group has unveiled its HEQS family of dual-output, quarter-brick dc/dc converters that operate up to 60W and provide an efficiency >87 percent at full-load.
2009-05-19 LTM4601 DC/DC ?Module thermal performance
This thermal application note provides guidelines for using the ?Module in ambient environments with or without air flow.
2009-05-20 LTM4600 DC/DC ?Module thermal performance
Thermal application note aims to provide a guideline for using the ?Module in ambient environments with or without air flow.
2006-09-18 LTB tech or multiphase DC/DC converters
Load transient boost technology solves all action delay contributions.
2007-10-19 Low-profile 8A DC/DC regulator saves space
A complete 8A DC/DC ?Module regulator system with on-board DC/DC controller, power switches, inductor compensation and input/output bypass capacitors has been introduced by Linear Technology Corp.
2008-07-10 Low-power DC/DC converter renders longer battery runtime
Linear has launched the LTC3564, a 2.25MHz synchronous buck regulator that can deliver up to 1.25A of continuous output current from a 2mm x 3mm DFN or ThinSOT package.
2007-01-24 Low-cost DC/DC targets PC/104 apps
Touting a low-cost solution for PC/104 and PC104+ applications, Sensoray's Model 209 triple-output DC/DC supply, working from an 8-30Vdc input, provides 5Vdc at 5A and 12V at 500mA.
2005-06-09 Low VCEsat (BISS) transistors and low VF (MEGA) Schottky rectifiers for dc/dc converters
This app note discusses the performance of BISS transistors and MEGA Schottky rectifiers to be used in generic dc/dc converter applications.
2008-04-07 Low noise DC/DC converter fits mobile apps
Enpirion has made available a 600mA synchronous buck converter with an integrated inductor, delivering extremely low output ripple in a tiny 3mm x 3mm x 1.1mm QFN package.
2008-03-28 LM5015 non-isolated two-switch DC/DC regulator evaluation board
The LM5015 non-isolated DC/DC regulator evaluation board provides a low cost and fully functional DC/DC regulator without employing any discrete power MOSFET.
2003-10-03 LM2622 Step-Up DC/DC Converter Evaluation Board
This application note discusses the LM2622 step-up DC/DC converter evaluation board.
2013-04-03 Linear's DC/DC controller runs only a single inductor
The LTC3863 is designed to protect against high voltage transients, to operate continuously during automotive cold crank and cover a broad range of input sources and battery chemistries.
2007-07-31 Linear unveils military-grade DC/DC uModule regulator
Linear has developed a complete and encapsulated 10A switching DC/DC regulator system designed for military and avionics applications.
2005-10-24 Linear Tech's new DC/DC converter tailored for driving LEDs
Linear Technology rolled out a 36V, 2MHz step-down DC/DC converter designed to operate as a constant current LED driver.
2005-04-19 Linear Tech's new dc-dc controller operates at 200kHz
Linear Tech unveiled a 125C-rated wide input and output voltage range versatile dc-dc controller designed for use in step-down, step-up, inverting or SEPIC circuits with up to 100W of output power.
2005-10-21 Linear Tech's DC/DC converters with true output disconnect
Linear Technology released two 400mA synchronous step-up DC/DC converters with true output disconnect and inrush current limiting in SC70 packages.
2005-04-15 Linear Tech's dc-dc controller suits Li-ion powered apps
Linear Technology has developed a constant frequency current mode step-down dc-dc controller in 2-by-3mm DFN and low profile 8-lead ThinSOT package.
2015-09-25 Linear Tech outs 50mA synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter
With only 680nA of quiescent current and programmable peak input currents from 5mA up to 250mA, the LTC3335 is intended for various low power battery applications.
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